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The PSE's Grandma:
last we heard of the PSE's Grandma she was facing eviction from the scumbags at Wells Fargo because she hasn't bothered to pay the taxes and insurance on her house for several years.
the terms of her reverse-mortgage agreement give Wells Fargo the right to foreclose on the house and put her out on the street to collect those payments and, as of last month, it looked like that was the way things were going to go.
i was in the middle of my finals week at Law School, but i decided to spring into action, making several calls to both a Reno legal aid attorney and Wells Fargo's Department of Go Fuck Yourself.
but, after busting my hump on the subject, word came down both from the Legal Aid Attorney and the PSE's Grandma herself that she didn't want to fight it.
she was just going to let the bank win and put her out on the street.
well, that's fucking dumb, but, okay, lady, do whatever the hell you want.
the PSE suspected that spite had a lot to do with it, with the PSE's Grandma taking schadenfreude pleasure in her crackhead deadbeat son ending up just as homeless as she would be.
but now, several weeks later it seems that the reality of being in her mid-eighties, incontinent, barely mobile, on oxygen and with a pacemaker battery years past its expiration date would make homelessness unpleasant and finally decided to see what she could do about fighting the proceedings.
fuck you, lady, i'm not gonna go through this again.

the PSE's Grandma got on the phone with Wells Fargo's Department of Go Fuck Yourself and got them to take the house off of the auction list.
apparently there is some kind of program that Obama signed into effect in the waning days of his Presidency that may or may not be able to help her out.
and why wouldn't there be a program to help out people like the PSE's Grandma who can't afford to keep up with the taxes and insurance on their reverse mortgages.
if people like the PSE's Grandma had any money in the first place, they wouldn't have had to sell their children's inheritance to the fucking banks.
the PSE's Grandmother had nothing but contempt for President Obama for eight years, she's as big of a Trump supporter as any octogenarian racist, but, of course her fat, debilitated ass would be saved by one of his socialist programs.
it's always the people who benefit from government programs the most who have the most vitriol for the people who enact those programs.
poor people just can't stop voting against their interests.

anyways, for now the PSE's Grandma, and her crackhead deadbeat son, and her crackhead deadbeat son's son who is going into his Sophomore year at high school and whatever other screw-up relations happen to be squatting in the house at any given time continue to have a roof over their head, at least for the immediate future.
hopefully, that tenuous situation will be able to hold for however many weeks or months or years or decades the PSE's Grandmother has left.
she is hoping that it's not that many.

The PSE's Deadbeat Dad:
the PSE called her Deadbeat Dad on Father's Day while she was in the Drug Study.
not so much to celebrate Father's Day, the PSE's dad isn't really the kind of person anybody would celebrate, but because it's boring when you're locked up in a Drug Study and you've got to talk to somebody.
the PSE's Deadbeat Dad reported that since it seems that the PSE's Grandma isn't getting turned out of her house just yet, that the plans to throw her a surprise birthday are still on.
the PSE's Deadbeat Dad said he would be driving the few hours from his cabin in the woods outside of Stockton into Reno to help celebrate.
the PSE's Grandma is on the PSE's mother's side and the PSE's dad doesn't have any particular reason to celebrate his mother-in-law ever since the tie that bound them hung herself in the county jail, but the PSE's Deadbeat Dad has been talking to one of the PSE's aunts -the PSE's mom's older sister- on the Face Book and i think he has designs to go out drinking and fuck her.
the PSE's Deadbeat Dad is a deadbeat. it's all right there in the name.

the best part of her conversation with her dad, though, was when the PSE told her dad that she was doing a drug study for a living.
the PSE's Deadbeat Dad expressed concern for her health and safety but, of course, not enough concern to actually offer to help her in any way.
when the PSE explained that she was testing some medication to treat schizophrenia the PSE's Deadbeat Dad got all concerned that they were going to give her schizophrenia.
the PSE explained that this was a medication to treat schizophrenia, but that still didn't clear things up because her dad assumed they had to give her schizophrenia first, and then see if they could cure it.
i'm not certain the PSE ever cleared the confusion up completely.

My Dad:
when my Spring Semester grades came in a few weeks back i called my Parents to share the news.
my Father had been up my ass for weeks worrying himself about my grades and i old him i would let him know just as soon as they came in.
i had to call the house three different times because my Father hung up on me the first two without bothering to figure out who was calling.
because it wasn't the normal time that i call and my Parents don't have any interest in the phone ringing unless it's between 2:00 and 4:00pm on a Sunday or Thursday.
my Father eventually inquired “hello” in a surly tone and i told him it was me and he acted all surprised and concerned.
it took him several seconds for him to clear his head from the change in routine for my news to sink in.
he was pleased with my grades, obviously, and we hung up.
the following afternoon i woke up to find an e-mail in my in-box, sent first thing at 8:16am.
Subject: Congratulations On Your Test Results
We are so thrilled in hearing of your FANTASTIC grades.
Your strong work ethic has rewarded you well.
With much perseverance, you have succeeded in accomplishing your objective...SUPER grades.
You certainly have the IQ and skills to maintain this high academic level.
We love hearing this GREAT news.
Mom and I wish you nothing but the very best. LOVE you so much.
Your very proud parents.
then, as if the e-mail wasn't oddly phrased enough, he signed the letter with his first and last name and included his e-mail address at the bottom, just in case i didn't know who sent it, i guess.
thanks, Dad. it's nice to have my achievement acknowledged.
even if i'm a few months shy of being thirty-six.

My Mother:
i mentioned to my Mother when we spoke last Sunday that the following day, Monday, would be the Monster's Monsterversary and that we would be celebrating with meat cake.
my Mother asked “who do you like more, Monster or Dog?”
this is not the first time my Mother has asked this question, she's been asking since about three weeks after we first got the Monster.
i wouldn't answer my Mother then and i didn't answer my Mother this time, either.
it's not a fair question. it would be like asking my Mother who she loves more, me or my Dad.
though, if we're being honest the answer is that she probably loves me more.
but i don't think she's all that thrilled with either one of us.

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