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The PSE's Grandma Update:
we just did a post about the PSE's Grandma, didn't we?
well there's more news.
just last night the PSE called her Grandma to wish her a happy 87th Birthday.
some of the PSE's family came up to pay their respects to the old dumpling, aunts and relations that the PSE hasn't seen in years.
a nice time was had by all and the PSE was sorry she missed it.
the PSE was locked up in the Austin Drug Study at the time of the festivities.
the PSE told her Grandma that she would like to try to come up for a visit and to pay her respects, maybe in a month or so.
the PSE's Grandma told her “remember to bring TITS.”
the PSE's Grandma likes me because why wouldn't she? i'm charming as shit.
but then the PSE's Grandma told her again, and a third time, and a fourth and a fifth and the PSE is a little worried that her Grandma might like me more then she likes her.
it's a fair concern.

the big news out of their conversation, though, was that the family was able to solve their problem with the Wells Fargo that was threatening to leave them all homeless.
the PSE's crackhead, scumbag uncle somehow managed to scrape together all of the money that the people in the Wells Fargo Reverse-Mortgage Department were demanding to not repossess their house.
all $17,000.
the first question, of course, is how did a crackhead scumbag get $17,000 together?
also, though, how the hell did the PSE's Grandma manage to fall $17,000 behind?
her taxes and insurance that she is responsible for on her reverse-mortgaged house is like, $1,200 a year.
i guess she just never bothered to pay the taxes and insurance since she took out the reverse-mortgage in the early days of the Dubya Bush administration?
i guess she just kept throwing the notices in the trash? that's astonishing in and of itself.
but really, the headline news here is that the PSE's crackhead, scumbag uncle was somehow able to get his filthy, gross drug addict hands on $17,000.
the PSE's crackhead, scumbag uncle is in his mid-fifties and has never not lived in his mother's house.
he makes his money selling drugs out of his bedroom window and as a part time neighborhood bike thief.
he told the family that he borrowed the money from “a friend” but, of course, the PSE's crackhead, scumbag uncle wouldn't be able to put together $17,000 from his friends if he had 1,700 friends.
keeping a family in their home is great and all, but crack rocks don't grow on trees.
which means that somewhere there is a lucky winner slowly bleeding to death in an ally behind one of the casinos within a bike-ride's distance of the PSE's Grandma's house.
and it means that the PSE's uncle graduated from ordinary scumbag to murder suspect.
are you happy about that, Wells Fargo?

of course, this doesn't mean that the PSE's Grandma gets to live in her house free and clear now.
Wells Fargo still owns the house, and the PSE's family still has to continue to make insurance and tax payments every year, but for now
whoda thought it would have been Crackhead, Scumbag Uncle Dale who gets to be the hero!?!
good for you, you piece of shit!

The PSE's Idiot Brother:
the PSE got a call from her Deadbeat Dad a few days ago who reported that the PSE's Idiot Brother was in the hospital with some kind of horrible infection on his hip.
the PSE's Idiot Brother told everybody that he “fell off of his skateboard” but that fat fuck has been too strung out to stand on a skateboard for about a decade now.
of course he got it from shooing dope.
the PSE's Idiot Brother was in the hospital four, five, six years ago with a bad antibiotic-resistant staph infection called MRSA.
he had to get all of his infected skin carved off of his arms and replaced with other skin from his legs and now he looks like a horrible monster.
the last time i saw him, all fat and lumbering and scarred up he could have passed for Jason from one of the earlier Friday The 13th Movies.
additionally, the veins in his arms are all shot.
which is why, i guess, he is now shooting his dope into his hip.
and he has now fucked that up for himself, too.
one day, sooner rather then later, the PSE's Idiot Brother is going to be more scar tissue then man.
and he was never much of a man to begin with.

after hearing the news the PSE called her Idiot Brother to check on him, both on his phone and at the Reno Hospital, but he didn't answer and never got back to her.
the PSE's Idiot Brother still has a bit of shame, i suppose.

i sent a text message to my old middle/high school friend Eli the other day.
Eli and i kept in fairly regular contact for several years after we went our separate ways but we lost contact six, maybe seven years ago.
last i heard Eli was moving to Eastern Europe to go do computer over there because i guess they just got computers.
he came back to America eventually but he never called me and i guess i was too busy with my own fuck-around life to try calling him, either.
but friendships are important and i wanted to check in with my old friend and see how his life was doing so i dropped him a line.
Eli didn't respond at first and i took that as a disappointment an small insult but after a few days he finally got back to me and we spent the better part of two hours catching up.

Eli lives in Boston now working as some kind of a Team Leader over other people who do computer.
he was responsible for the team who made Sam Adam's website. the beer, not the Son of Liberty.
he says he makes “just about six figures” which is a staggering amount of money from my perspective.
that's adult money!
Eli pays $2,000 a month for rent to live in the North End but he says the North End isn't nearly as Italian as it used to be, which is nice for him.
$2,000 a month in rent is nutso money to pay for rent. adult-money.
Eli lives alone, he has never had much success with the ladies, and blames his stubborn disposition.
Eli seems to have resigned himself to a solitary life, though, he would very much like to have children.
i've thought for years that Eli should just go shack up with my buddy Melissa down in Providence.
he'd have an instant family and Melissa would have somebody who wasn't stupid to look after her.
it would be win-win-win, but, i don't want to do that to either one of them.

after nearly two hours of questioning i had flushed out a pretty good sketch of how Eli's life had turned out.
Eli didn't really ask me all that much about my life.
i mentioned that i had traveled around the world and that i am in Law School now, but he didn't ask any follow-up questions and might not have even fully processed either of those tidbits.
i think that's marginally rude, but not at all surprising.
people enjoy talking about themselves.
it's not just Eli, it's human nature.
if given the choice between talking about themselves or inquiring about somebody else, people will chose talking about themselves nine times in ten.
which is fine for me because i'm way more interested in how other people run their lives then in telling them how i run mine, but it's always surprising to me how little other people care.

it was nice getting to catch up with old Eli.
it is important to keep up with old friends and Eli is a fellow i'd like to remain old friends with.
after a while it was time for me to head off to Law School and Eli and i both promised to not let so long pass before we caught up again.
i should try to touch base again before Christmas.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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