The Founder:
The Founder is a movie about the founder of McDonald's, Ray Kroc.
specifically, what a dirtbag Ray Kroc is.
it's a story i thought everybody knew, at least in generalities, but i was surprised to find out that the PSE didn't know dick about Ray Kroc or the founding of McDonald's.
she didn't figure out what was going on until we were twenty minutes into the film.

The Founder starts out in the 1950s with Ray Kroc as an aging traveling salesman, driving all across the country trying to sell people milkshake mixers.
he gets an order for a whole buttload of mixers from some burger stand out in California and he drives out to see what the fuck is up with these McDonald brothers and why they are doing such good business.
he finds that the McDonald brothers have figured out that people don't like drive-ins, that it takes too long for the food to get made and that there is always riff-raff hanging around in the parking lot, so they devised a system to make food fast.
Ray Kroc had the smarts to recognize a good thing and to try to interject himself into it, so he got the McDonald brothers to let him be in charge of franchising back in the Mid-West.
Ray Kroc busts his ass running all over the Mid-West trying to get people to franchise McDonalds restaurants using the system the McDonald brothers devised.
he finds that rich people make shite franchisees because they don't care so he decides that he'll have better luck getting struggling middle-class folks to buy into his pyramid scheme, because they're more desperate and willing to work hard.
but, still despite seeding dozens of franchises, Ray Kroc still isn't turning much of a buck.
it wasn't until he met a Jew who told him what he really needs to be doing is buying up the property under each McDonald's franchise that he really started making the big bucks.
all the while, Ray Kroc is chaffing under his partnership with the McDonald brothers so, once he makes enough money, he hires a bunch of lawyers to fuck them out of their end of the bargain.
also, Ray Kroc leaves his wife to start sleeping with one of his franchisees wives, the end.

i enjoyed watching the PSE watch The Founder.
she started out really liking Ray Kroc when he was scrappy and hungry, with his hard work and perseverance and ended up really disliking him one he started fucking everybody over.
“oh, i hope he doesn't fuck those McDonald brothers out of their business,” she would say halfway through.
“boy, this guy really is a piece of shit...” she would say after he'd fucked over the McDonald brothers and left his wife.
the PSE got really invested in Ray Kroc.
and, sure, i guess it was an interesting story, but i guess the PSE enjoyed it move then i did, it all being new information to her.
i would like to see a sequel about a story i don't know.
Dave Thomas's humble beginnings as the abandoned infant son of radical anarchist and would-be FDR assassin Giuseppe Zangara to his adoption and later founding of Wendy's.
a medieval epic fantasy about the Burger King would be also fun. i'm just spit-balling here.

for being a story that i already mostly knew but that was still well-told, for being really, really interesting to the PSE, and for ultimately being a story about how you've got to own property, otherwise you don't really have all that much The Founder earns a 6.8/10.

Compliance is a movie about the real-life 2004 telephone rape at a Kentucky McDonald's.
you know that story.
it was national news back in 2004 and i think they even made a Law And Order: SVU out of it, but i didn't know they made a movie out of it until recently.
i don't think it had an advertising budget.
i assume i came across it while reading Wikipedias about social engineering for the fourth or fifth time.

Compliance begins with an epigraph declaring that it was “inspired by true events” but unlike other movies that use 'based on a true story” for dramatic effect, the movie precedes pretty much exactly what happened in real life turn for sad, ugly turn.
the only difference being that in the movie, the fast-food franchise where it all takes place is fictional.
the film producers didn't have a big enough budget to piss off McDonalds, i guess.

Compliance starts off with a pretty young girl coming to work and her manager chewing everybody out with ordinary fast-food concerns.
“if you've got time to lean, you've got time to clean!” “we might have an anonymous inspection today!” “hustle! hustle! hustle!”
even before any of the sexual assaults begin, this is already a pretty dark film about the indignities the working class has to suffer.
this is why i haven't held a real job in fifteen years.
then, as if getting told what to do wasn't bad enough, things take an even-worse turn.

the not-McDonand's gets a call from an enterprising rapist pretending to be a cop who convinces the Manager to take the pretty young girl into the back room to strip search her, on the presumption that she has stolen money from a customer.
the Manager strips the Pretty Young Girl and then, because it was busy in the not-McDonald's, she calls in her boyfriend to take over “guarding” the Girl until the “police” can show up.
the telerapist has the Manager's Boyfriend look up the girl's puss, spank her and ultimately receive a BJ.
after he comes, the Manager's Boyfriend begins to feel bad and leaves.
the Manager, who had been walking in and out of the office all the while gets told by the fake-cop on the phone to go find somebody else to continue raping the Girl.
the Manager brings in a maintenance guy but he exercises the slightest bit of common sense, calls bullshit on the whole thing, and hangs up on the fake-cop.
the actual police come to investigate and take the traumatized girl away. the end.

in real life, ultimately, the Boyfriend ended up getting five years in prison for his part in the crime.
the police tracked down the phone pervert who had been running this same rape scheme for over a decade, but he ultimately wasn't convicted of any serious crime.
the Girl sued McDonald's for something like $200 Million but ultimately the Courts found McDonald's not responsible because they have policies in their Managerial training manual specifically against strip-searching employees.
what kind of a fucking world so we live in where McDonald's had to put that in writing?
she ended up getting a little over a million for her ordeal which is good money for Kentucky, but still, she deserves much, much more.

the first thing anybody says after watching Compliance or reading the Wikipedia about the real-life event that happened the exact same way is “how could anybody be so dumb!?!”
we would all like to think that if we were in the Manager's shoes, or the Girl's or the Manager's Boyfriend's, that we would do something to stop what was happening, either get up and leave or take a stand and say “no,” but people go along to get along every day.
social engineering works for a reason.
humans are social animals and getting approval from others is a big part of our makeup.
if it wasn't for human hard-wiring to get along, we wouldn't have been able to get past cavemen braining each other with rocks
Compliance does a good job of playing the Manager not as particularly dumb or cruel, but who just enjoys the smallest bit of flattery or sense of belonging or approval.
all the fake-cop pervert had to do to get her to go along with raping a girl for four hours was tell her how cooperative and helpful she was being.
i myself suffer from an inborn instinct for ingratiation.
i have to make a conscious effort every day to try to suppress it.
every day i ask myself “can i be more ornery in this situation?”
it has made it damn-near impossible for me to have friends, but at least i've never been tricked into raping anybody in a McDonald's.
we really ought to teach the Kentucky McDonald's phone-rape case in high schools Freshman year.

for being a movie about a real-life thing that happened that everybody ought to be aware of, for being an easy-enough medium to teach a valuable lesson, for being a movie about the importance of critical thinking and the virtue of being a crank, Compliance earns a 7.1/10.

//[ab irito ad astra]

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