Date: 15 Jul 2017 10:12 pm (UTC)
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oh, i don't want to begrudge Lena Dunham her gross, lumpy body or her gratuitous, unlikely romantic life. when you create a TV show and get it sold, you can self-insert as much as the market will bare.
it's the author's prerogative.
also, it's not like Adam Driver is much of a looker anyway. the guy makes me physically uncomfortable in a way i have never experienced before. he looks like they found him in some Appalachian backwater watching his sister in the bath and masturbating furiously.

i'm no prude. i'm a free speech absolutist, i believe that everybody has a right to say and do whatever the fuck they want, however they want.
what gets me about Lena Dunham and Girls, is that for reasons i cannot understand, society has decided to stand up and inexplicably applaud.
how many articles have been written about how brave Lena Dunham is to be gross and lumpy and naked on TV?
if you want to be gross and lumpy and naked on TV then that's fine, it's your TV show and somehow you have tricked somebody into paying you for it, but i don't know why that is something we need to all celebrate.
did anybody write any articles about how brave it was for Dennis Franz to bare his fat, hairy ass on NYPD Blue?
no, we all just took note that people's gross bare asses can be on the TV now and moved the line that much closer to living in a modern day Sodom.
which is a good thing, boundaries are meant to be pushed and taboos are meant to be broken, but let's not pretend that that somehow makes anybody a hero.

thanks for commenting!
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