Christmas Eve:
there wasn't much on the calendar for Christmas Eve except to get to the grocery store before they closed early to get enough food to eat.
the PSE and i have found ourselves stranded when the world grinds to a halt on Christmas before and we did not want to find ourselves having to rely on the good-graces and not-so-good food of Chinamen on Christmas day.
Google told us the Central Market would be open until 6:00pm.

the PSE and i gave the Monster a bath on Christmas Eve.
we give the Monster a lot of baths.
partly because we can, because Monster is so gentle she will tolerate us washing her in a way that the Dog never did, but also because Monster gets way greasier then the Dog ever did and if we let her go more then a week between baths she'll look like she's been working in the pit at the Jiffy Lube.
it's the Terrier in her.
Monster let us bathe her, then we gave her a big ass bone to gnaw on for a while.
happy Christmas, puppy!

at some point in the afternoon there was a knock on the door and a postman left us a package.
i didn't know the mail ran on Christmas Eve.
the package was from the PSE's aunt, the former prostitute, who had baked us a five-pound box full of homemade cookies and brownies.
thanks, Dee!
of course, the cookies had all crumbled into a kind of cookie dust by the time they made their way to us and the brownies had nuts in them, which is a shite way to make brownies, but it is the thought that counts.
Former Prostitute Aunt Dee paid over $18 to ship us a Christmas treat overnight, which was really sweet and really thoughtful.
we sat on the floor and pigged-out on the cookies, more out of our own hunger then because they were good, then got dressed to go out to the grocery.
we ended up tossing most of the cookies and brownies into the trash.

the PSE, the Monster and i walked over to the Central Market five blocks away because it was a beautiful day outside.
it had been cold, bitter, nasty cold in the weeks leading up to Christmas but Christmas Eve saw it warm up to the low 70s.
i know global warming is a problem in a lot of ways, but i'll be goddamned if this perfect weather didn't make it the best Christmas i've seen in a while.
any asshole who says they want a 'white Christmas' is a fucking idiot.
if you want the cold and the snow, go move to fucking Canada.
'white Christmas' always seems like it's racist in some way, anyway.

at the store the PSE and i stocked up on everything we would need to make Swedish meatballs.
the Monster sat in the grocery cart while people smiled at her.
when we first started taking the Monster to the grocery store she used to shiver and panic in fear because she is a panicky, fearful girl but now she takes it like a pro.
good for her!
the PSE and i didn't make Swedish Meatballs on Christmas Eve, that would be our Christmas meal.
for Christmas Eve, we just got made-to-order sandwiches from the deli counter; Vietnamese pork with pickled vegetables, cucumber, cilantro and mint.
we walked back to our apartment and spent the rest of the evening watching a movie.

Christmas Day:
the PSE and i don't celebrate Christmas.
anti-commercialism and Atheism and contrarianism and being the son of Jews have rendered me pretty much unable to see the point.
the PSE grew up a gentile and is by nature less of a critical person then i am and i think if she had her way we might make some small nod towards the holiday, a tree perhaps, or lights, but because i am a grinch, we don't do that.
i mean, sure, having a tree in your house and lights up outside is nice, i get that, who doesn't like trees and lights, but doing it because it's Christmas is fucking dumb.
if you want to have a tree in your house and lights up outside, put a tree in your house and lights up outside, but don't do it because that's the custom.
also, i can see having a living tree in your house, like a giant house plant, but putting up a dead tree just seems morbid and sad.

Christmas Day was another beautiful, perfect day outside.
we spent a fair amount of time just standing around on our balcony, enjoying the fine t-shirt weather.
the PSE and i didn't have any presents for each other, though, of course i was secretly hoping she would give me something.
i'm sure i would like Christmas more if people would buy me stuff but they never do.
we kissed each other an wished each other a happy Christmas and that's it.
then we both had phone calls to manage.

the PSE got calls from her Grandmother, Deadbeat Dad and Idiot Brother.
her Idiot Brother was a surprise, they don't talk often, but i guess he sobered up enough to remember he has familial obligations so he called his kid sister and blathered at her for ten minutes before begging off the phone.
the PSE found it difficult to understand him, he sounded as if he had marbles in his mouth.
the PSE's Idiot Brother didn't seem to have any idea that he had hung out with us at least twice when we were in Reno back in June.
he thought he hadn't seen the PSE in years.
when the PSE's Deadbeat Dad called he sounded more depressed then the PSE had ever heard him.
the PSE's Deabeat Dad does not get depressed. that's one of the perks about being a deadbeat, you're normally not supposed to care about shit.
but, the PSE's Deadbeat Dad got himself a girlfriend a few years ago who is a fucking lunatic and, try as he may, the PSE's Deadbeat Dad can't seem to get rid of her.
she just keeps haunting him, making his life miserable.
you reap what you sew, Dusty!
the PSE's Grandmother is still alive despite her desire to be otherwise.
she is incontinent and infirm but she has at least one scumbag child that still needs to be taken care of, and one grandchild that still needs a stable[ish] place to live, so she has to keep staying alive.
the PSE's Grandma's Christmas table was going to be small this year, but she made a feast none-the-less.

i talked to my friend Melissa for a few minutes.
i didn't want to talk to her, i really don't like talking to Melissa, but she called me and i answered because that's what you're supposed to do on Christmas.
Melissa had just started dating some dude and she put me on speaker phone with him, which was super obnoxious.
i don't want to talk to your idiot friends and i don't want to talk to your idiot child.
i don't even want to talk to you, old friend, but i guess i have to.
for ten or fifteen minutes we all had to talk awkwardly with each other about Melissa's plans to be an EMT.
Melissa just started dating this dude like, a week before and they haven't even had sex yet, but Melissa wasn't shy about telling me, with him on the phone, that he was going to “help her” get EMT certified.
it was implied that “help her” didn't mean point her to a WikiHow article on how to get certified as an EMT. she meant he was going to pay for her to take the certification class at community college.
Melissa really has some chutzpah.

come dinnertime i got in the kitchen and helped the PSE make Swedish meatballs.
the PSE likes when i am her special kitchen assistant and i figured it would be sweet of me.
dinner was delicious, though, we forgot to pickle cucumbers to go with it, which is a big part of it.
with dinner we watched another movie.
after dinner the PSE and i took a walk around the neighborhood and, as we were coming home we ran into a neighbor.
the guy used to live next door to us but he moved to the apartment complex across the street.
the guy always used to talk to us like we were friends, even though we don't know him from anybody.
but, he saw us coming own the street and he waived us down and we had to talk to him for twenty minutes about nothing that matters at all.
he quit his job working at a doggy day care, he got himself a Chihuahua puppy, his girlfriend was being bullied at work, their car got hit by a hit-and-run driver.
right, great, that's all very interesting.
as he talked to us, his Chihuahua puppy ran all over us, frightening Monster who is easily twice its size.
the Monster is a real pussy.

New Years Eve:
the PSE and i had errands to run on New Years Eve day that involved us getting out of bed early.
i'll write about that some other time, i'm sure.
but, getting out of bed early left us exhausted, the PSE more then me, so she went and took a nap and i took a four hour bath.
later, i had some office work i needed to take care of in my office and the PSE went to the Central Market to do some more grocery shopping.
she picked up supplies to make a meatloaf, though, that would be for New Years Day. for New Years Eve, she got more Vietnamese pork sandwiches.
they are good fucking sandwiches.
while i was working, i talked for a little bit with my friend Olivia on the text messager.
she was spending New Years watching The Craft with her boyfriend.
that's really funny.

the PSE and i ate our Vietnamese pork sandwiches, watched a few episodes of a TV program we've been watching, then, around 11:15pm we took the Monster for a walk around the neighborhood.
and then we had a fight.
it wasn't huge, it wasn't relationship-killing, though, it sure as shit wasn't good for us either.
it's a fight we had several times before, too.
the Monster was walking off-leash, the PSE wanted to put the Monster on a leash, i didn't, and the PSE got upset at me.
the PSE thinks the Monster needs to be controlled at all times to help her learn proper leash etiquette, i think that giving a dog some freedom and autonomy is important.
but, one hundred percent of the time the PSE gets her way and the Monster goes back on her leash because the PSE makes such a huge deal about it.
but, while the PSE was making a huge deal about it she told me that even if she was inclined to have kids, which she is not, she wouldn't want to have them with me because i would make such a shitty parent.
because i disagree with the PSE about whether dogs need to be on leashes all the time.
that was a shitty thing to say and it ruined my night and we walked back to the apartment and i went to bed depressed.
i know the PSE doesn't want to have kids with me and i know that means we don't have a future together, but, to rub that in my face on New Years Eve just seems extra mean.
the PSE and i likely won't survive the new year.
though, i've guessed that for most of the years that we've been together.

by the time the new year came around at midnight i was laying in my bed feeling sorry for myself.
there was no celebration, no New Years Rockin' Eve with Dick Clark or Ryan Seacrest or Kathy Griffin and Anderson Cooper or whatever the fuck goes on on New Years these days.
i only knew it was midnight because the neighbors started lighting off fireworks or shooting their guns or both.
the PSE came into the room around 12:10am and tried to be nice but i wasn't into it.
i was insulted and hurt and scared about the future.
after the PSE left i checked the OKCupid to see if there was anybody i could replace the PSE with but there was not.
i went to bed alone around 1:00am. Happy New Year.

New Years Day:
i woke up with a cold on New Years Day.
i had felt it coming all New Years Eve but it didn't start kicking my ass until after i fell asleep when a sore throat would wake me up.
i had a few hard days of waking up early and not getting enough sleep which i'll write about some other time and that is all it takes to fuck up my immune system making me vulnerable to any ding-dang germ that comes around.
my sore throat would last for a day, then the rest of the symptoms that come with a cold, stuffy nose, aches, general malaise, would last for the better part of a week.

after waking up i took a DayQuil, then went into my office to write LiveJournals.
i hadn't done any writing since before Christmas and there was a lot to catch up with.
after a while the PSE went into the kitchen to start making a New Years Day supper, meatloaf and garlic mashed potatoes with a horseradish cream sauce.
i should have went and helped her cook, but there was so much LiveJournal to write.
diner was a bit of a disappointment, but we ate it anyway.
the PSE and i spent the rest of the night working on our different projects.
i wrote LiveJournals, the PSE worked on arts and crafts.
we got along somewhat, we weren't in a terrible fight but we weren't lovey-dovey, either.

//[onward ho!]

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