while i was back in New Jersey to visit my Parents in the middle of December, the PSE, Anthony and i went to the nice mall one evening.
not because we had any reason to be there and not because we just wanted to hang around the mall like people used to do in the 1980s and 1990s, but because we had nothing else to do.
it was freezing outside and my Parents had expressed their disapproval of Anthony smoking in their basement like we had done a few nights previous.
and it's not like Anthony can go anywhere or do anything without smoking pot, so, that left us with nothing to do.
we drove to the mall so Anthony could smoke pot in their parking lot, then, while we were there, we took a walk through the mall itself.
because Anthony wanted to smoke pot in the mall parking lot, we parked in a different spot then we normally do.
which was fortuitous because, as we were leaving the mall, the PSE found a Nordstrom's tie in a gift-wrapped box that had been smushed, like it had been run over by a car.
the tie was in fine shape, however.
the PSE picked it up and we went on our way.
i didn't want the tie, A) because it was red and red is not my color and B) because wearing $50 around your neck is fucking retarded.
the tie didn't have a receipt attached, but we figured we could exchange it for store credit.
i give my Mother Macy's credit twice a year for Mother's Day and her Birthday because she likes crap.
in 2017, she can have Nordstroms credit
she won't like it, she's a Macy's girl, but, fuck it, she can adapt.

a few days after Christmas i drove over to to the local Nordrstom's after Motorcycle class.
i found my way to their customer service desk, thunked down the tie and told the man i wanted to exchange it.
he scanned the bar-code attached to the tie but it did not come up in the system.
the guy assumed i stole it.
i was dressed like i always dress, which is to say like a person who steals things, plus i was tired and i stunk like motorcycle exhaust.
i did not look like a typical Nordstroms customer.
famously, the Nordstoms in my hometown once detained a Federal judge as a suspected shoplifter solely because he was a Black guy.
Nordstroms does not fuck around.
rather then telling him, no, i didn't steal it, i found it in a Nordstrom's parking lot fair and square, i told him that my Mother bought it for me.
are you going to accuse my Mother of stealing your fucking tie?
in the end he gave me $36.24 worth of store credit, which is way less then the $55 value the PSE found for the thing online.
whatever, i took it.
that's what my Mother is getting for Mother's Day this year, take it or leave it.

with the inauguration of President Trump looming around the corner, i thought i should do my part to try to fight the black wave of corporate oligarchy and racist ethno-nationalism coming to America.
and, of course, by “do my part” i mean “scream importantly at the tide.”
when i was younger i would be out in the streets, fucking shit up and making a mess in the name of civil liberties but that was in better times when i didn't have anything else on my scheduled.
when raging against the machine was pretty much my full-time job.
now-a-days i am pretty much an adult, sour in my obligations, so i expressed my rage in the impotent way adults do, by using money to assuage my conscience.
i sent $50 to the American Civil Liberties Union.

i am not a joiner by nature.
one of the problems with people with my kinds of politics is that they tend not to be joiners.
which is why conservatives and religious types always seem to be better organized. they love signing up for shit.
part of the fun of being a Nazi, i imagine, was getting to dress up in a uniform and march around with all of your friends.
people like me, though, eschew groupthink, though, there are times were there is power in a union and people ought to pool their resources.

there are four groups that i think i could associate myself with:
the National Lawyers Guild, the ACLU, PETA and the IWW.
i can't join the IWW right now because i'm not actually a worker, and i haven't bothered to join PETA because it's not that pressing right now.
a month ago, because my Law School encouraged me to join a professional organization, i signed up for the National Lawyer's Guild.
i tried to pay dues, but there was something wring with their website so they just let me in for free.
i am now a member of America's leading trade organization for communist and anarchist lawyers.
then, just last week, i went over to the ACLU's website and paid them $50 to join their club, too.
i am a little squeamish about the ACLU's enthusiasm for abortion, if i had my druthers they wouldn't touch that issue because good people can disagree on whether or not not abortion is infanticide, but i guess you can't let the perfect be the enemy of the good.
if the ACLU wants to be an effective thorn in the side of President Trump and the Republican Congress, then we'll have to dicker about abortion rights some other time.
on the ACLU's website they had a big picture of President-Elect Trump wearing that shit-eating grin that he's famous for above a taunting banner that read “see you in court!”
good luck, guys!
good luck to us all!

in the mail yesterday i received a check in the PSE's name from the No MSG Added Settlement Fund in the amount of $15.
i don't know what the fuck the No MSG Added Settlement Fund is, but i imagine it is a class-action lawsuit predicated on somebody adding MSG to things they weren't supposed to.
so, now the PSE and i are $15 richer.
good for us!

i had been promising the PSE for weeks that i would spend time with her over my Winter break from school doing arts and crafts.
the PSE likes when i do art. she is very encouraging of my talents.
such as they are.
i haven't really had much time to invest in the arts, i've been so busy with learning how to ride a motorcycle and catching up on movies and TV shows that i've missed and writing about my life and all the movies that i've watched on the LiveJournal that Winter Break just slipped right away from me.
but, me doing art was important to the PSE so one evening i cleared my scheduled and got down to it for a few hours.

the PSE did this:
PSE art
the PSE set herself to drawing what she normally draws, pictures of me and our pet.
Monster doesn't really look like that most of the time, but, in this one picture we took of her she did, and the PSE based her art off of the photo.
the PSE can't really improvise, she just copies what she sees.
similarly, the picture that the PSE based her drawing of me on was of me making a face, so, i'm making a face in the PSE's art, too.
which is okay, i like the face i was making, and the PSE's attention to detail and technical competancy are impressive.

i drew this:
erotica #1
Erotica #2
>erotica 3
it speaks for itself.
leave a comment below if you get sexually aroused.

//[onward ho!]

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