after a little less then a month off for Winter Break [less then that if you don't count the pain-in-the-ass of having to visit my Parents as proper time off] it was time to go back to Law School.
this time-off went by so quick. i was so busy working on all the projects that accrued on my To-Do list during the previous semester that i hardly had any time at all to arse around.
i just barely had time to clear my To-Do list before, goddamn, it's back to school for another four and a half months.
there was a part of me that was kind of looking forward to the new semester starting, but there was another, much larger part of me that really, really was not.

my alarm went off at 7:20am Tuesday morning.
yes. 7:20. class was scheduled to begin at 8:30am, and i wanted to give myself time to be mad at the world.
i woke up, sat in bed cussing for a while, then went out to the living room to cuss some more.
after i'd worked up the strength i ate a banana for breakfast, drank a glass of water, then brushed my teeth and had a quick shit.
i couldn't take the time to sit on the pot and shit properly like i like to do when i had the time. i had to hurry.
i got dressed in my regular TITSpants and a new TITSshirt the PSE made for me, my TITShoodie and house slippers, then kissed my girls goodbye.
i didn't have to worry about walking the Monster in the morning because the PSE was awake for some stupid reason and she would do it.
the drive from my apartment to Law School downtown took longer then i was accustomed to.
traffic on the highway is slower and more congested at 8:10am then at 9:40am like i had to negotiate last semester.
arriving as early at 8:15 allows me to park in a parking lot slightly closer to campus, though, that only saves maybe ninety seconds off of my commute.

i got to campus a little before 8:20am but i didn't know where i was going, what classroom my first class of the day had been assigned to.
fortunately, Law School only seems to have five or six classrooms and they are all labeled with a scheduled of what classes are meeting there when.
i found my first class of the day, Property, in the third classroom i checked.
i walked into the classroom for Property and found most of the class already assembled.
they were the same group of forty-someodd kids i'd taken all my classes with last semester.
we are Section One and apparently it is important that we take all of our classes together because we are graded against each other for the curve.
i nodded hello to a few people, then went to take a seat in the back of the room, stage right where i always sit.
at 8:30am, the Professor started the show.

Property was being taught by the Dean of the Law School.
not an associate Dean, the full-bird Dean, the big dick in charge of the whole place.
he was a bigger nerd then i was expecting. a real honky.
we spent the first fifty minutes of class talking about the way the course was going to go, about the things we would be expected to do for course credit.
then, at 9:25 we took a ten minute break.
i had a pee and walked in circles in the halls like i do.
most of my classmates talk to each other, but i'm a fucking weirdo.
on the other side of the break the Professor got into the meat of the course.
we started off by talking about property as 'fee simple absolute' which is a series of words that don't make much sense together but apparently have meaning.
i'd never heard the term before and couldn't even begin to guess about its meaning but, that's why we're in school.
'fee simple absolute' means land that has the least possible restrictions. the land of do-as-you-please.
but, because we don't live in an Anarchist wonderland, a good percentage of why Property law exists is to chip away of the basket of privileges people have in fee simple absolute ownership.
for example, it's probably not a good idea to let people set up rape dungeons on their property, or child pornography factories.
and it's probably not a good idea to let people set up toxic waste repositories in the middle of a suburban subdivision.
so, society as a whole has an interest in placing restrictions on fee simple absolute property ownership.
but after a while you chip away and chip away at the basket of fee simple absolute privileges and now you've got Home Owner's Associations telling you what kind of Christmas decorations you can put on your house and that's just fucking out of control.
Property, like a lot of other things, is about the balance between public and private interests.
that can be interesting enough.

class ended at 10:20am.
the rest of my Section One peers left the room but i stayed right where i was because my next class would be in the same room.
the rest of my Section One peers have class from 8:30 to 10:30am and then 1:30 to 3:20pm, with a great big gap in the middle of the day with nothing to do.
most of them hang out in the library, i guess, studying or huffing paint or giving each other hand jobs or whatever, but i'll be goddamned if that was what my schedule was going to look like.
when the Second Semester schedule first came out i complained to the Associate Dean of Schedules and she switched my Legal Writing II class around.
while the other Section One kids have Legal Writing II on Mondays and Wednesdays, i take it in the big gap in the schedule on Tuesday and Thursday.
which affords me nothing to do on Mondays and Wednesdays which is nice, but it makes for a long day on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
it also affords me an opportunity to meet some new people.
my Tuesday-Thursday Legal Writing II class is with Section Two kids.
i knew a few of them from seeing them around, but others i'd never seen in my life.

Legal Writing II is a small class of maybe fifteen kids.
i stayed in my seat in the back of the room stage-right and all the other Section Two kids came in an sat around me.
though, nobody ever sits right next to me. again, because i'm a fucking weirdo.
a couple of kids introduced themselves, which was nice.
hello, hello, hello!
at 10:30 the Professor came in, a wiry spazz of a man in his early forties who has a frantic, kinetic energy about him that is only barely concealing pretty severe autism.
he seems like the kind of guy who if you touch the wrong thing in his office he might snap at you.
Legal Writing is a seventy-five minute class which is not long enough to qualify for a break in the middle.
which means it drags on, and on, and is the most boring class of the day.
we talked about the memos we had written in Legal Writing I, though, for the life of me i couldn't remember all the details about what we had to do.
something about sorority girls kidnapping each other?
you really expect me to remember ten different precedent cases?
i forgot that shit the minute i submitted the memo back in November.
mostly i sat in the back of the room, staring off at nothing, my eyes glazed over until it was time to go.

Legal Writing II got out at 11:45am.
on Tuesdays, we have Academic Support from 12:00 to 1:00pm.
most of the time we meet in small groups, with the same people we are in Legal Writing with but this time we met as a large group, all three Sections of First Years, 140-someodd of us in total.
we gathered in the Assembly Hall. pizza was served.
there were also sandwiches from Jason' Deli but i only noticed them after i took two slices of sausage.
i took my pizza and went to go sit by myself.
i tore the cheese off of the pizza, which is an embarrassing thing to do in public, but nobody was sitting with me anyway, so it's okay.
the Associate Dean in charge of Academic Support talked to us for an hour about studying techniques.
there were charts and graphs.
i'm sure what he had to say could help me be a better student, but i didn't pay it a lick of attention.
i ate my pizza and stared off into space.
one of the charts very well could have been about how you shouldn't just eat pizza and stare off into space when people are trying to tell you something, but if it did i obviously missed it.
at 1:00pm we were dismissed.
i went back over tot he table with the food and picked over the leftovers.
i got myself a salad with ranch dressing which i gobbled down, and a veggie sandwich.
the sandwich had melted cheese on it so i took it home for the PSE.

a few minutes before 1:30 i found my way to a different large classroom for my third and final class of the day, Contracts.
once again, i claimed a seat for myself in the back of the room stage-right.
once again, none of my Section One classmates came to sit next to me.
it's going to be another lonely semester.
at 1:30 our Professor started the show.
he is another raging nerd, more of a honky then the Dean, honk, honk, honking in his loud White guy voice, cracking puny jokes.
once again, we spent the first fifty minutes of class talking about what class would be like and what would be expected of us.
at 2:25 we took a ten minute break and i set myself to pacing around the halls some more.
then during the second half of class we got into the meat of the topic of contracts.
we talked about how a contract is just a promise that the government will enforce.
contracts can be written down, but they don't have to be.
basically, a contract is an agreement between two or more parties to limit their rights.
that in a natural state, people have a bunch of things they can do, but, when they enter into a contract, they are voluntarily limiting that basket of options.
a contract is private law that parties impose upon themselves.
as opposed to torts, which is the law of things the government says you cannot do to other people, or criminal law, which is the law of things the government says you cannot do to the state.
that's an interesting way to look at the topic.

class came to an end at 3:20pm.
i walked to my TITSwagon, drove ten minutes back up the interstate to my apartment and spent the rest of the afternoon sitting around exhausted.
being awake and dressed for as long as i had been really took it out of me.
it's going to be a long several months.

//[onward ho!]

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