i woke up at 9:20am Thursday morning to get to Law School for class at 10:30.
Tuesday i had to wake up at 7:20am for class at 8:30, but my scheduled this semester is kinda wonky.
our 8:30am class, Property, is taught by the Dean of the Law School and he's got a lot of other shit on his plate to worry about besides teaching us.
the class is scheduled for three days a week, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, but we will only meet for an average of two days a week and this week, we would only meet that first Tuesday.
there will be weeks where we have to meet all three days a week to make up for the missed classes but for now, i didn't mind the opportunity to sleep in.

the PSE was already awake by the time i woke up.
the PSE's sleep schedule has been all over the place since she quit her job back in November and for most of that time she was staying up all night and i was going to bed alone, but the PSE finally slept around the clock and now she's been getting to bed and waking up early.
the PSE woke up an hour before i did on Thursday and made me some breakfast, which is a rare treat.
i ate eggs and toast and watched an episode of Jeopardy on the YouTube before i had to go off to school, which was a great way to start the morning.
i brushed my teeth, had a quick shit, got dressed and was out of the house by 10:10am.
i got to class before 10:25.

with no Property, the first class of the day was Legal Writing II at 10:30.
we spent a while talking about the placement of citations, whether they should go in-text or down below in footnotes.
apparently this is a big controversy in the world of legal scholarship.
at first blush i would assume that this is something i don't give a shit about, though, i managed to muster an opinion after not too long.
i decided that i am of the school that citations should be footnoted and the relevant information in citations spelled out in text:
“In its 1858 decision, the Supreme Court in Dred Scott v. Sanford decided Black people aren't people(1) This decision was later invalidated by the 13th Amendment.”
(1) Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857).
as opposed to “Black People aren't people Scott v. Sandford, 60 U.S. (19 How.) 393 (1857). This decision was later invalidated by the 13th Amendment.”
footnote citations seem much more cluttered, with a whole bunch of letters and numbers in the middle of the page that doesn't mean anything to most people.
it makes it all very inaccessible to a layman reader uninitiated in the code of legal citations and i'm from the school of thought hat says the law ought to be as accessible to the layman as possible.
Antonin Scalia felt very strongly that textual citations make much more sense then footnote citations, though that is not the only thing Justice Scalia and i disagree on.

after Legal Writing II got out at 11:45am i had a big hole in my schedule until 1:30.
this is time that my classmates would use to study or make friendships or whatever, but i am an asshole so i didn't do any of that.
instead, the PSE came down to Law School with the Monster and we went to a little park across the street to have lunch.
it was a beautiful day outside maybe sixty-eight degrees, and the PSE and i thought we should take advantage.
just the week before, my last week as a free man before school started up again, it was fucking freezing outside but nature doesn't know what the fuck it is doing with temperatures dancing all up and down the thermometer.
the PSE ad i figured we ought to take advantage while we could.
so we sat out in the park with the Monster and the PSE prepared me a chicken salad sandwich for lunch with a baggie of chips and some fruit.
thanks, PSE!
the PSE really gets good girlfriend credit for the full service on Thursday.
at some point one of my classmates from Criminal Law last semester came by and he slowed down and took out his earphones like i should introduce him to my girlfriend but i didn't do that.
i just nodded and he went on his way.

after our picnic lunch the PSE, the Monster and i took a walk through downtown Fort Worth.
the Law School is on one end of downtown and we took a walk to the other end, which is maybe twelve blocks away.
downtown Fort Worth isn't that big at all.
the PSE has never walked around downtown Fort Worth and has only been through it by car two or three times.
i've walked around downtown Fort Worth once before, during Law School orientation, but still, it's weird that the PSE and i don't know the downtown area very well.
so, we had a walk about and saw all the business people standing around outside their buildings smoking cigarettes or eating bags of fast food for lunch.
several people were dressed as cowboys because this is fucking Fort Worth and that's a totally normal thing to do.
on the way back to Law School the PSE, the Monster and i passed a train yard and found a scruffy train-hopper girl skulking around in some bushes.
i looked over at her and she hollered back at us “you guys travelin' kids!?!”
we went over to chat for a few minutes.
i told the ragamuffin that, no, we live indoors, that i hadn't been on the road in a while.
i took it as a happy compliment that i still read as a hobo, though.
that even though i am in Law School, even though that i am really pretty impressively accomplished, that when people see me, civilian and squatter alike, they see a hobo on the loose.
and, to be fair, seeing this little drifter crawling out of the bushes where she was sleeping or pissing or both, covered in dirt and stinking like booze, i feel much more of an affinity, much more of a sense of camaraderie then with anybody i've met in the Law School building a block and a half away.
when the girl told us about how she can't go back to New Orleans on account of a felony warrant she got for drawing graffiti on a national monument i got a twinge of jealousy for how awesome her life must be.
then the PSE, the Monster and i walked back to Law School, i kissed my girls good bye and i went back inside to go learn how to be a square.

my second class of the day at 1:30pm was Contracts.
we talked about a famous case called In Re Baby M, about a surrogacy parenting contract that went horribly wrong.
in the end the hired surrogate mother did not want to turn the newborn baby over to the father who had paid good money for her and a custody battle ensued.
the Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court eventually decided in a controversial 5-4 decision to just cut the baby in two.
after the ten-minute break at 2:25, the Professor had the class divide into two groups, each half to represent one of the two parties in the In Re Baby M case, to try to work out what changes we would want to the original surrogacy contract to both benefit our pretend clients and make it less bad.
it was kinda difficult to work out finer points of a contract in a group of twenty-odd kids and a lot of the quieter kids just ended up sitting around staring at the wall for a while or talking amongst themselves, but it was nice to be doing something instead of just sitting in our seats taking notes.
when it came time for each side to present their lists of proposed contract changes to the other group, i took pride in demanding that if the people representing the father-to-be wanted my client, the surrogate mother to take periodic drug tests, they would have to pay extra.
fuck you guys, if you want a baby out of this deal, it's not going to come cheep.

Contracts class let out at the usual time, 3:20pm.
but, rather then waling straight out the door, directly to my TITSwagon and driving back home as fast as possible like i normally do after class, this time i went down to the library in the basement to print out a bunch of shit for free.
both my Contracts and Property classes have the majority of their class materials online.
in Contracts the Professor wrote a textbook that he let us have access to online and in Property our Professor/Dean made us pay over fifty dollars to sign up for some website that gives you a bunch of different hypothetical case scenarios to play lawyer with.
for my first three classes, two Contracts and one Property, i had to print out seventy-three pages of materials using my own paper and printer inks.
i am normally not cheap about this kind of stuff but over the course of the semester, that shit will add up.
it is also a pain in the ass to have to print these materials out, so if i can get them all done at once, all the better.
apparently kids are normally supposed to pay for their printing on campus, $0.10 a page or whatever, but due to a glitch in the billing system, the kids have had a run on printing.
that glitch was going to get patched in the next few days, i heard a few of my classmates saying, so i figured the time to get in on it was now.
who am i to pass up an opportunity to get something for free!?!

i found my way to the computer lab in the library in the basement of the building and set myself up at one of the computers next to a girl in my Section One who i've never spoken to previously who had the same free-printing orgy idea.
she beat me to the trigger by a few seconds so i had to stand there while the one printer in the room printed out all 613 pages of our Contracts book.
then i sent mine to the printer.
then the girls' friend came along and printed off a copy for herself.
and it wasn't just a matter of the printer physically printing each page, that took about a second per page, but it took the better part of fifteen minutes for our computes to talk to the printer for some reason.
in total my classmate and i had the printer tied up for about an hour and a half.
this became a problem for the four or six people who came into the small computer lab with their own printing needs.
i don't know if this is the only public-use printer in the building. maybe it was, but i don't think so.
anyways, whatever, we got there first.
we told these people “yeah, this is gonna take a while...” and some of them said “okay,” and others got annoyed.
one dumpy girl in a pink sweatshirt actually went to go tell on us, she came back with the student worker who mans the front desk, but what could the worker say to us?
i think the tattletale then went to go tell the chief librarian in charge of the place, too, who came in to have a look around but she didn't say anything.
after a while the student-worker came back and passive-aggressively took away the box with the reams of paper that we were pissing through and my classmate and i had to take turns going up to the front desk to get more one ream at a time.
things got kinda tense in the library computer lab for a while which made my classmate noticeably uncomfortable and nervous like we were actually doing something wrong.
she would giggle nervously and laugh about it and worry that we were going to “get in trouble” like we were robing a bank.
after she got books printer out for herself and her friend my classmate eventually left rather then going back up to the front desk to ask for more reams of paper to move on to all the shit we had to print for Property.
i'm no pussy, though, so i went and got myself more paper and printed another 675 pages worth of different case files.
that was only half of everything on the CaseFile website, but after two fucking hours in the computer lab and seven hours on campus, i was tired and just wanted to go home.

//[onward ho!]

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