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( 18 Jan 2017 10:28 am)
i was supposed to have a class called Professional Identity II Friday afternoon from 1:00 to 2:00pm but when i woke up at 9:20am [i didn't want to sleep all day] i was happy to find an e-mail from the Professor from 3:38am saying that because of a bad bronchial infection, class would be canceled.
rather then rescheduling it and wasting more of our time on this bullshit pass/fail half-credit class, he would just e-mail us a YouTube video of him giving a lecture and call that sufficient.
fair deal!

with nothing to do on Friday, i spent a few hours writing three LiveJournal entries.
i like to get as many done in advance as possible because throughout most of the school week i have too much to do to write about my day.
it seems that LiveJournal and, come the new LiveJournal year, i might not continue to keep up an episode-a-day pace.
i don't know, we'll see.

at some point during the day, either during a break from writing or after i was through, the PSE said something about maybe sending Anthony a food processor through the mail.
Anthony was nice enough to have us at his house for an early Christmas dinner and he gave us little chicken-shit presents that he stole from different stores.
it's the thought that counts and the PSE felt bad that we didn't reciprocate.
which is odd because the PSE doesn't like or respect Anthony and i wouldn't expect her to give two shits about him.
also, because of the two of us, i am the thoughtful one.
but, if the PSE thought we ought to reciprocate holiday cheer, sure, let's do that, then.
while we were at Anthony's for Christmas dinner he had us chopping ingredients by hand, which was crude.
the PSE swears by a food processor she uses, it's a huge time-saving convenience, so we decided to send one of those over to Anthony.
the PSE found the same on on the Smile Dot Amazon Dot Com for $25.98 plus another $4.99 for gift-wrapping and a customized note.
it said the package would be delivered on Sunday because Amazon delivers packages on Sundays, somehow, but it didn't actually get to Anthony until Tuesday.

i spent several hours on Saturday doing homework for Contracts.
it's only the first week and already i'm drowning in homework.
i had to read two different “units” of materials, a unit for next Tuesday's class and unit for next Thursday's class.
Tuesday's unit was on how contracts are formed, Thursdays unit was on offers to contract.
each unit was twenty-pages long. Tuesday's unit consisted of four case precedents, Thursday's unit consisted of three, plus a few pages of exposition in between.
after each case were a few Questions for Review and at the end of the unit were a few “problems,” hypothetical situations that were similar in some way to the cases in the unit.
we were supposed to write out answers to the Questions for Review and Problems, as well as “brief” each case precedent like we learned to do in the previous semester, picking out the details, procedural history, ruling and legal logic of each case.
none of this ever gets collected, this isn't for a grade, this is just work that we are expected to do twice a week.
it took me the better part of four hours to get it all squared away for the week.
if we don't do it and the Professor calls on us we look like idiots but, there is only a one in forty-someodd chance that we'll get called on for any given unit so who's the idiot really?

in the evening, after i had finishing wasting my time doing homework, the PSE, Monster and i took a walk a few blocks down the street to the Central Market.
living within walking distance of a bourgie grocery is important to us and it was a nice night out.
the weather has been all over the place lately, some days bringing bitter cold, some days bringing torrential rain and other nights being as clear and comfortable as a perfect Spring.
Saturday was a good night to be outside so the PSE and i took advantage.
Monster didn't have any choice but to come along, but i don't think she minded.
the Central Market was having a Citrus Festive, one of the many times per year that the Central Market will celebrate food and make an event out of nothing.
Bacon Festival, Garlic Festival, Chili Festival, Chocolate Festival.
apparently last weekend was the Citrus Festival and they had all kinds of vendors and samples of different exciting things featuring citrus.
among other things they had a table laid out with all different kinds of oranges inclkuding blood oranges and something called Cara Cara Orange, which neither the PSE nor i had ever heard of or tried before.
the Cara Cara looks like a regular navel orange on the outside but inside the meat is red like a grapefruit.
it isn't unpleasant to eat like a grapefruit, quite the opposite. a Cara Cara is the least acidic, most mild orange i've ever had in my life.
the PSE decided Cara Caras are her new favorite orange. i don't know if they're mine, but they're near the top, certainly.
it's nice to learn something new.

back at the house after our grocery excursion the PSE and i ate something for dinner that i can't remember, watched a few episodes of our stories then got into bed around midnight.
we hung out for a while then, around 1:00am, had a bit of sex.
the PSE and i have been pretty delinquent in our sex life lately, even during the month i had off from Law School we barely made the time to bone more then two or three times.
but, out of a sense of we-should-be-doing-this if nothing else, the PSE and i made the time to mush our bits together for several minutes.
it was nice.

Sundays i talk to my Parents.
this past Sunday i talked to my Parents about last semester's grades in Law School.
i had sent them an e-mail about my grades, my B, B-, C+ and S, whatever that means, in an e-mail several days earlier.
i was expecting a reply e-mail that day to the effect of “good job!” or some such, but that never came.
instead, my Parents elected to offer their lukewarm, reluctant approval over the phone.
i spoke to my Mother first who said “you did fine. not great, but fine...” her voice heavy with disappointment.
my Father was more pitying, “we know what you can do, you'll do better next semester, i just know it!”
here i am, going to Law School for free for fuck's sake, doing something really impressive and really amazing and really difficult to pull of and these two assholes want to give me shit about not earning better grades!?!
fuck y'all. i earned enough to keep my scholarship, isn't that good enough!?!
apparently not.
this was the same shit i used to catch in middle school and high school, too.
nothing was ever good enough academically.
i mean, sure, i get that my grades weren't great, but can't you just give me a sincere “good for you!” and celebrate my successes.
it is important to back your kids no matter what they do, not just when they perform to your expectations.
it's no wonder i quit chasing approval as early as i did with my Parents setting the bar obnoxiously high.
who knows what kind of an achiever i could have turned out to be if my Parents would have offered more praise and less expectation.

after my Parents made me feel bad for several minutes i turned my attention to the homework assignment of the day.
i first had Legal Writing II to do, then some bullshit for Professional Identity II.
for Legal Writing II i first had to rewrite a section from the final memo i had to write for Legal Writing I to change in-text citations to footnotes.
that took about fifteen or twenty minutes.
then i had to do some kind of awful scavenger hunt designed to teach me how to use both WestLaw and LexusNexus to search for secondary legal sources.
law reviews, digests, treatises, whatever else...
that was brainless work, all i had to do was follow the instructions given and copy the reults but it was tedious as sin.
that took about an hour to get through all the way.
finally, i had some reading to do.
i had 21 pages out of one book about how to do research that i swear i've read before.
i tried reading that out in the living room but i kept looking out the window instead and the PSE kept yelling at me.
then i had to read another 16 pages about how to write a professional e-mail.
turns out cuss words and emojis are not smiled upon in a law firm.
after finishing up all my Legal Writing work for the week ahead i turned my attention to Professional Identity II.
i was supposed to watch an hour-long video of a lecture but i didn't. i just sent an e-mail to the class T.A. saying that i did.

Sunday night, 9:30pm, the PSE left to go on an overnight mission.
i'll write about that on Friday, i think, but the point is that i slept alone.
i watched pornography on my phone, jerked off then fell asleep diagonally.

i think Monday was Martin Luther King Day but it doesn't matter to me.
i don't have class on Mondays anyway.
i couldn't very well commemorate the civil rights icon's birthday with proper reflection [or whatever the fuck you're supposed to do.] there was school work still to be done.
Monday's homework mission was Property.
i had four Case Files to work through, two for each class coming up in the week.
each Case File is written like a hypothetical problem a law firm might get and comes with several relevant case precedents.
i have to brief each case, pluck out the salient details, they try to answer the hypothetical question being answered by my pretend senior partner.
once again, the Property Professor doesn't collect this stuff, i just do it because we have to, then it sits in my folder for the rest of the semester ignored and useless.
these motherfuckers can at least give us gold stars or some shit for all the work we put in.
being acknowledged is important.
Property homework took a really, really long time because it was super boring and i kept clicking back to go fuck around on the 4Chan.
by the time the night had ended i had only done three of the four Case Files and had to worry about the last during the school week.

when i wasn't working on Case Files for property the PSE and i made a batch of cookies.
we've been going cookie crazy lately, we made a white chocolate and cranberry batch last weekend and this weekend we made chocolate cookies with hot chocolate powder and chocolate chips.
they came out fucking delicious.
as we ate our cookies the PSE and i sat on the sofa and watched our stories and she set to work picking out the big dread in my hair.
when we went on our Great Adventure my hair all clumped together naturally in a way i didn't think my Caucasian genes could.
the PSE picked most of the dreadlocks out on a beach in Sharm el Sheikh, but she left one in the back of my head because i thought it looked cool.
and it did, i guess, but change is the spice of life so i had the PSE start untangling it with a thumbtack.
it would be much easier for her to just snip the whole thing off, it's 85% dead hair anyway, but i want to save the 15% that's still attached so the PSE invested no less then six hours untangling the mess.
not all on Monday, but throughout the upcoming week.

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