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( 30 Jan 2017 11:37 am)
on Tuesday in Law School i had a full load, Property, Legal Writing II, Academic Support and Contracts.
i was on campus from 8:30am to 3:20pm.
i got a free roastbeef sandwich box lunch from Jason's Deli in Academic Support, though, so that was nice.
there were leftovers, so i took two box lunches home for the PSE and i to have for supper.

in Property we talked first about how deeds are transferred.
that they have to be sent to a third party, irrevocably.
if a property-owner has any way to get his deed back, then it cannot truly be considered transferred.
then we talked about Conversion and the Uniform Commercial Code.
it used to be that if a criminal stole some shit and then sold it to somebody, the true owner of the shit could get it back, even if the purchaser bought the shit in good faith, not knowing it was stolen.
that was the common law rule.
but then the Uniform Commercial Code came along, which is statutory law that overrides common law, and it said that if a thief comes along and transfers possession of stolen shit to a third party merchant who deals in like-goods, that third party merchant can sell the stolen shit to a good-faith purchaser and the good-faith purchaser gains lawful title to it.
the original owner is just shit out of luck.
the Uniform Commercial Code doesn't seem very fair at all.
like it was written by Pawn Shop lobbyists in collaboration with the thieves guild.

after Property came Legal Writing II. i can't recall what we talked about.
probably about some memos that would be coming up due, but i can't recall exactly what.
after Legal Writing II came Academic Support.
i had been sorted into a different Academic Support class the week previous because i am in a different Legal Writing II group, but i decided that i wanted to be with my old group from last semester because i like them more.
i went down to Academic Support with my regular group of kids. if they noticed that i had shifted my schedule to be with them, they didn't notice.
sandwiches were brought in for reasons that were never explained and i tucked into a roast beef sandwich.
then the Second Years who are in charge of Academic Support started their show.

the activity for the week's class was to have us divide up into groups and argue for some damn thing or another.
the topic was whether the Law School should adopt a dress code of Professional or Business Casual.
wait, what? this caused several of us to look up from our sandwiches.
the Second Years told us that the Administration had been discussing implementing a dress code at the school starting next year because several of the Second and Third years had been complaining that the way the First Years dress has been hurting the image of the school.
there was some scuttlebutt about this back in first semester.
for the most part, most people at school do dress nice, some business casual, some even in suits and ties, but there are a few girls who wear short-shorts and a couple of guys who dress like they're going to a baseball game and then there is me. of course, me.
so, the Administration has decided to do something about it and they were seeking our input through Academic Support, which is like graduate school homeroom.
i woke up from my sandwich and lost my shit.
“you're fucking with us!?!” i asked, my mouth full of roast beef, “you're fucking with us!?!”
when they said they were not i spent the next twenty-five minutes i screamed at the two Academic Support T.A.s about how this wasn't fair and this wasn't right and that the Administration couldn't do this to us.
how adults have no right to tell other adults how to dress, how it was insulting and infantalizing and it would not stand.
Texas A&M is a public institution and they don't have the right to discriminate on the basis of appearance.
at some point i used the phrase “we will throw our bodies on the gears” which i'm pretty sure is rhetoric from the 1960s to protest the atrocities of the war in Vietnam.
but, you know, asking me to not wear swear words on my pants totally applies, too.
i wasn't the only one apoplectic, most of my fourteen-man class was irate, too.
several of them like to wear jeans to school and a few of the girls will wear, like, sweats to early-morning classes, but i was the one really leading the charge.
i kept demanding to know who was the head nigga in charge on this decision, which adult i needed to go see about this, but the T.A.s kept being evasive.
they just kept getting all red in the face and whispering at each other.
finally they said something to the effect of “naw, we're just breaking balls” ha ha ha, Second Years think they are funny.
“we didn't think you guys were gonna take it this seriously,” they said, meekly.
i went back to eating my sandwich but for the rest of class everybody looked at me like they don't want to ever get in my way.

in Contracts we talked about things that could go wrong in the offer-acceptance process.
does a contract take effect when it is signed or when both parties come to terms?
the answer is that it takes effect when parties come to terms, and that a signature is mostly irrelevant.
when is a unilateral offer to contract revocable?
a unilateral contract is an open-ended offer to do something like “i'll give $100 to the first person who punches Vice President Pence in the teeth” and it is revocable at any point before somebody begins the process of punching Vice President Pence in the teeth.
so, if a dude sets out to go punch Vice President Pence in the teeth, they take steps to get near Vice President Pence, to get within striking distance, odds are a court would find that they have accepted the terms of the contract.
whether or not those steps entitle the puncher to $100, even if they don't get the opportunity to actually cock back and punch Vice President Pence in the teeth is a different story, but, they have clearly accepted the offer.
but, the point to note is that the puncher is free to discontinue their act at any time before completion.
just because a dude decides “i'm gonna go punch Vice President Pence in the teeth” and then takes some steps to accomplish that task does not bind him to the task.
he can quit at any time and not be found to be in breech of contract.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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