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( 31 Jan 2017 07:20 pm)
Thursday was another full day at Law School, Property, Legal Writing and Contracts.
in Property we talked about the difference between a life estate and fee simple absolute ownership of property.
a life estate occurs when some dude dies and leaves in his will something to the effect of “my nigga Ray-Ray can stay in my house until he dies...” as opposed to a will that reads “to my nigga Ray-Ray, i bequeath my house to do with as he pleases.”
to do with as you please is fee simple absolute ownership. you own all the rights.
a life estate expires upon death and property rights devolve to the next named beneficiary in the will, or according to State law if the prior owner dies intestate.

after a break we moved on to talk about averse possession.
adverse possession is the legal doctrine that says people can just steal other people's shit if they do it openly and can hold it for some amount of time.
squatters rights, essentially.
if i go out to somebody's land and i start living on it, openly and notoriously, with hostility to their property claim, and if i can keep it for the statutorily-prescribed time, normally ten years or so, i can go to the courthouse and file an adverse possession claim and get to keep it.
the idea is that the law disfavors people sleeping on their rights and not putting their land to good use.
i spent the entire second half of class daydreaming about everything the miracle of adverse possession could mean.
one day i think i want to set up a law firm that specializes in adverse possession.
employ a whole gang of gutter punks to go squat in shit and after enough time passes, file the paperwork and collect all the squats.
this can be how i make my millions.
my daydreams got even more wild and i raised my hand to ask the professor, who is also the Dean of the Law School, if you could claim adverse possession all the way down to allodial property rights.
allodial property rights are property rights that are absolutely unqualified, unrestricted by the lien of tax or the laws of nation states.
“if me and some buddies were to plant a flag and hold some land, open and notoriously and with hostility to the government's claim of sovereignty, can we win ourselves our own little country?”
the Dean said that the short answer is no, that eventually some men with guns would turn up.
that people try to pull this shit up in Montana all the time and it never ends well, but that didn't stop me from having pleasant daydreams for the rest of the morning.

after Property let out i went to the bathroom before Legal Writing II started and, out in the hallway, i found a guy giving away doughnuts and bananas.
not for free, he was a rep from Lexus Nexus and he wanted people to sign their names to a mailing list so he could send you a bunch of spam, but i just wrote down a fake name, Arthur Curry, Aquaman, and collected a doughnut and a banana.
thanks, suckers!
in Legal Writing II the Professor started the class off by splitting us into four teams of four for Citation Jeopardy.
i don't really know shit about legal citations so i wasn't really all that much good to anybody.
i was able to help look up the correct Blue Book abbreviation for the word 'subcommittee,' 'subcomm.' but other then that i was pretty much useless.
i sat there and nibbled on my doughnut.
i don't recall what we spent the rest of class talking about.
i almost never recall what the fuck we do in Legal Writing.

when Legal Writing II let out at 11:45 i had an hour and forty-five minute hole in my schedule.
i tried to stay in the room i was in to do some work but some group or club was using the room for some kind of meeting and they chased me out.
i went down to the library in the basement and set myself up at a table and took out my laptop computer to do some work.
i had a memo due the following day and i was still a hundred words over my word-limit.
i spent an hour and a half cutting my memo down to haiku then i went back upstairs to my Contracts classroom to hang out and wait for class to start.
i talked to an older guy who sits near me about Libertarianism.
the guy is new to our section this semester. he is supposed to be a Second Year but something went wrong with his family last year and he has to repeat Contracts or some shit.
we talk because we are both old dudes but, fuck, he is way older then i am in his late forties.
we chatted for a while about everything wrong with the state of the Libertarian party and how Gary Johnson really shat the bed on a golden opportunity to turn the party into something significant.
at a time of record dissatisfaction with both major party nominees Gary Johnson could have been a reasonable viable alternative. instead he hung around with his tongue hanging out of his mouth with no idea what Aleppo could be or human rights crisis going on therein.
goddammit, Gary! what the fuck is your problem!?!
for lunch i ate an apple and two oranges that i packed myself from home.
no free sandwiches or pizza could be found on campus on Thursday.

in Contracts we talked about when contracts are considered to be accepted.
as a general rule it is when an offer is made by one party, the other party accepts and informs the first party.
but, for the sake of convenience there is an exception, the mailbox rule.
when a second party accepts a contract, it goes into effect on the date that the second party sends off his notification to the first party.
that works for e-mails and other electronic communications, too.
it seems like a pretty easy, common sense rule and it felt silly to take up an entire Law School class on the subject.

ten minutes before the end of the day a girl who sits in front of me had a question about something.
she asked the question, i can't remember what it was, and i muttered an answer, more to myself then anything.
as the Professor was answering her question, the girl half turned at me, stuck her hand out at me and snapped “i asked him, not you!”
whoa! what the fuck!?! who talks to somebody like that?
this fucking girl is always talking in the middle of class, too, to everybody around her.
the one time i say something at her and she's gonna shut me down sticking her hand in my face!?!
who does that!?!
i was never friendly with this girl before but i had no reason to think we were enemies.
now i know.
this cunt's nasty disrespect immediately torpedoed my mood.
i had been having a pretty good day but that immediately went to shit and i spent the entire rest of the day hating the girl and planning to get back on her somehow.
i don't know when, i don't know how, but now i am obligated to do something to even the score.
i'm thinking of keying her car.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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