i've been really busy this entire election cycle and throughout the inauguration.
with our Great Adventure around the world and then my first semester in Law School, i just haven't had the time to engage in the national dialog and write polemics on public policy like i used to when all i did was fart around my apartment in Austin all day long.
but i would be remiss in my duty as a public intellectual [?] if i were to let Donald Trump be the President without lending my voice to the chorus of dissent that's been singing, hollering and screeching since 2015.
let me go ahead and get it on record: this Donald Trump guy is shaping up to be a problem.

there is a part of me that's been reluctant to be too hyperbolic about a Trump Administration.
as i sat there on election night, watching Trump's improbable victory unfold before the bleary and stupefied eyes of a nation in shock i shrugged to myself, more in statistical disbelief then any kind of personal heartbreak “humph! i wonder how this'll work out...”
i wasn't particularly invested in a Hillary Clinton Presidency so i didn't really have much to lose by it going the other way.
i really didn't feel the kind of shock and horror that Liberals and Democrats were experiencing, crying on national TV like a bunch of shameless pussies.
and for the past few weeks, while Liberals and Democrats have been bellowing about how this is The End Of The World, how Trump is Literally Hitler and that this is clearly the 3rd Reich Come To American Soil, i've remained largely nonplussed.
of course Trump's character throughout the campaign has concerned me.
not so much his specific policies [thought they are concerning, too] but his character.
Trump spent his entire campaign waiving all the red flags of a classic strongman.
like a kid who wets the bed and plays with matches, i did not want to leave Candidate Trump alone with my cat.
but even with all of those warning klaxons going off, i was still willing to give President-elect and then President Trump the benefit of the doubt.
or, to be more specific, the benefit of me being too busy with other shit going on in my life to pay him much attention.
it seems i no longer have that luxury.

President Trump's choices to run his cabinet department are a concern.
rather then an opportunity to “drain the swamp” Trump ceded half of his cabinet to Wall Street bankers.
he gave the Department of Housing and Urban Development to a neurosurgeon with no political experience who's only qualification is that he used to live in housing projects when he was a kid.
he nominated a Secretary of Education who has never gone to public school nor has she sent any of her children to public school and who doesn't think public education should exist.
and he picked Governor Rick Perry, Texas bimbo, for Secretary of Energy who on day one of his confirmation hearing didn't seem to have any idea that he would be the guy in charge of our nukes.
this is not to mention General Flynn who is everybody's belligerent uncle, trading in conspiracy theories he gets on FaceBook as National Security Adviser and as Senior Counselor Steve Bannon, a guy who's previous political experience was as web administrator for the Klan.
Maddog Mattis seems alright, though.

President Trump spent his first week in office firing off a slew of executive orders like he doesn't understand how checks and balances work.
Republicans used to shit their pants whenever President Obama tried to do anything by executive order but now that President Trump is doing it, nobody seems to have anything to say.
also in his first week in office, President Trump decided to get into a perplexing fight with the media about facts that are easily verifiable, the size of the crowd at inauguration.
he sent his Press Secretary out to read a statement to the White House Press Corps that came across like a low-level Nazi in a dystonia novel reading out the latest missive from the Ministry Of This Is The Way It Is.
when they had their bullshit called, President Trump's people said that they were electing to play by “alternative facts.”
the fact that this was said with a straight face is too Orwelian not to be concerning.
when Senior Counselor Steve Bannon came out a few days later to tell the press to “keep its mouth shut” that was the beginning of my sense that perhaps we really have traveled a bit too far down Strongman road.
and then Trump banned the Muslims.

i am no friend of Muslims.
unlike a lot of Liberals and Democrats and pussies, i am not shy about saying that Islam and its close cousin Radical Islamic Terrorism are an existential threat to Western Civilization.
but, you don't defeat Radical Islamic Terrorism by effecting blanket bans on immigration [even for green-card holders] for people coming into the U.S..
it has almost no practical effect on National Security, and it serves as a public relations shitshow.
an impotent publicity stunt for the base that will only alienate and offend people we really don't need to be alienating or offending.
not to mention the fact that it is just not Constitutional.
by explicitly opting to allow Christians from certain countries into the country but not Muslims, President Trump has set up a religious test, which is expressly forbidden by the First Amendment and Article VI, Section III
you don't even have to read through any of the other Amendments to get to it. it's right there at the top.
they don't make Constitutional Law any easier then this.

while the world lost its shit on President Trump's second Saturday in office, protesting the Muslim ban in airports across the country the thing that sticks in my craw the most is President Trump's comfort and coziness with Putin.
Putin is an autocrat and a thug and what i find most alarming is that when President Trump looks at him he doesn't see an villain, he sees a template.
as much as i try not to get carried away, as much as i try not to sink into hyperbole, it is becoming harder and harder every day to not look at President Trump and see a strongman, the likes of which the United States have never seen.
in a situation like this, Bill Maher will have to serve as our cannery in a coalmine.
if one Friday evening you turn on your HBO and find Bill Maher is no longer on the air, or if there is a news report that he's died from a cocaine overdose, or he's been arrested for smothering a hooker with a pillow, that will be your signal that President Trump isn't pussyfooting around anymore.
grab your guns and as much water as you can carry and run for the fucking hills.

a lot of the country is all worked up about the threat of President Trump.
for two Saturdays in a row now, every Saturday he's been in office, the People of America have been in the streets making their distaste for his administration heard.
and that's great and godspeed to those hundreds of thousands of people, but i feel like if people really want to throw an elbow to the President and an agenda that borders on evil, they are going to need a tactic better then wearing crochet hats and carrying signs and chanting.
that kind of shit is good for an afternoon out in the sunshine, dissident picnic, but if you really want to slow down the Trump machine, you've got to hit the man where it hurts.
i recommend a campaign of vigorous agit-prop.
whatever the President says, whatever the President does, the reply ought to be 'Donald Trump Has Never Brought A Woman To Orgasm.'
it should be bumper stickers, hashtags, t-shirts, graffiti in the streets.
protesters should paint it on their signs, Congressman should repeat it on the House floor, skywriters should paint it in cursive across the D.C. skies.
Donald Trump Has Never Brought A Woman To Orgasm.
get President Trump so wound up, so irate, sputtering with defensive bluster and braggadocio for the next four years that he won't have the time to ruin the country any more then he has.
that's how you fight a strongman like Donald Trump. that is the call of the Resistance.
Donald Trump has Never Brought A Woman To Orgasm.
say it loud and say it often.

//[an irato ad astra]

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