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( 2 Feb 2017 04:38 pm)
the PSE had big plans to get rich in the month of February selling her body to science.
but, like they say, the best-laid plans of girls and lab-rats, oft go awry

the PSE spent most of December and the first part of January fishing for a Study to get herself into.
she would wake up every morning and check the websites of both the Austin and Dallas Drug Studies but problems with her scheduled and her gender and the fact that she has not yet hit menopause yet have made her largely ineligible for the clinical trials going down.
Drug Studies strongly disfavor women of reproductive capability.
in the middle of January the PSE got herself lined up for not one but two Drug Studies, one in Dallas and one in Austin.
the one in Dallas would be an eight-day in-patient with two outpatient visits for $3,200.
the one in Austin would involve an in-patient stay of twenty-five days, no out-patients for $7,500.
the PSE was really hoping to catch the Austin Drug Study, though, that would be a long time for her to be away from me.
the Monster would lose her shit having to be home alone all day while i'm at Law School and i would find it both lonely and inconvenient.
i rely on the PSE for so much, like feeding me and making sure we have supplies.
it doesn't really matter, though, because the PSE didn't end up getting either one.

the PSE went to go screen for the Dallas Drug Study first.
she went down, went through the process, gave samples of all of her body fluids, got measured and signed away all of her legal rights in an informed consent.
several days later they called her back to say that there was something weird with her blood sample.
it was clotting too much, or not enough, maybe?
the PSE had to drive all the way back to Dallas, a half-hour away, and give another sample.
that sample seemed to be fine and they called the PSE to say she was cleared for check-in.
but, at her screening the PSE was told that they were only looking for four people and they had already had several screening groups ahead of her.
the way Drug Studies work, if they're looking for four lab-rats they'll cast a net for seven or eight, so that they have back-ups to dose if somebody's blood chemistry is off on the morning drugs are handed out.
if there is nothing wrong with the rats selected to be dosed, the back-ups get sent home with a check for $75, their time pretty much wasted.
Drug Studies never tell you if you're on the roll to get dosed or be a lab rat, but it's first-come-first-drugged and the PSE was too down in the weeds to be comfortable.
the PSE would have gone down to sign in for the study, to roll the dice and take a chance, but the Austin Drug Study intervened, offering the PSE a screening date for the $7,500 study at the same date and time the PSE was supposed to check in in Dallas.
the PSE decided that since the odds did not look good for her in Dallas, she would blow them off and drive down to take a chance on Austin.

it's a three and a half hour drive each way from Fort Worth to Austin.
but, Austin is where the big Drug Study is with all the big money studies.
on the day the PSE was supposed to screen down in Austin she woke up at 5:30am and set off on her trek south.
the PSE got to the Austin Drug Study around 9:00am, an hour before her scheduled check-in time at 10:00am.
the way the Austin Drug Study works, Lab Rats are called back to their screenings based on the time they check in for their appointment on a row of kiosks in the lobby.
for Studies where the competition is tight, people will queue up at these kiosks up to an hour before check-in time, jockeying for position.
the PSE got herself first in line at a kiosk and, as soon as the window for check-in happened the PSE got on that shit with a fastest-finger draw.
the PSE was rewarded by having her receipt print out first but yet, at 10:00am when they started calling Lab Rats back for screening, the PSE's name was called third.
what the fuck gives!?! this shit is rigged!!!
being third in line for a Drug Study is normally a pretty safe position but this Study was only taking four people and would only be dosing one.
the other three would be back-ups and would be dismissed with their $75 and a firm “fuck you!” after the one Lab Rat gets her experimental pharmaceuticals.
the PSE didn't know that they were only looking for one Lab Rat before she schlepped all the way down to Austin.
if she had known, she never would have made the trip, which is why Drug Studies don't give out that kind of information over the phone.
the other girls that the PSE was screening for this study with were also from out of town, one from El Paso and another from, like Kansas City or some shit.
there was a lot of hard luck in this one.

several days after the PSE screened for the unknown long-shot at the Austin Drug Study they called her back to say there was something amiss with her urine sample.
it had bacteria or something in it.
the PSE has a dirty pussy.
i am kinda glad that the PSE didn't get that one, twenty-five days away from me is a long time.
though, goddamn, we really could have used that money.

the PSE found herself from having two prospects for catching a Study to none.
back to the grindstone.
the PSE resumed her dogged research, checking the Drug Study websites every morning, waiting for new studies to drop that are accepting females who can still reproduce.
just this morning the PSE found one at the Dallas Drug Study for $6,200.
it would involve four in-patient visits of varying lengths, though, none of them for longer then a week.
the Study would stretch out until early May which would prevent her from doing any other Studies in Dallas until at least June, maybe later, which is logistically obnoxious but at this point, the PSE'll take whatever she can get.
she goes down to screen on the 8th.
wish us luck. we really need a payday already.
we're running on fumes.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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