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( 6 Feb 2017 11:45 am)
Tuesday was a full day at Law School; Property, Legal Writing II, Academic Support and Contracts.
in Property from 8:30 to 10:20am we talked about vestment.
how different parties can come to be invested with a property interest.
you can have fee simple absolute, where you get the maximum amount of property rights possible.
you can have a life estate where you get the right to live in some property but then after you die, ownership determination is made out of your hands.
you can have a contingent interest in either fee simple or a life estate where you have either absolute property rights or a life estate unless something happens to divest you of it.
there are different sub-divisions of that, determinable, condition subsequent and executory limitation.
these are all defeasable limitations.
a determinable interest is where somebody has a property interest until and unless some other thing happens, then they automatically lose that property interest.
a condition subsequent interest is basically the same deal, only somebody has to notice that some thing has happened and then take a positive action to revoke the property rights of the party.
an exicutory limitation is the same as above, only a third party is responsible for policing the actions of the conditional owner.
make sense? yeah, i didn't think so.

after Property the rest of my class left to go off and hang around campus for several hours doing whatever they do between classes while some kids from a different section came into the room for Legal Writing II with me from 10:30 to 11:45am.
we started the day, like we've been doing lately, playing Citation Jeopardy.
we get into four groups of four and have to answer questions about how to do different legal citations.
i am next to useless at this and barely make any effort to do the problems we are presented with.
fortunately two of my other three teammates are competent with this shit and we are either leading the class or tied for the lead.
after a few rounds of Citation Jeopardy, we spent the rest of class doing other citation-related activities, learning how to cite secondary sources in appropriate legal format.
again, i largely glossed over.
when the time comes at the semester to take a Citation Exam, i plan on just taking the hit.
i can't be arsed with this shit.

at noon i had Academic Support.
Academic Support is a bit of a joke because, what the fuck, why are we doing this, and in the second semester, it seems, there is a trend of people not bothering to show up.
we have to show up, i think, there is a sign-in roster, but still over the past month, i have never seen more then half of my group attend on any given day.
to try and entice us to show up, the Dean of Academic Support increased the budget for free lunch.
this time there was pizza from Pappa John's.
i went and got myself two slices of sausage and spent the next twenty minutes picking all the cheese off of the pizza and all the sausage out of the cheese, then recombining pizza and sausage and eating sans cheese.
i've said it before but watching me eat a pizza is like watching an abortion being preformed.
yet i do it, in public, because i lack shame.
what am i gonna do, not eat a free lunch?
the Academic Support T.A.s had some kind of activity for us to do, determining whether something was a contract or not, but i can't really recall what the point was.
there was plenty of pizza left over, though, so i went and got myself another two slices of sausage.
then, at the end of the hour, i grabbed five slices of plain to take home for the PSE and i to share for dinner.

Academic Support is the time i have to gossip with my classmates.
in most classes i sit off by myself because nobody sits near me because i am an unlikable weirdo, i guess, but Academic Support is a small group in a small room and these motherfuckers can't avoid me.
one of my Academic Support classmates mentioned something about Bob, another fellow in our group and it turns out that the previous week he had dropped out of school
well shit!
before this our section, Section One, was the only section that didn't have any casualties. now it seems we lost one of our own.
Bob survived the first semester, i saw him around for the first few weeks of second semester, but i guess he just wasn't enjoying himself and decided to say “fuck it!”
which is a shame, i liked Bob.
he enjoyed hunting and took Christianity pretty seriously but you meet all kinds in college and at Texas A&M, a big Atheist liberal pussy like me can't afford to be choosy.
he was a nice, warm, approachable guy and i enjoyed chit-chatting with him whenever we found ourselves in the same vicinity.
also, with Bob and the other first-semester failures not around, that means the curve will be that much tighter in semester two, and i am way too close to the leftward tail for my comfort.

when i asked my classmates how they knew Bob had bailed out of school they told me that he issued a formal goodbye over GroupMe.
GroupMe is a thing kids do on their phones, apparently, where everybody can text message at each other simultaneously.
one of my classmates said “you don't have an I-Phone, do you?” and when i told her i did, that i'm a fucking person living in the world just like everybody else, she said “oh, okay, i'll add you, then.”
so she took my phone number and told me to download an app which i did later that day.
i spent about an hour that night scrolling through a backlog of my classmate's chatter from all the way back to our first week of Law School.
i checked to see how many times they talked about me.
four, but it wasn't anything mean.

in Contracts from 1:30 to 3:20 we talked about consideration.
a contract is not considered valid until and unless consideration has been exchanged.
consideration can be monies paid, goods and/or services exchanged.
some kind of detriment to one party or a benefit to another.
without the figurative letting of blood, a contract is just an empty promise to do something and the law doesn't bother to value it.
we talked about a case where some private firefighters sued the Forestry Service for not hiring them to put out fires in the Pacific Northwest even though they had a contract that said they would.
it turned out that the contract said “we might hire you if we want to, and you can provide services if you are inclined” and that's not a contract at all, just a statement of some things that could happen.
we also talked about a case where a guy entered into a contract to give some stuff to his wife [not in a will, through some other mechanism] in exchange for previous years worth of love and affection but love and affection aren't really worth dick in the eyes of the law.
finally we did a case where a township contracted with some of its municipal sub-units to provide basic governmental services like police and fire and EMTs in exchange for receiving a chunk of taxes but, the township was already required to provide those things on account of being a government and you can't contract for things you are already obligated to do by law.

out of school for the day, on my way back to the TITSwagon in the parking lot, i ran into a lady security guard who i always see around.
we exchanged pleasantries and she asked me “where's your hair!?! your little stick!?!”
she was referring to the single tube of dredlocked that i wore in my hair that sometimes, when i wore my hair up because it was greasy, would stick straight up from my head like a Teletubby.
i told her that i'm in Law School now and i've got to start looking more professional.
though, i'll concede, it's a slow, slow, slow process.
“so no bee outfit, then?” she answered, referring to this past Halloween when i was the only idiot to wear a costume to law school.
the lady security guard's got jokes.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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