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( 7 Feb 2017 05:32 pm)
Thursday was another full day at Law School.
first thing, in Property we continued to talk about all the different ways property can be held and the complications they bring.
we talked about having a remainder interest in property, that is, an owner retains some rights to property that, under certain circumstances, can default back to the original owner.
we talked about leaving property “to [some dude] and his heirs...” and how that doesn't mean “to his heirs” at all, it just means “in fee simple” and that the dude's heirs really don't have anything to do with it.
as opposed to just saying “to [some dude]” which is taken to mean a life estate, and, after the death of the dude, the property reverts to the original owner.
we talked about how for a court to give presumption of a valid transfer of real property, there should be an assumption of a transfer of fee simple absolute ownership.
not necessarily to one person, it could be fee simple ownership divided among st several parties, but it should all add up that the original owner got rid of all of his property rights.
the Professor, the Dean of the Law School uses a big bundle of sticks to help conceptualized all the different rights that come with property ownership and it is a nice visual when he breaks them up.

in Legal Writing II we started class by playing some more citation Jeopardy.
we got into our assigned groups of four and tried to write legal citations for various things.
mostly i just stood around watching the rest of my group work.
i don't have any idea how legal citations work and i don't have the time to begin to start figuring it out now.
after Citation Jeopardy the Professor pout a big picture of me on the board because in a previous class i was giving him shit about the tight word limit he imposed on us for our first memo of the semester.
we had to write a memo about the enforcibility of a liquidated damages clause in a contract in six hundred words, citations included, and how the fuck are we going to do that?
“we might as well be working in haiku” i said, to be funny.
well, fuck me, the Professor decided to take me up on the challenge and told the class that, if they wanted, they could submit a haiku on the enforcibility of a liquidated damages clause for some kind of prize.
and so, for the rest of class, while the rest of my peers were dicking around with more citation bullshit, i composed a haiku on liquidated damages:
be reasonable
proportion to loss a must
foresight required.
i thought it appropriately summarized the legal principal of the Uniform Commercial Code § 2-718(1) while still having an artful quality to it but, later in the evening the Professor e-mailed the class to say that he had received several submissions, both from our section and another section he teaches, and, after allowing both classes to vote for their favorites, there was a winner who was not me.
the winner was a girl named Megan who likes to be funny. she won a $5 Starbucks gift card.

after Legal Writing i had an hour and forty-five minutes to kill until my next class.
the PSE would have liked to come down with the Monster and have a picnic lunch, it was a beautiful day out, but i had a buttload of work to do, so i went down to the library in the basement and got started.
the PSE had packed me an egg salad sandwich for lunch.
i was a little self conscious that when i opened my custom lunch bag it would smell like farts but the library is a big enough open space that i don't think anybody noticed.
i ate my sandwich then set myself to work doing a citation exercise on the Interactive Citation Workbook on the internet citing secondary sources.
motherfucker, i don't know how to cite secondary sources.
the Professor didn't teach this stuff, we're just expected to look it up in the Bluebook and figure it out ourselves.
but the Bluebook is a fucking brick for all it's good for and i had a hell of a time puzzling each question out.
normally what i'll do is i'll take a wild guess on the first attempt and then the machine will give me two more guesses which are normally sufficient to work out what my problem is.
after several failed attempts, three strikes and i'm out, i decided i could not do this on my own.
i e-mailed my Legal Writing T.A., who happened to be working a shift in the library, and i went over to her to help me figure out how to do the remaining questions.
there were fifteen and we are required to get at least a 70% for each exercise which was 11 questions answered correctly.
with the T.A.'s help, i just barely made it.
and by “help” i mean she mostly did them for me.
i will make a point to bring the girl an orange next week in appreciation for her services.

in Contracts at 1:30 we continued talking about issues of consideration in forming contracts.
we talked about promises to pay for prior services rendered and how that does not a contract make.
if somebody does something for you, and then you offer to pay them for their trouble after they've completed it, that is not a contract because what they did for you was voluntary and your promise is effectively worthless.
we also talked about gifts and conditional gifts, neither of which are considered to be contracts.
we talked about Williston's Tramp, which is a parable some lawyer named Williston made up about a guy who offers a tramp a coat if the bum will just go around the corner to pick it up from his shop.
that's not a contract. the tramp can take it or not and offers nothing in exchange.
however, if a guy offers a tramp a coat in exchange for the tramp moving on from in front of a store, or otherwise desisting from some other unwelcome tramp activity, that's a contract, something bargained for and a consideration made by either side.
the Professor had to explain that in this case, a tramp was an old-time word for a bum or a hobo, not a whore.

when class got out i gathered my belongings and went down to go see my Legal Writing II Professor.
he sent me an e-mail at some point to say that he was concerned that i might not be on the right track for another memo we had to write that's due next week but it turned out he was mistaken, i found the statute i was supposed to have found.
this isn't to say that i won't shit the bed on the memo entirely, but i at least know the topic of what i might shit the bed on.

on the way down to the Professor's office, i made the mistake of walking past the elevator bank where i found a cheerful girl and some other dude i've never seen before sitting at a table trying to get people to sign up for some big charity event Texas A&M puts on every year.
“wanna come and volunteer for four hours next Saturday morning at 8:00am?”
fuck no i don't, but this sweet, cheerful girl sits next to me in Legal Writing II and she is the one i talk to the most in that class and how do i tell her, no, i'd rather sleep in?
it was an awkward dance of me taking a copy of the sign-up sheet and telling her “yeah, i'll bring this back to you...” and her telling me “you can just fill it out right here!” because it's really just my name and that's it, but i told her “i'll bring it back to you” then ran away as fast as i could.
goddamnit, motherfucker, why do you have to go and make me feel bad for not wanting to engage in selfless service?
isn't it my right to be a selfish shit in peace?

down in my Professor's office we cleared up his question about my researching strategy then he asked me about my briefcase.
my briefcase that the PSE made for me a few weeks ago, black canvas on the outside, my face and TITS patterned on the inside.
i get at least one comment on my bag every week, sometimes more.
my Professor asked, awkwardly “i see you with your face and TITS on all of your stuff, what's the deal with that?”
“it's kinda self-explanatory, innit...” i told him, then picked up a Milkey Way from a bowl on his desk and strutted out the door, home.

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