on Friday at Law School we had Property from 8:30 to 10:30am and Professional Identity II from 1:00 to 2:00pm.
because our Property professor is the Dean of the Law School and the schedule for Property is Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, whenever the Dean wants to turn up.
because we had a week with only one class a few weeks ago, we had to have class three times this week to make up for it.
which is super-obnoxious, but because we kinda got stuck in a rut on a particularly-difficult topic, our reading caseload slowed down to a crawl, which was convenient.
also because the people in charge of creating the schedule for the semester don't give a piss about the interests of the students, whether or not they want to hang around campus all day for nothing.
most of my classmates do this anyway, the library down in the basement swarms with kids at all hours when they're not in class, but, that's not me.

in Property we finally got around the the Rule Against Perpetuities which the Dean had been hyping for weeks saying it was the Hardest Thing We Would Ever Do In Law School.
there is an entire sub-genre of legal scholarship about what a motherfucker the Rule Against Perpetuities is and the California Supreme Court decided that it is not malpractice if an attorney fucks up a will or a trust on the Rule Against Perpetuities because it's so damned hard, anyway.
so, even though California attorneys aren't expected to be competent with this shit, they're giving it to us on our second semester in Law School, to separate the wheat from the chaff, i guess.

the Rule Against Perpetuities, as the name implies, is that a will or a trust or whatever is not valid if the property it is attempting to convey does not vest within twenty-one years after it comes into effect.
if i have a will and i die and i leave all my property to my kid, my kid must receive legal ownership within twenty-one years.
so, if my will says “i leave my stuff to my kid when they turn twenty-five,” and i die when my kid is just one, the kid will not inherit my stuff within the time frame and the bequeathment is invalid.
which seems easy enough but this becomes way more complicated because any abstract thing that can happen, however improbable, is presumed by the court to happen.
the big three that this entails are the Fertile Octogenarian, the Unborn Widow and the Lazy Executor.
if you leave your stuff to “my children” and you're eighty years old, it is invalid because the court can assume that you still might have more kids, even though you're old as shit and have no intention to do so.
the thing to do is specify the beneficiaries by name and if you have more kids somehow when you're eighty, tough titties on them.
similarly, with the Unborn Widow, if you leave all of your stuff to your kid and to their kids thereafter, the bequeathment is invalid because it is theoretically possible that your kid could remarry somebody that hasn't been born yet?
or, i don't know, maybe that's all wrong?
this stuff is pretty obnoxious and deep down in the weeds.
i spent a lot of time zoning out.

when class got out i went down to the library in the basement and set up shop at a table.
my plan was to spend the two and a half hours between Property and Professional Identity II writing LiveJournals for the week ahead.
i had at least four to crank out, maybe more.
i like to get as many LiveJournals done in advance as possible because i spend most of the rest of my week working on school work [see tomorrow's post.]
i didn't get more then a half an entry done, however, before being hungry and cranky got the best of me and i decided to drive home for a while.
also, the PSE had a doctor's appointment at 11:00am and the Monster was home alone.
the Monster has gotten better about being left home alone lately, she hasn't torn anything up or broken anything or peed on anything in several weeks, but i wanted to get back to my little special needs friend to ameliorate her condition.
i got back to the apartment and found the Monster panting exuberantly but other then that, she [and the apartment around her] were in fine shape.
i made myself some pretzels in the toaster oven for lunch and watched an episode of my program for an hour until it was time to drive back to school.

in Professional Identity II the entire class of First Years gathered in the assembly hall.
i sat by myself like i almost always do. most other people sit with their friends, but i don't have friends.
a few minutes before 1:00 our Professor started class by introducing a guest speaker, a former FBI field agent who is now a professional speaker for hire.
he wasn't there to talk about FBI stuff or anything cool like that, he was there to talk to us about how to give an elevator speech.
an elevator speech is a short thirty to ninety second pitch about who you are and what you do and why other people should take an interest in you.
somehow, this G-Man stretched that into an hour's waste of our time because that was what he gets paid to do.
his talk included a video clip of the Seinfeld episode The Close Talker to illustrate the point not to invade other people's body space, and two video clips from an instructional video made by an organization called Executive Presence Training, the first on business card etiquette and the second on how handshakes work.
no lie. this is what i am learning in graduate school.
personally, i am a fan of the two-handed handshake, “the politician,” but apparently that shit is not cool.
i guess i did learn something after all.

our assignment at the end of class was to write and rehearse an elevator speech of our own to give to our small-group classes the following week.
i hate this shit.
of all my problems, and i have several, a suborn refusal to “put myself out there” might be my biggest.
my personal sales pitch is something to the effect of “motherfucker, deal with me or not. it's your call.”
which is why i don't have any friends.
or, at least one of the reasons.

two days later, our Professor sent off a cunty e-mail saying that he was “professionally embarrassed” because a good amount of the assembled class was playing on their phones and/or computers during the G-Man's pointless presentation.
and, now, sure, i'm old and i taught a little bit of school so i hate people playing on their phones while other people are supposed to be talking as much as any non-millennial but for this, Professor, what the fuck do you expect?

//[ab irato ad astra]

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