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( 9 Feb 2017 07:39 pm)
Law School is hard work.
most of the time that i have when i'm not in school i'm working on school work.
i will sit in my office which is my closet work work work work working for hours and hours and hours and hours on end on all kinds of shit for school.
it's been especially difficult lately because for most of the past two weeks, it's been, like sixty, seventy degrees out.
all i want to do is go outside and hang out with the Monster and the PSE, but i'm stuck in my closet working on school work, resenting this shitty deal i've gotten myself into.
this past week brought the following:

for Property we are required to do two Case Files per class.
a Case File is a make-pretend set of circumstances, a make-pretend client with a make-pretend problem and then four or six or eight precedent cases to read and synthesize and try to make something out of.
these Case Files aren't something we turn in. our job is to be able to discuss each of the precedent cases competently and/or propose possible solution to the problem if we are called on my our Professor.
it takes me maybe an hour and a half to do each case file.*

also for Property, we have to write summaries and memos for different Case Files.
after we've gone over a Case File in class, the Professor's secretary [because our Professor is the Dean and he is too busy to do this shit himself] will e-mail a list of kids in the class who have been assigned to write either an informal summary of what the Case File was all about, or a more formal 'office memo' which is a thing they teach us to do in Legal Writing.
we have to write two of these legal memos over the course of the semester and sixteen summaries.
but, with both the memos and the summaries, we get randomly assigned to another classmate to do them in pairs.
i was one of the lucky ducks to have my name put down to write a memo after the first week of class.
me and the other kids who had been assigned to write a memo were up in arms, we had no idea what the fuck was expected of us and when we asked the Dean just told us to “get it done.”
i was assigned to write this memo with a girl i know from my Academic Support class.
i've chatted with her a bit, but i don't know her really well.
i went and found the girl after class one day while she was getting coffee in the student lounge and said “so, uh... i'm not really a collaborative kind of guy...”
i see some of these other pairs meeting up down in the library and wasting all their time working together like well-socialized adults.
the girl agreed that working with other people was lame [or maybe just working with me was lame] and that we should split the task.
i agreed to take the first several sections of a formal memo [which are easier, i think] and she agreed to finish up.
so, i went home and spent several hours* working on my share of the sections of the memo then fired it off to this girl.
we had a week to complete the project and i wanted to give her plenty of time to pull her weight.
several days passed and she still didn't get it done.
finally, a day before the due date i caught her in class and asked her what the fuck was up.
i could have offered to help her, to do more then my fair share, but i didn't. i have other shit to worry about.
the girl got it uploaded eventually, three hours past the due date. i hope that's not a problem.

we upload our Property work to a website online to a public forum that's visible to everybody in class.
a week or so after we uploaded our paper, talking to another one of my classmates in casual conversation about how fucking gay this business is, she mentioned “yeah, i went through and read you guys' memo...”
she said it casually, like that's not a weird thing to do at all.
it is a weird thing to do, though, isn't it? mind your own business.

no sooner had my memo-writing partner uploaded our first memo did another e-mail come down the pike from the Dean's secretary assigning another batch of summaries and memos.
this time i was assigned one of my sixteen summaries with a different girl i am friendly with but don't know very well.
this time i sent the girl an e-mail suggesting we split the work down the middle but when she didn't reply after a few hours, i just went ahead and did ninety percent of the assignment myself.
i sent it to her a few hours* later and she replied via e-mail the following day saying i'd done more then enough.
a few days later she sent another e-mail to ask if i wanted to review her work.
fuck no i don't! the last thing i need is more shit on my to-do list. turn that shit in when you think it's good to go.

but that's not all that Property class demands of us.
the Dean also wants to to participate on an online class discussion message board.
our class of forty kids is divided up into groups of maybe five people and we are expected to carry on a conversation with each other “two to three times per week” it says in the syllabus.
as if that's not obnoxious enough, my group is made up of idiots who either don't know about the message board requirement or don't care.
so far it's just been me and one other dude posting on the thing and but we're not even saying anything to each other because we're talking on two different levels.
i never though bullshitting on the internet would be such a difficult [i've got so much practice] but this is really proving to be a big pain in my ass.
i spend maybe between ten and twenty minutes each time i have to make a post, twice a week.

for Legal Writing II we had not one but two memos to write.
last semester we wrote three memos the entire term. this semester, they're really cranked up the pace.
the first memo was an e-mail memo, 700 words.
which sounds short and easy-peasy, but you try to explain the doctrine of liquidated damages in 700 words.
i spent a full day on the project plucking out words, pruning the thing to read like a haiku.
that took me maybe nine hours total*
then, no sooner had i turned that in did our Professor assign us another memo, a proper, full-sized memo, 3,000 words, on commercial impracticability.
commercial impracticability, i had to learn, is a doctrine where one party can be excused from a contract if circumstances unforeseeable at the time of contracting, render performance impractical.
a change in financial outcomes alone are not enough, however.
writing that second memo took up another fifteen hours worth of my time*.

in Contracts we have to do one “unit” per class.
“units” are subdivisions out of the book the professor write that deal with a particular topic.
for the past two weeks the units have been “Consideration in Contracts” “Problems with Consideration” “Promissory Estoppel” and “The Uniform Commercial Code.”
each unit has between four and eight precedent cases to read and brief and each case has two or three “questions for review” to answer.
at the end of each unit are between two and four problems to apply what we've just learned to hypothetical scenarios.
our Professor doesn't collect our case briefs but he'll call on us to answer questions about the cases at random and it is expected you can discuss them intelligently.
our Professor also doesn't collect our answers to the Questions For Review or Problems at the end of the Unit, except sometimes he does.
it takes me maybe an hour and a half, two hours* to do each Unit.

*when i say it took me X amount of time to do some assignment, that is factoring in fuck-around time.
for ever ten minutes in put into doing some damned assignment, figure there is another fifteen or twenty goofing off on the 4Chan, or going to engage with the PSE or lay on the ground with the Monster.
i have the study habits of a Labradoodle in a park full of squirrels.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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