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( 11 Feb 2017 01:21 pm)
i got a call from my old friend Melissa a few weeks ago. her news is as follows:
lately Melissa has been hanging out with some dude that she met in her capacity as a gas station attendant.
the guy came in one day to pump himself some gas and decided to get sweet on Melissa, somehow.
i told Melissa that after she had her child she would be a ruined woman and no man would have her, but i guess i grossly underestimated man's ability to overlook a woman's glaring, pungent flaws when they are trying to ameliorate their own loneliness.
anyways, this poor sack would come into the gas station where Melissa works more and more frequently, eventually bringing her lunch and after doing that for long enough the two just found themselves dating.
the guy is forty one, a fireman and White.
i say that because Melissa's wide-hipped body type and indeterminate racial composition often attracts Black dudes.
Melissa likes her new man-friend very much and even though they've onlky been dating since October, she is already imagining the man marrying her.
it is not just men who will overlook all things in the service of love. women are just as guilty.
because of course there is something screwy with this fellow.
two things, at least.

#1) in the not-even four months that Melissa has been keeping company with her new boyfriend he has given her over $6,000 worth of cash money, goods and services.
more then that if you count taking her out to dinners and getting presents for her and her child at Christmas time.
and, as of our telephone call, the guy just went out and bought a $10,000 used car that he intends to transfer to Melissa's name.
#2) Melissa hasn't had sex with her new boyfriend yet. they haven't even gotten to second base.
the guy has kissed Melissa on the lips not more then twice, and i don't even think tongues were involved.
Melissa says the guy wants to take it slow.
he has had girlfriends before but he's “been hurt” whatever the fuck that means.
#2B) Melissa is not the kind of gal who like to take it slow and when i asked her when the last time she got fucked was, she said it was the week before, from some deadbeat she knows.
but Melissa didn't want to go into too much detail about that because when we spoke she was at her cuckold boyfriend's house, doing her laundry while he was out earning a living fighting fires.

what the fucking fuck could be going on with Melissa's new boyfriend?
why the fuck would he be investing so much money and time and energy into hanging out with Melissa of all people.
i'm her best friend and i can't even stand her for fuck's sake.
he's got to be getting something out of the deal and if it isn't sex and it sure as shit isn't good conversation, what could it be?
the only logical explanation i could think of is that he's got to be molesting little Sophia Isabella, Melissa's daughter.
what other reason could there be?
my advice to Melissa, child molestation or not, was to get a ring on this fatted calf as soon as possible.
if she's found a sucker who, against all logic and reason, wants to spend his time with her and take care of her and her bastard child then, shit, old friend, you hold on to that like your life depends on it.

The Gibbler:
the PSE talked to her old friend The Gibbler several days ago.
the Gibbler is the only friend the PSE had back when she lived in Reno, though, they were never exceptionally close and they grew about as far apart as two people can get.
the Gibbler started dating a deadbeat Mexican, went to barber college, got pregnant with a deadbeat Mexican's baby and now, ten years later, finds her life in predictable ruin.
her deadbeat baby daddy cheats on her regularly. he doesn't even bother to mask his trail, leaving text messages of shame laying around on his phone.
the Gibbler can't even leave him because he pays the rent on their house and Gibbler doesn't have a dime to her name.
the PSE asked her how the fuck she doesn't have any money, how does that even happen, but the Gibbler didn't have any excuse.
the Gibbler must be working hard to be this poor.

the Gibbler's day begins before 6:00am when she wakes up early to make breakfast for her son and unfaithful husband before he goes off to his job at Jiffy Lube.
the Gibbler packs her kid off to school then goes to hang around at a beauty salon all day but she never gets any customers because people aren't paying for haircuts anymore.
but customers or no, the Gibbler has to pay $400 a month to the people in charge of the beauty salon so she's running a net negative.
most days the Gibbler just hangs around the empty salon all day, posting dumb bullshit to her FaceBook page.
the best the PSE could find was a link to a video of Michael Jackson performing Black or White at a Superbowl twenty years ago.
the Gibbler said that the song's message made her cry and what we need right now in the age of Trump is more love and acceptance.
says the antisemitic pederast.
Gibbler is always posting dumb bullshit about how no country is better then another and no religion is better then another and how we all have something to learn from each other.
but motherfucker, you've never left Reno. go spend some time in the Muslim world and then come talk that shit.
when the Gibbler gets out of work she has to go pick up her son because he is nine years old and can't be left home alone, somehow.
what the fuck kind of retarded kid do you have that can't be left home alone at nine? he's got to be torturing the cat, right?
then the Gibbler will make dinner and have to sit through several hours of her deadbeat Mexican boyfriend and his idiot friends having band practice.
not just one band, no less then three.
it's a fucking racket for four or five hours every night.
then the Gibbler will smoke a bunch of weed, get into bed and have to lay there while her deadbeat Mexican boyfriend fucks her.
they have sex every night, on demand, for the past twelve years, whether the Gibbler is up for it or not.
she'll fall asleep eventually, but the morning always comes, bring the same old misery all over again.

listening to the PSE tell me about her old friend the Gibbler's life filled me with a great big feeling of schadenfreude.
i love it when people's idiot life decisions come back to bite them in the ass.
i expected the PSE to be wallowing in the schadenfreude too but she is way past that.
talking to the Gibbler just made the PSE feel a great big weight of sadness.
that's some shit when your life is so bad your friends can't even take joy in it.
pity is the worst form of insult.

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