on Tuesday, 8:30am, Law School started with Property.
we talked about the Rule Against Perpetuities some more.
the Rule Against Perpetuities is a rule that says the transfer of real property has to vest within twenty-one years after the death of a “life in being” at the execution of the transfer.
it's not a difficult concept in the abstract but when you get down to the weeds of detail, it can get fairly shitty.
this is the third or fourth class we've spent on the subject, pushing us at least two classes behind the tentative schedule.
the Rule Against Perpetuities is an obnoxious concept to work with but, goddammit, at this point everybody's gotten as much of it as they're ever going to get.
our Professor who is the Dean says the Bar Exam only really has one question on the Rule Against perpetuities and we can pass perfectly fine even bollixing it up, so, i'm not really all that sure why he's hitting this subject so hard.
the class doesn't mind, though, because the longer we take talking over the Rule Against perpetuities, the more we can dally with our readings and Case Files complete, not having to worry about any more homework during a week where we have a big memo due in Legal Writing.
we're all just running out the clock.

at 10:30am we started Legal Writing II with a round of Citation Jeopardy.
my team of four of my classmates might very well have won, i have no idea.
i just zone out while the other kids work. i can't be arsed about low legal citations work.
we spent the rest of the seventy-five minute class talking about a memo that was due the following Sunday at 10:00pm.
the Professor mostly just told us a bunch of nit-picky details about how he prefers his legal writing.
commas go here, but never there.
that's basically all Legal Writing is, niggling details.
i jotted down a few specifics, but i never actually referred to them when it was time to do my memo.

at noon on Tuesdays we normally have Academic Support but because of reasons, our Professional Identity Professor wanted to hijack the hour to make all of us First Years, and any Second and Third Years who wanted, gather in the Assembly Hall to listen to a presentation by an old lawyer who has made a specialty out of defending other lawyers in professional conduct hearings.
he presentation was “11 Ways To Lose Your License” but he spent the first forty minutes of his allotted hour talking about himself.
he is seventy years old, runs two marathons a year and only eats between 5:00 and 10:00pm.
i don't know why we needed to be gathered to hear all this.
also, his Texas accent was so thick, every time he said “lawyer” it came out wheezy like “warrior”
i think the old man wasn't expecting a mandatory crowd and found himself having to vamp.
when he finally got down to his presentation, most of what he had to say came down to “put your clients money in a trust and pay yourself from it periodically” and “document everything.”
okay, thanks old man!

like almost every time we are summoned to a group presentation, the Law School paid us off with free food.
for whatever else Law School is worth, i've enjoyed more free lunches then i ever expected.
i was disappointed to find that the offering was Freebirds, which is a fast food Mexican chain.
i was disappointed because all three of the options offered, steak, chicken or veggie burrito, all came with melted cheese, and, as regular TITS fans should know, i do not fuck with melted cheese.
i said as much to a girl in queue behind me at the food table after she expressed her love of cheese to the line at large.
“i can't stand the stuff!” i told her, “you should see me eat pizza, it's a horror show.”
“i know” she told me, with more shame in her voice then i am comfortable with, “i've seen it.”
i get my hands in the pizza and peel the cheese off. it's a great big mess.
and apparently my classmates have noticed. i am getting a reputation at Law School.
one of several reputations at Law School.
i filled up my plastic plate with chips and salsa.
at the end of the presentation, i ran back up to the food table, filled my plate with a second helping of chips and salsa, and stuck two burritos, steak and chicken, in my bag for the PSE to have for supper.

in Contracts at 1:30 we talked about Promissory Estoppel.
Promissory Estoppel is a legal doctrine that says sometimes, a promise between two parties can be considered a contract even if it doesn't meet the traditional standards for it to be so.
normally, a contract is made when:
(1) parties have a meeting of the minds, when there is no ambiguity about which they are trying to contract. this is manifest through actions, not necessarily intent and,
(2) there is some consideration exchanged, some quid pro quo. each party must give something up or gain something.
if there is no mutual understanding and no quid pro quo, you do not have a contract.
but sometimes it just wouldn't be fair to say a contract wasn't in place so Judges have a way of putting their thumbs on the scale to keep parties from fucking each other over.
this normally comes into play when one party has taken drastic steps towards a contract, moving across the country, selling off property, in anticipation of a deal that they think they are in, but then the other party backs out, totally effing them over.
Judges can impose Promissory Estoppel, but this doesn't happen often and we can't use it to solve most Contracts problems like how Harry Potter can just shove a bezoar in the mouths of anybody who has been poisoned.

class got out at 3:26, six minutes later then it was supposed to.
and after a full day hanging around Law School, after a full day dressed in my cloths, having to interact with other people, every fucking minute between me and getting home counts.
at 3:24 i exclaimed “oh, for fuck's sake!” as the Professor kept prattling on, but fortunately i don't think anybody outside my immediate area heard me.
when we finally dismissed i was the first one out the door.
i took a different way out of the building then i normally do because of reasons and i ended up in the elevator vestibule where different clubs and student organizations set up shop to pester people.
a guy at a table tried to cajole me into joining the Asian And Pacific Islanders Lawyers Club.
i stared at him for a little while, wondering what he saw in me.
“you don't have to be Asian or Pacific Islander to join,” he told me, his voice lowered.
i stared at him for another second before saying “nope!” and going on my way.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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