on Thursday of last week we didn't have Property class.
the Professor who is the Dean had some other shit he would rather have been doing, so i got to sleep in 'til 9:21am, for what that's worth.

in Legal Writing II we talked about how to fine tune our memos that were due on Sunday.
the topic was commercial impracticability under the New York Uniform Commercial Code § 2-615.
that is, when two parties have a contract but then circumstances change and alter the terms of the contract in a way that was unforeseeable at the time of contract, can the party be excised from performance.
like with most Legal Writing II classes, i mostly zoned out for the whole thing.

after Legal Writing, i had an hour and forty-five minutes to kill.
i went down to the basement in the library to read and brief some cases that were due on Friday.
down in the basement vestibule i found a table set up by the people at Lexus Nexus giving away free pastries and bananas.
Lexus Nexus and WestLaw are the competing research tools that lawyers use in their practice.
they are expensive subscription-based services and, to get lawyers hooked, both companies have a presence in law schools giving away free shit to try to encourage law students to take to their products.
i prefer the WestLaw user experience, but LexusNexus gives away more free swag.
i grabbed a banana and as many little cakes as i could hold, then went and found a table in the back of the library to work on my school work.
later, when i went back upstairs before Contracts, i decided to stop by the student dining hall to see if i could find any more free food.
sure enough, there had been some kind of presentation in the Assembly with catered lunch from FreeBird's and the leftover chips and salsa that didn't get eaten was up for grabs.
i filled a plate, then, after the first hour of Contracts, during our ten-minute break, i went back to fill my plate again.
if there is free food to be had, i'll be goddamned if i'm not gonna have it.

in Contracts we talked about the Uniform Commercial Code as an alternative regime to the common law of contracts.
certain things that would constitute a contract under the common law apparently do not under the UCC statutes, and other things that would not constitute a common law contract are under the UCC.
because why not make a bunch of complicated, convoluted shit even more complicated and convoluted.
that's how lawyers stay in business, by bollixing everything up so bad that you have to go to school for three years just to understand it and if you didn't, fuck you pay me $600 an hour.

on Friday we had Property at 8:30am.
to make up for the one we missed on Thursday.
we finally moved off of the Rule Against Perpetuities and started talking about the three kinds of ways people can own property in common; Tenancy By The Entirety, Tenants in Common and Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship.
Tenancy By The Entirety is only for legally married couples. when one party dies, the other party gets complete ownership.
Tenants in Common is the default rule when more then one party owns property. when one party dies in that scheme, their share in the property gets passed along whoever is in their will, or down the chain of intestacy.
Joint Tenancy with Rights of Survivorship is where when one party dies, the other party gets full ownership of the property. it is frowned on in most jurisdictions.
i thought that was weird and when i asked why that was, the Dean said that the law thinks it should respect inheritance laws as much as possible unless people specifically create a scheme to circumvent them.
of course there are other ways that people can hold property together, as an L.L.C., for example, but, this is how you can do it without turning yourself into a business.

after Friday Property let out at 10:20 i had two hours and forty minutes to kill until my next class.
i drove back to the apartment and the PSE made me blueberry pancakes.
then, it was back to Law School for Professional Identity II at 1:00pm
Professional Identity II, like Professional Identity I last semester is a fucking joke.
the assignment for this class was to prepare a thirty second “elevator speech” about who we are and what we want, as if we were selling ourselves to a future boss, or trying to network or whatever.
in our class of twelve, we all had to get up and one-by-one give our pitches.
i was one of the first to go up:
“hello, my name is TITS. i'm in my first year of Law School. i'd like to get involved in prison reform, either in criminal defense, appellate work or the policy level. i'd really like an opportunity to work to see some justice done. i'd like to exchange cards and if you can thik of some way i can be of use, i hope you will let me know.”
not that hard.
though, surprisingly, almost everybody else in the room was a stuttering, sputtering mess.
like, these motherfuckers have never held a conversation before.
goddamn, geeks, get it together.
in the room with us was a real-life practicing attorney from the Tarrant Country Young Lawyer's Association, getting in his community outreach hours or whatever.
his job was to, i don't know, critique us on our networking skills but mostly the guy was a huge dick.
a caricature of a swinging-dick alpha male.
i didn't mind him, but he made the room super awkward with all the other kids who were having a hard enough time standing in front of the room doing this ridiculous exercise.

i spent all day Saturday and all day Sunday working on my Legal Writing II memo.
and by “all day” i mean all the time that i wasn't watching TV, or eating, or playing with the Monster, or taking a big walk around the neighborhood with the Monster and the PSE, or fucking around on the internet.
our memos were due by 10:00pm Sunday night.
i submitted mine around 7:50pm, nice and early, but, after i hit submit i realized i had sent over my LiveJournal instead.
well this is embarrassing.
fortunately, my Professor has the system set up to allow multiple submissions up to the deadline, my Professor last semester didn't do it that way, though, after i uploaded the correct file, there was no way to go ahead and delete my LiveJournal from the archive.
i sent off an e-mail to the class T.A. to ask what the fuck to do about that.
memo submissions are supposed to be anonymous so i couldn't ask the Professor himself.
the T.A. got back to me several minutes later to say that the Professor only reads the last submission sent in, but, if you receive fifteen papers that read “Commercial Impracticability” and one that reads “LiveJournal” you're probably going to at least glance at that one, aren't you?
the LiveJournal document i sent had, like, a dozen movie reviews, some notes about different schemes and misadventures, and drafts of yesterday's and today's posts about how i don't pay attention at all in Legal Writing II class.
not all that embarrassing as far as e-mailing your diary to your professor goes, but all in all, i would have much preferred it didn't get out there.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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