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( 18 Feb 2017 03:35 pm)
the PSE and i both went to the doctor last month.
not for any reason, just to establish care.
we were on a new Obamacare insurance which covered a different doctor and the thing about switching doctors is that you've got to go have an initial appointment to establish care, otherwise, when you really nee to go see a doctor, there can be a wait for an appointment.
so we made our preliminary appointments and we went down to the doctor's office which was in a hospital, which is always a bad sign, and we sat in a waiting room full of poor people which is another bad sign.
but, when we finally met with our doctor, a squat Indian woman, she was nice enough, though difficult to understand.

two or three weeks later i received a letter in the mail that read that all my blood chemistry had come back just fine.
my ALT and AST levels, my cholesterol, my triglycerides, my blood sugar, were all right where they're supposed to be.
i took that as a small bit of good news and put the test away in the Medical folder in my desk but the PSE spent the rest of the day smiling at me, proud of me like i'd done something impressive.
i guess she was expecting there to be something wrong with me, for me to have some fat guy problems.
because, for fuck's sake, i am back to being a fat guy.
after losing thirty-someodd pounds on our Great Adventure 'Round The World, after going from a 200 pounder down to a 165-pounder and looking fucking good for a month or two or three, the sedentary life of a Law Student has caught up with me.
i now weigh 184, in the morning, naked.
my upper-arms are fat again, my face is fat again, my belly is a fucking beach ball again.
so i guess the PSE assumed my blood would be all gravy and syrup but i managed to come in within normal tolerances, which is nice, i guess.
here's to not having diabetes for another year!

the PSE has been doing her part to try to retard my seemingly-eventual return to fat-fuckdome.
she's been making me do five or ten minutes of exercises a week; touch-your-toes, planks, push-ups, squats, bicycle sit-ups, various stretches.
i hate every fucking minute of it, but i go along with it because, all things considered, i liked myself a lot more in that narrow window post-Great Adventure when i was a healthy weight.
i don't know that this finger in the dyke is going to be enough to get me looking the way i want to look, however.
not when they are up against the chocolate chip pancakes we've been having for dinner every night this week.

the PSE's reply from our new Doctor was not as rose-colored as mine.
the PSE received a call from some lady in the doctor's office saying “yeah, uh, the Doctor is going to need to talk to you...”
what!?! about what!!!
but of course the lady on the phone was just some lady and she said she couldn't tell her.
which is a really, really shitty thing to do.
the PSE made an appointment for the following day, but i still spent the better part of the next twenty-two hours assuming that the PSE has A.I.D.S.
why else would they call her back in for an in-person conference.
i didn't think that the PSE's been cheating on me, she's not that kind of girl, but perhaps she sat too close to Anthony when we saw him on Christmas.
they say you're not supposed to use those people's silverware.

the following day the PSE reported to our squat Indian lady-doctor who wanted to talk about the PSE's urine.
apparently the PSE had complained about some pain in her pisser -at some point before her initial appointment the PSE woke up in crippling pain somewhere up in her pussy- so the Doctor ordered some kind of a urine test.
but i guess the urine test came back negative and now the Doctor wanted to perform an even better, even more rigorous examination of the PSE's pee.
to throw some bacterias in the mix and culture it all and see what kind of colonies develop.
“sure,” the PSE shrugged, and left the squat little Indian lady-doctor with a second vial of her piss.
that was over a week and a half ago and the PSE still has not heard back.
i'm assuming that means everything is okay, but until we hear otherwise, there is a chance the PSE could be walking around with a dirty pussy, and that's just gross.

several days ago the PSE and i both received bills in the mail from our squat little Indian lady-doctor.
mine in the amount of $80.81 and the PSE's in the amount of $104.48.
this is our out-of-pocket responsibility, that we have to pay with our own monies.
Obamacare advertises itself as saying certain procedures, like yearly check-ups are supposed to be free, but where they get ya is that that doesn't include blood and laboratory work.
and of course, nobody tells you that at the point of sale.
if i knew i was going to be facing a bill for somebody to tell me that my blood chemistry was okay, i wouldn't have taken it.
fuck it, i know i'm alright. or at least alright-ish.
the whole point of healthcare reform was supposed to be that i'm not supposed to worry about money when making decisions about my healthcare, but that's not the way things worked out.

our Obamacare insurance comes with a $600 per-person deductible. they won't pay a thing until the PSE and i have each come out of pocket $600.
how is that fucking fare!?!
we're paying a hundred and thirty bucks a year to the insurance company out of pocket just so we can pay more of our own money to doctors for services.
the insurance company is getting money from us, and even more money from the government a a subsidy, so it can not do a goddamned thing for us.
it's a giant wealth transfer scam from the people to insurance companies, under threat by the government.
then, if the PSE and i make more money then we guessed we might make in 2017, we'll be on the hook to pay more money to the government for this scam we didn't want any part of in the first place.
[see yesterday's post]
i'm sure President Trump and his useful idiots in Congress are going to do something to fuck up Obamacare sometime in the not-too-distant future, and i'm sure whatever they do will be worse then what we have now, but i can't imagine it will be by much.

but there is a small bit of silver lining in my Obamacare cloud.
i was able to pay $100 of our $185.29 collective bills with a special Visa rewards card our insurance company sent us for completing various health management-related tasks.
we got $25 a piece for going and having an initial visit with our squat little Indian lady-doctor, and another $25 a piece for completing different activities online at a website called My Health Rewards or some shit like that.
the website runs you through different activities where you can learn about how calories work, or get encouragement to go outside and exercise.
it's a little patronizing, and the tasks kind of require a lot from the participant, but the PSE doesn't have anything else going on so she set herself to them.
there is a finite number of activities you can do on the My Health Rewards website, i doubt we'll be able to pay our entire $1,200 in joint deductibles with the stuff, but still, having to pay my doctor $85.29 of my own money is better then having to pay her $185.29.
i'm still super cheesed about Obamaare, though.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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