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( 24 Feb 2017 11:16 am)
the PSE and i used to live in a quiet little neighborhood.
well no, that's not true at all.
our apartment complex is overrun with poor ethnics being loud all the time, as poor ethnics will do, and there is a train yard several blocks away and you can hear train breaks screeching at all hours day and night, but with all the racket, i never had a problem sleeping through the night until just recently.
over the past few weeks it's become impossible for the PSE and i to get the sleep we need because our apartment complex has recently become overrun with dogs.
you would think an apartment complex full of dogs would be a good thing.
i fucking love dogs.
unfortunately, the combination of dogs and poor people is a recipe for disaster.

two weekends ago i woke up to the sound of a dog whimpering and crying around 7:30am.
i laid in bed for a while but it did not stop.
finally the PSE got out of bed and put on her pajamas to go investigate what the fuck the problem was.
i decided to go with her, because i enjoy a fight.
we followed the whimpering and crying sounds to the apartment next door, to a puppy that was out on the balcony.
we went and knocked on the neighbor's door and a younger Indian woman answered dressed in hospital scrubs answered.
“your dog's been out there whimpering and crying” i told her, incase somehow she didn't know.
the woman explained that she was trying to train her puppy, though, i don't know what the fuck for.
to be left alone on the balcony?
i told her that the puppy's whimpering and crying woke us up and that she needed to do something about it.
after a little bit of back and forth she said okay, she would take it in.
i tried to go back to sleep, but i was so livid at the imposition that i just laid there, stewing in my rage.

two days later, 7:45am, the whimpering and crying woke the PSE and i up again.
what the fuck, lady!?!
i put on my pajamas and went back to the Indian woman's apartment.
when she answered the door this time i told her “you've got to stop with this, you can't just leave your dog outside waking me up all morning.”
she told me she was sorry, but that she was training her dog to go outside.
what she does, i understood this time, was have her dog piss on the balcony, then slosh it off with some water onto the sidewalk below, like they would do in India if they had balconies, or dogs who were domesticated.
lady, take your dog on a walk around the building like everyone else, what the fuck is this shit?
the woman tried to argue with me, saying that 7:45 is a perfectly reasonable hour for her dog to be out whimpering and crying.
she also tried to say that nobody else complains, but her balcony is right next to my bedroom window.
“could you get ear plugs, maybe” she had the Indian chutzpah to say.
motherfucker, that shit might fly on the streets of Mumbai but here in America i pay a lot of money to live indoors and i expect to be able to sleep through the night.
sick of the back-and-forth i asked her “look, are you going to stop with this shit or do i need to go talk to Management?”
she told me tough titties, she thought she had a right to be a shitty neighbor, so i went over to Management office to complain.
they didn't open until 8:00am, but when i tried the door it opened.
the lady in charge of the apartment seemed very receptive to my complaints saying “yeah, that won't do, that won't do at all” and promising to take care of the situation.
for the next few days the Indian and her puppy didn't trouble us.
though, a different neighbor with a different ill-behaved dog woke me up with a barking fit.

this past weekend i was woken up by the sound of frantic barking at 7:20am.
not the whining of the Indian woman's puppy, this was the barking of an ill-behaved adult dog.
i laid there in bed for a while waiting for it to stop but of course it didn't because why the fuck would it?
nobody seems to care that a dog is having a freak out in the middle of the morning.
at 7:30 i put on my pajamas and went out to go see who was ruining my day today.
it was the apartment next to the Indian woman's apartment. they have some kind of a Chihuahua up there that apparently doesn't like to be left home alone.
this time, i didn't even bother to go knock on the door and be civil.
i figured i had such bad luck with the Indian woman, this time i should just go straight to tattle-taling.
but when i went to the Management office they were not in for the day yet. they don't open up shop officially until 8:30am.
so i went back to bed and i laid there for a while, listening to my neighbor's neighbor's dog barking its little idiot head off for a while.
i tried to ignore it, i tried to think of other things that i normally think about before bed, but all i kept coming back to was “What The Fuck Kind Of Nerve Do These People Have Not To Do Something About Their Dogs!!!!!!!!”
finally i got up again, put on my pajamas and wrote a passive-aggressive post-it note to stick on the door of the management office complaining about the dog and asking for help.
the dog kept bark bark bark bark barking non-stop until about 8:40am but after that it still had a barking outburst every twenty minutes or so.
i was supposed to wake up at 9:40am to spend the day doing school work but the whole ordeal threw my sleep scheduled into chaos and by the time i was able to fall back asleep, i slept 'til noon.
which made me stay up way too late, and i was super-groggy for Law School the next day.

this past Wednesday the Indian woman was back at it again with her bullshit.
7:20am the PSE and i woke up to the whining and whimpering of the Indian woman's long-suffering dog.
this time i got out my Fancy-Phone and recorded all the whining and yapping, documenting my torment in case this even ends up in court.
the dog finally got let back inside around 7:50am but, once again, i was too irate about my victimhood to be able to fall back asleep.
Wednesday was supposed to be my sleep-in day, i wasn't supposed to have to be up until 9:40am.
at 8:30am first thing i went to the Management office to complain again.
i played my tape of the dog barking all morning, but i don't think it was the slam-dunk evidence to authorize a hanging that i was hoping for.
Management said that she would go and talk to the Indian woman, and to the India woman's neighbor with the other problem dog, but she was also starting to look at me like maybe the problem was me,
that made me even more upset.
fearing that i might not get the resolution i was after from Management, i went back to my apartment to write out an as-nice-as-i-can-be letter to tape to the Indian woman's door telling her that because of her inconsiderate and peculiar morning habits, my partner and i haven't been able to get a good night's sleep in weeks, and taped it to her door.

at 7:30pm this past Wednesday there was a knock on my door.
i answered it to find the Indian woman, a White lady who i found out halfway through our conversation was the other inconsiderate neighbor, the White woman's offending Chihuahua and the Indian woman's three or four year old son, the latter of which just ran straight into my apartment.
“is this mine now?” i asked?
the adult human women were both apologetic about the situation they had created. i guess Management got around to yelling at them both again, though the Indian woman didn't seem to quite get what exactly the problem is.
she kept trying to explain to me all the reasons why she thinks its a good idea to put her dog out on the balcony to whimper and whine in the middle of the morning and didn't quite understand why i didn't give a shit about her justifications.
“i am a single mother,” “i don't have the time to take the dog on a walk in the mornings,” “this is what the trainer told me to do,” “i wake up at 5:30am every day.”
lady, i don't give a shit about your troubles. we've all got troubles.
the fact remains, though, that here in America, your troubles are your own, and shouldn't be mine.
in the end the Indian woman finally said “i guess it is cultural differences” which i took to mean “...fucking Americans...” but, having spent enough time in India to know, i'll take my selfish culture over her sense of community and shared suffering any day.
hopefully this will be the end of my troubles.
if not, i'm gonna have to start poisoning people's dogs with Rachel Rey's Nutrish and antifreeze.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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