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( 3 Mar 2017 12:36 pm)
a few weeks ago, while i was working on my big memo assignment [see yesterday's post] one of my classmates at Law School showed me that the Lexus Nexus legal database that we all have access to as law students comes with a Public Records Locator.
the Lexus Nexus Public Records Locator has all kinds of shit on people; current and previous addresses, mortgage information, criminal history, bankruptcies, voter registration, political party affiliation, professional licenses, e-mail addresses.
the level of shit you can find out about people is frankly unsettling and ought to be regulated by law.
i haven't taken Constitutional Law at Law School yet, but if the Supreme Court could find a right to privacy in the Constitution to justify abortion, surely they could find a right to privacy for actual privacy.

i spent no less then six hours one Wednesday when i should have been doing homework looking up every single person i have ever met.
i started, obviously, with myself and i was happy to find that the database had next to nothing on me.
just my recent Fort Worth address, my Austin address, my Parents' New Jersey address and that i'm registered to vote in Travis County, Texas.
there was nothing about any of my arrests, nothing about most of the places i've lived all across the country, no political affiliations, none of my teaching certifications nor any e-mail addresses i've ever used.
that's not too bad.
of course, if we're playing by Terminator rules [we are always playing by Terminator rules] a time-traveling robot assassin could turn up at my correct current address any damned day now to murder me, so i guess i failed that test, but, at least i don't have it as bad as some.
the PSE is even better off them i am.
when you look her up, the only thing that populates is her Grandmother's address in Reno.
the secret, i think, is that the PSE has never registered to vote in her life.
that's how they get ya, which is totally unfair.
if you want to participate in the political process, you should not be required to expose yourself to time-reveling robot assassins.

most of the people i looked up were worse off then me in the public information exposure department, though there weren't many surprises.
most of the people i looked up had a few different addresses and voter registrations under their name though most had “none” next to “party affiliation.”
my old high school friend Tim-Dog has been a registered Republican for over a decade.
that's not too surprising, though. he was always a bit of a dick.
my friend Chunks has several drug and driving-under-the-influence arrests in North Carolina and Georgia and New Jersey.
that's not a surprise, either. she's always been a huge deadbeat.
several of my old friends and acquaintances have bought themselves houses.
i can see how much their houses sold for and how much they owe on it.
that makes me feel a little bad that my peers have houses and i don't but then i look and see that these sorry suckers owe $300,000 and $400,000 and, goddamn, i don't want any part of that.

when i looked up Anthony i was confronted with a bit of a mystery.
i found the title deed to the house his father left him when he died back in 2002, and i found that he sold the house soon after for $230,000.
i found several liens against him from different creditors.
most of them were credit cards, a few utility companies and one eviction that was later rescinded.
a few of them also named his mother as a responsible party, which sucks for that poor beleaguered woman.
and i also found the civil judgment against Anthony from the time he stole those diamonds from his former jewelry store employers, but it did now say for how much.
the interesting part is not that the record shows Anthony to be an untrustworthy creep, everybody knows that, but that it didn't have any of his criminal convictions.
i know for a fact that Anthony's been arrested several times for drug stuff in both New Jersey and New York and at least for domestic violence, but none of that turned up in the official records.
that can happen sometimes, i got arrested in Boston once and that never made it's way onto my official rap sheet, back when i had a rap sheet, but for all the times Anthony's been picked up for pety bullshit, i thought at least a few of them would tick to him.
good for him, i guess!

the Lexus Nexus Public Records Locator can be used to solve mysteries, too.
my old high school friend China disappeared sometime after sophomore year of college.
the two people he was closest to in high school were me and our friend Mice but after sophomore year, he lost contact with both of us.
the rest of our gang has kept in rough contact, at least vaguely aware of each other for all this time, but China dropped off of the map entirely.
you can try to look him up on Face Book, but his real name is Lei Wang and there are several hundred of those slants in any given Chinese neighborhood.
i was able to pin the motherfucker down, though, finding a Lei Wang who owns a house in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania with a woman named Tara.
one of the last times i talked to China i remember giving him counsel after he found out his new chunky girlfriend had lied about the number of prior sexual partners she'd had.
it wasn't four, it was thirty-six.
her name was Tara and goddamned if it wasn't the same chunky gal!
i looked up Tara Wang on the Facebook and, sure enough, that's her.
Tara is a stay-at-home mom now and they have a seven year old daughter who doesn't look too bad, all things considered.
China did pretty good for himself, it seems.
i sent my pal Mice a text message with China's Harrisburg address.
i don't have the time or the inclination to bother the man after all these years, especially if he doesn't want to be found, but if Mice wants to invest the time to be a bother, i would love to hear how that works out.

another old pal i've lost contact with entirely was a girl named Nas who i used to go to punk shows with.
she didn't go to school with me and the rest of the gang, she lived in the next town over, so accordingly nobody really gives a shit about what happened to her.
i was always sweet on Nas and, at times, she was sweet on me, too, but short of making out once in the back of her step-sister's car, we never got anything together.
the fact that i didn't put in more of an effort to make something happen with Nas is one of my regrets in life.
a lot of the regrets i have with my life center around different people i didn't fool around with, it seems.
anyways, as and i kept in contact on the AOL Instant Messenger for a while but as time wore on and technology changed we lost contact.
looking her up was no easy task, however, because it turns out Nas is a dude now.
a transgender.
she changed her given name from Anna to Theodore, which is a hell of a choice.
i figured that out in a super round-about way, Googling an e-mail address that turned up which brought me to a vegan recipe website where she he had logged in as Theodore.
i Google image-searched Mr. Theodore Nas and sure enough was able to find my old high school crush, smiling back at me with a dude's haircut.
he's some kind of biochemist researcher living in Philadelphia, now.
that took me for a loop.

of course, i'm a firm believer that people can and should do whatever the hell they want with their bodies and their sexual identities and how they express themselves.
if Nas wants to be Mr. Theodore Nas now then good on her him, but i guess i found it odd that i never would have suspected that anything was up.
Nas was just a regular, suburban, late-1990s pop-punk, normal girl.
there was never anything about her that would remotely hint that she might want to be a dude.
but here it is, 2017, and she's a fella now and i clearly missed some clue, and that's disorienting.
i mean, whatever, good for him and all, but still.
i spent the next few days thinking fondly of Nas-the-girl for a while.

of all the dozens and dozens of old friends, missed-crushes and casual acquaintances that i spent time looking up on the Lexus Nexus Public Records Locator the only person i was unable to find any information on was Anthony's older sister Carmella.
i couldn't get her by either her given name nor her married name, though i was able to get her husband, who plays in The Dickies.
they own property together in both California and North Carolina but still, i couldn't get a hint of her.
i don't know what Carmella is doing right, but i really ought to try to figure it out.
no time-traveling robot assassins for that former junkie.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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