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( 13 Mar 2017 03:04 pm)
there was no Property class on Tuesday because the Dean had other shit to do, so i got to sleep in two hours.

in Legal Writing II on Tuesday we finally, finally, finally got back some of the work we've been doing all semester.
the Big Memos we had to write about commercial impracticability over six weeks ago and the practice Multi-State Performance Exams we took two weeks ago.
i was expecting to get a pretty sorry grade on the Multi-State Performance Exam. it was a timed exercise and i ran out of time in the end, failing to address most of the components of the second half of the problem.
when i got the grade back i was pleasantly surprised to find i got an 84.
that's a shitty grade, certainly, but it was better then i was expecting and, hell, i'll take it.
and then there was the Big Memo. i didn't know what to expect from my Big Memo.
on one hand i am just not very good at legal writing, i find research tedious and the writing overly formal and, throughout my legal education i've been getting feedback back from Professors saying “yeah, this is not very good...”
on the other hand, i thought this go-round i did okay. i wasn't expecting As, but i would be happy with a B.
i got a 69.57. rounded up, that's a C-.
the Professor's comment on the paper read “this is pretty rough...”
my heart sunk in defeat and i couldn't finish reading the rest.

to maintain my Law School scholarship, i have to earn a GPA average of a 2.33, which is at least a C+ in all my classes.
this Big Memo is worth fifteen percent of our final Legal Writing II grade.
another ten percent is the Citation Exam, which is something i don't know dick about.
right now, i'm on track to not earn a C+ in Legal Writing, which might very well lead to me failing out of Law School.
the big project for the Semester is to write a Trial Brief, that is worth forty percent of our final grade.
if i do really, really well on that i might be able to pull myself out of this death spiral, but i don't have any confidence whatsoever that i can do really, really well on that.
here i am, talking to y'all...

after Legal Writing on Tuesday it was the time for Academic Support.
for the third Tuesday in a row, i didn't go. Academic Support has always been a waste of time.
you would think with grades like i earned on this Big Memo i could use it, but, i don't really get much value out of it.
during the First Semester i went to every meeting because they gave us the impression that it was mandatory but, this semester people have been fucking it off.
i spent most of the hour down in the Library eating a Peanut Butter and Jelly and Banana sandwich that the PSE packed me and doing school work.

after lunch, before Contracts, i had to stop by Student Services to get a small bit of business accomplished.
i handed in a form, but, while i was there, some lady said “oh! while you're here...” and she went and got out a form of her own that she needed me to fix.
i found it impressive that this lady knew who i was.
she saw my face, and connected it to a problem with a name in one of her files.
to be fair, i guess i do stand out, but, i don't know anybody's names and i'm always impressed when other people do.
this lady turned out to be the person in charge of attendance and apperently she didn't like the way i signed the roster for one of my Property classes the week before.
i have never had a proper signature, when i pay for things on a credit card i will often just draw a dog or a house or a rocket ship, but, for most of my time in Law School i've been scribbling a series of ovals that i guess the lady decided was my mark.
in the past few weeks i've been getting a little looser with my signatures when the attendance roster is passed around.
on this particular day i drew 'o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o o.'
what the fuck's the difference, right, but this lady thought it wasn't good enough and marked me absent.
i have never missed a day of school in my life except maybe twice, and i have certainly never missed a day of Law School, so i was upset by that.
to correct the problem i had to take a different form to my Property professor, the Dean, and have him sign a thing saying that, yeah, i was in class on the day in question.
the whole thing was super upsetting, obviously i was there, i drew a series of os, but, because the attendance lady is a cunt, i had to go embarrass myself in front of the Dean.
fuck you, lady!

in Contracts on Tuesday we talked about the Parol Evidence Rule.
though they share a common etymology, the Parol Evidence Rule is different from parole, with an 'e.'
Parol is for contracts, Parole is for convicts.
the Parol Evidence Rule basically says that if any part of a contract is written down, you cannot enter other evidence to contradict it. that a written contract rules the day.
so, if two people agree to buy a car for $5,000 but, for whatever reason they draw up a written contract for $3,000 and agree orally to pay the other $2,000 on the side, that part of the contract isn't enforceable.
not all contracts have to be written down to be enforceable, plenty of contracts are strictly oral in nature, the Parol Evidence Rule just says that if a contract is written down, even partially written down, the parts that are written down are given supremacy.
then you can have a Merger Clause which is a part of a written contract that says “this is the only deal, no other representations are a part of this deal, this is it” and when a contract has that, it governs exclusively.
the Professor kept saying that the Parol Evidence Rule is sometimes difficult for students to grasp but it makes good sense to me.
maybe that means i'm missing something important.

towards the end of Contracts i got an e-mail in my Law School G-Mail account from the Dean.
it wasn't about my wonky signature, it was a mass e-mail to all the Law School students.
apparently, the Law School Ranks were due to come out from U.S News And World Report.
i didn't think U.S News And World Report was still a thing.
i always enjoyed reading their monthlies in finer dentist's offices, they're the thinking-mans Time, but i thought they ceased publication back in 2010 because nobody reads print anymore.
apparently, though they stopped making magazines, they're still in the business of ranking colleges, and people in colleges take their ranks pretty seriously.
the Dean sent us a link to a PowerPoint presentation he put together instead of teaching us Property class that morning.
it said that the Texas A&M School of Law had gone up nineteen spots from their 2016 ranking, from #111 to #92.
this continues the trend of upward mobility since Texas A&M took over the law school from Texas Wesleyan back in 2013.
since then, Texas A&M has dragged the school from the 180s to 149 to 111 and now to 92.
good on ya, Texas A&M!
i am a part of that success, being the first class that the Texas A&M School of Law was able to hand-select. all of the kids ahead of us were holdovers from Texas Wesleyan.
they enticed us with generous scholarships to raise the median GPA and LSAT score, and their stratify, it seems, is working.
the Dean said that he is cautiously optimistic that we can expect Texas A&M to climb in the ranks by about ten points a year.
by the time we graduate, our fearless leader wants to see the Texas A&M School of Law in the low 70s, high 60s.
that, of course, will make our Texas A&M School of Law degrees that much more valuable.
the hard part for me is going to be hanging on for the ride.
with my Legal Writing grades, i might not be around much longer to see where this ride takes us

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