one weekend a few weeks ago when i was supposed to be working on a memo for Legal Writing, i decided to take a big long walk around the neighborhood with the PSE and the Monster instead.
it was a lovely day outside, t-shirt weather, and in the middle of Winter you've got to take advantage of that while you can.
so, the PSE, the Monster and i walked around the neighborhood for an hour or so, looking at the same shitty lower-middle class houses we always look at and listening to the squeaking sound of locomotives creeping through the train yard a few blocks away.
as we were about to head home, maybe ten blocs from our apartment complex, we were set upon by a pair of stray dogs.
in Dallas, and in Houston and in other places in urban decay it is not uncommon for dozens of people per year to be killed by packs of stray dogs.
i don't know that Fort Worth has that problem yet but i wouldn't put it past 'um.
i picked up the Monster, because the Monster is an aggressive little shite around other dogs and i didn't want her to get us into a fight but fortunately the dogs were friendly enough.
there was a big Yellow Lab and a little Yorkshire Terrier. they were running together as dog-friends.
the PSE went over to the big one who was wearing a collar and nabbed him.
the little one stuck close by his side.
there was no name-tag, but a phone number had been scratched into a rabies vaccination tag with a nail.
i called the number it rang and rang and rang and rang and then went to a voicemail in Spanish.
i left a message in English that i had their dogs.
then i called a second time, then a third time. nobody answered.
this was going to be a problem. what the fuck are the PSE and i supposed to do with these dogs!?!
fortunately, a minute or so later the number called back and a little girl who sounded like she was in middle school answered.
i assume she was the only one in the house who knew how to speak English.
i told her i had her dogs and she gave me an address a few blocks away.
she didn't offer to come meet us and nobody was standing outside when we turned up.
the PSE put Monster's leash on the Yellow Lab and the Yorkie followed behind him.
i carried the Monster and eventually we found our way to the house where the dogs belong.
when i knocked on the door a family of no less then eight Mexicans answered the door.
they took the dogs from us and grumbled, obviously perplexed as to why these goddamned gringos were bringing them their dogs.
like they were totally cool with their dogs running around the neighborhood, unsupervised.
some cultures just don't give a shit about animals.
the PSE and i went on our way, muttering racist things all the way back home.

later that evening...
as i was in my office/closet working on school work my studies were interrupted as they often are when the Black teenagers who live in the apartment below ours erupted into a dance party out in the parking lot.
this will happen maybe nine times a week.
a great big cacophony will erupt and the PSE and i will look out our balcony window and see a whole mess of Black teenagers dancing or fighting with each other or sometimes both.
this time they were blasting music from a beat up PT Cruiser one of them owns and two or three girls were twerking in front of the car, in the headlights at 8:00 in the evening.
this went on for a good forty minutes while the PSE and i watched from our balcony, shaking our heads in Caucasian disapproval.

when the PSE and i first moved into our apartment there was a different family of Blacks in the apartment below us.
they were loud and obnoxious and the PSE and i were glad when they eventually got evicted, but they were replaced a month or two later by something much worse.
whereas the old Black family seemed to be ruled by an obese Grandmother who made some small effort to be neighborly, this new pack of Blacks seems to be made up entirely of wild teenagers.
i haven't been able to get an exact count on them because, you know, Black teenagers all look alike, but there are no less then ten of them who seem to live in the apartment, all seemingly between twelve and twenty, with absolutely no adult supervision whatsoever.
they just wild out in the parking lot all day long, carrying on, seemingly oblivious to the fact that other people might not want to hear them be so goddamned soulful.

another thing about these damned Blacks is that there seem to be more of them then their one-bedroom apartment can accommodate at any given time and they'l use their beat up PT Cruiser in the parking lot as a second living room.
they'll hang out in there and smoke their pot in there. the whole parking lot stinks like marijuana.
i normally don't mind the smell of marijuana, but, when it seeps into my living room, that's going too far.
most nights, one or two of them will even sleep in the PT Cruiser, one in the driver's seat, another in the passenger's.
the PSE and i will take the Monster out at some late hour of the night and see them sitting in their car, slumped over, asleep.
i don't know if it's the same two teenagers who have to sleep in the car every night or if they take turns, but it's fucking bizarre.

the PSE and i weren't born racist.
like the meems Liberals will post on their FaceBooks of little White babies and little Black babies cuddling together.
the PSE and i both grew up in the post-racism culture of the 1990s when TV and public schools were starting to push an agenda of inclusion.
the PSE and i both grew up fighting against the reactionary racism of our parents, ardently asserting that everybody is equal and no one group of people are any better then any other.
but then experience went ahead and squashed our ideals.
i wouldn't say that the PSE and i are actual racists, we know better then that.
if pressed, the PSE and i will concede that Blacks and Hispanics can make just as fine neighbors as anybody, and, conversely, White folks can be just as awful as neighbors as Blacks or Hispanics, but, boy, the PSE and i sure do say a lot of racist shit living around the kinds of people we have had to live around.
these people are the worst.


and on the subject of shitty neighbors...
the problem i had been having with the Indian woman in the apartment next to ours who would put her dog out on her balcony to bark at 7:30 in the morning seems to have cleared up.
after i left a note on her door and the Indian woman came over and i told her why i like to be able to sleep in the mornings, she has started taking her dog out for morning walks like a normal person.
i am glad of that.

and to Management's credit, after several weeks of these impromptu parking lot outbursts from the Black teenagers downstairs i think Management finally came around to tell these kids they had to cut the shit or they'd be kicked out.
so far, that seems to be working and for the past several days, they've been acting out less.
if i know anything about Black folks, that calm won't last the Summer, Blacks get wild in the Summer, but the PSE and i are hoping they'll get evicted before then.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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