i had intended to take a class or two over Summer term at Law School so that i don't fall too far behind my full-time peers.
seemingly, that plan was dashed by the slim pickin's in the Summer course catalog.
they only offer twelve classes and i don't really qualify for any of them because i'm part-time and i' haven't had all the prerequisite classes i need.
when i went to go see about that, i was told that the School is getting away from offering Summer term classes in favor of pushing kids into taking internships over the Summer.
ever since the first day of school i've been hearing about Summer internships, the Law School has an entire office whos job it is to push us to gainful employment, but i haven't been paying their frequent nagging any mind because i assumed i would spend my first Summer, maybe my first two Summers of Law School, catching up with class work.
now that it doesn't seem like that's an option, i might have to start taking this internship shit seriously.

since finding out that i have to worry about Summer Internships now i've been asking my peers what they've been doing about this buisness.
many of them have gone on interviews already, most have at least sent out professional resumes and cover letters and writing samples, which apparently is a thing we are expected to have when we apply for internships?
does LiveJournal count?
one day last week one of my Legal Writing II classmates came in to class itching to brag about the internship she'd just scored for herself.
anytime anybody would say anything to her she would find a way to bring it around to “guess what i just landed...”
and, sure enough, her internship is pretty impressive, to the point where i assumed she had heard something wrong.
she said that she got an internship doing tax law at a Big Law firm over in Dallas.
she said she would be paid $3,000 per week for six weeks, which is $18,000 total for the Summer.
when i asked this girl who she had to blow to land such a primo Summer job she told me that she was ranked #7 in the class.
apparently class rank is worth something. i should probably start taking this stuff seriously.

$3,000 per week is the same amount that this Big Law firm pays their first-year associates.
that works out to $156,000 per year for a first-year associate fresh out of Law School, which was more then my Father was making when he retired.
when i told the PSE about these numbers she looked at me and told me i better start taking my career more seriously, think what we could do with just one year's worth of wages at a Big Law firm, but i'll be goddamned if i am going to even think about doing Big Law for a living.
with the hours they expect you to work and the shit they expect you to produce and all the stress and grief that comes with it don't make the money worth it.
i am not that kind of a man.
maybe for six weeks over the Summer, though, i can fake it?

i went to the Law School's Office of Career Services website where they post a bunch of available internships on an “Online Job Bank.”
the website was super difficult to navigate and looked like it was from 1996, like there should be a dancing hamster in the corner.
i scrolled through the selection of internships but didn't find much.
U.S. Air Force JAG Corps, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, a group called Muslim Advocates, whatever the fuck front for Hezbollah that is.
i didn't want to do any of that shit.
there were some things that seemed interesting, NPR was looking for an intern in their General Counsel's office, the Texas Circuit court of Appeals was looking for a law clerk, and something called Gideon's Promise was looking for a “fellow,” but they were located in D.C., Houston and Augusta, Georgia respectively.
i don't know why Career Services thinks i want to pack up my family and move across the country for six weeks.
i mean, i'd love to see Augusta, Georgia as much as anybody, but that just seems like a logistical difficulty.
what would i do with my Fort Worth apartment? do i just continue to pay rent on it and not live there?
locally, the only opportunities that i could find for an internship here in Fort Worth were as corporate/in-house externship at something called FirstCash, a paralegal internship [bilingual] at a local personal injury law firm and an intern at a criminal defense firm.
i thought that maybe the criminal defense internship might be worth investigation, but when i clicked on the link the line that read “base salary” was blank and it said “Position For Externship Credit Only.”
which meant the motherfuckers wouldn't be paying me.
this was a fairly common notation in a lot of the Summer internship postings i clicked on.

i went over to the office of the Director of Externships to find out about how externships work.
an externship is where you can get college credit for working a job, often in lieu of the company paying you actual money.
depending on how many hours an extern works, they can qualify for up to four credit hours, which is comparable to an entire class.
the downside is that you still have to pay tuition like it's a regular class, even though no Professors are getting paid.
my scholarship does not cover tuition during the Summer [see yesterday's post] but i would be open to the idea, i guess, because i want to get more credits under my belt, so i can get out of Law School at some point.
but it turns out that, because i am a part-time student, i don't even qualify for the externship program.
to be an extern you have to have completed 29 credit hours and i'll only have completed 23.
full time kids will have completed 31 at the end of their First Year.
it doesn't seem fair to give full-time kids an advantage, especially when part-time kids need it the most, but this whole experience with Law School in the Summertime seems to be “fuck you! life's not fair!”

after finding out that i don't qualify for an externship for Law School credit, and that the majority of internships posted on the Online Job Bank are otherwise unpaid, i went over to my Career Counselor's office to ask her what the fuck was up.
my Career Counselor told me that the Law School itself had a fellowship program that possibly-maybe could subsidize me if i took a Summer internship, especially one within the public sector, but that the Fellowship comes with its own hoops to jump through.
otherwise, the Career Counselor told me, a Summer internship is mostly something people do to look good on their resume.
to “make you stand out in a competitive job market.”
i told her she could go jump in a lake with that shit.
if i were evaluating somebody's resume and it told me that they worked for free for six months one Summer i would assume they were a sucker and try to get them to work for free for me too.
i told the Career Counselor that i wasn't gonna be no scab, that i demand a fair wage for a fair day's work.
she nodded politely at me, and that was the end of our meeting.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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