my plans for what to do over the Summer to further my legal education are all asunder.
i had planned on taking Summer Classes but that didn't seem to be working out [see Thursday's post.]
i was getting a lot of pressure from Law School to take a Summer internship, but that doesn't seem to be working out either, [see yesterday's post.]
it was beginning to look like i'm gonna get to have the majority of May, June, July and August to myself.
and, though it might seem to my Parents, and my Law School classmates, and the Administration and the people at Career Services like that's a great big waste of time, fuck them all, i deserve this!
i've been working really hard at Law School, harder then i've ever had to work in my life, so if the gods are conspiring to prevent me from furthering my legal education over the Summer because the course catalog is sparse and because most internships that i would qualify for don't pay hard currency, then so be it, i'll enjoy my time to myself.
four months of free time might be just enough to finally get around to playing Grand Theft Auto V if i drill down on it and really devote myself to the game.
i'm up for it!
but, unfortunately, i don't think i am gong to be so lucky.

looking through the list of Summer internships the other day i came across one with the American Constitution Society for Law and Policy, who were looking for a Law Clerk for the Summer.
the America Constitutional Society is a “progressive legal organization” founded to “promote the vitality of the U.S. Constitution and the fundamental values it expresses: individual rights and liberties, genuine equality, access to justice, democracy and the rule of law” according to Wikipedia.
i had never heard of it.
but, it seems like the kind of thing i can get behind, i like liberty and justice, so, sure, let's do that, then.
the American Constitution Society Summer Law Clerkship was a ten-week position based in Washington D.C..
ten weeks is a long time. most Summer internships as i understand them only last for six.
the Summer Law Clerkship pays a stipend of $3,500, which is $350 per week, which is $8.75 an hour, assuming a forty hour workweek.
i don't know what the minimum-wage in D.C. is but i doubt $8.75 an hour will get me very far, especially if i have to pay for lodging for ten weeks.
the last time i was in D.C. i was living in a squat, but i don't know how much i'll be able to tap into the squatting scene if i have to spend forty hours a week promoting the vitality of the U.S. Constitution.
still, the job seems like exactly the kind of thing i want to do with my legal career [as much as i would enjoy anything that isn't playing Grand Theft Auto,] so, i figured i would apply.
i almost certainly won't land the internship, it is open to applicants nationwide and, because the American Constitution Society is “progressive” they make a big point to say women, Gays, Blacks and Browns are “strongly encouraged” which means they don't want me because i'm not “diverse” enough.
i mean, i'm fucking weird, they don't make motherfuckers like me, but that's not the kind of diversity they are looking for.
also, the advertisement says “strong legal research and writing and BlueBook skills are required” and that's not me at all.
they're gonna have to find some other Gay Black Woman for that shit, i can't stand Legal Writing and the BlueBook gets me pissed, but, i figured i would try out anyway, just so i can tell the people in Career Services that i'm trying my best.

two days ago, when i was writing the first LiveJournal entry in this Summertime series, the one about the dearth of classes available for Summer term, i went back to look at the course catalog to reference something and i noticed that, holy shit there's another class here, one that i qualify to attend.
this wasn't here the last time i looked at the schedule! something's up!
have y'all ever heard of the Mandela Effect?
anyways, sure enough, i was looking at Course Catalog Revision Two, which had come out just a few days previous.
they had added one class, Children And The Law, which wasn't available the first time i looked at the schedule.
and, unlike pretty much every other course in the Summer Catalog, Children And The Law was available to anybody who had completed their First Year of study, either full time or part time.
i'm not especially interested in Family Law, but, this'll give me something to do over the Summer that isn't an internship.
also, who knows, i might figure out that some children are illegal, or maybe i can discover a way to legally compel the PSE to have children with me.
there could be a world of possibilities waiting for me in this course.

i went ahead and figured out how to sign up for courses on the Law School's website.
i am now enrolled to take Children And The Law from 22, May through 11, July, Mondays and Wednesdays, 6:30 to 9:15pm.
i also gave further consideration to another course that was on the schedule the first time i had looked at it, but at first i had ruled it out.
it was called Courthouse Perspectives, and it is held at the Tarrant County Courthouse and is taught by a practicing Judge.
the class is only one week long, from 31, July through 4 August, Monday through Friday, 9:00am to noon.
i imagine a lot of what it covers is where the restrooms are and how the copy machines work.
i originally ruled Courthouse Perspectives out as an option for my Summer schedule because it is only a 1 credit class and do i really want to come out of pocket for just one credit, but, since i'm gonna be taking Children And The Law, which is a 3 credit class, i might as well just pay for 4 credits.
credits are cheaper when you buy them in bulk.

the total to take 4 credits over Summer term is $4,040.
again, that's money i am going to have to pay for myself, that my full-ride full-tuition scholarship won't cover.
then, it's not really a full ride after all, is it, dipshit?
i was supposed to spend Spring Break applying for additional scholarships that might help defray the cost.
the Law School sent out an e-mail advertising three scholarships i might be interested in but for two of them you have to be in top fifty percent of class.
i am not in the top fifty percent of the class.
the third scholarship the Law School was advertising didn't have a class ranking criteria but it did require a letter of recommendation from a Professor, and i didn't want to bother with that.
i don't have a relationship with any of my Professors and i don't want to start hitting them up for favors, that's just weird.
so, fuck me, it looks like i'm gonna have to come out of my own pocket $4,040 if i want to take these bullshit classes over the Summer.

that's assuming i don't get the Summer Law Clerkship at the American Constitutional Society if i ever get around to applying for it, which i likely won't because applying for things is hard.
that's also assuming that i don't fail our of Law School at the end of this semester.
the way things are going, that is a strong possibility.
of course, the upshot there is that i'll get to spend my Summer [and the rest of my life] playing Grand Theft Auto V and, with the $4,040 i'll be saving in tuition costs, it'll be like i'm being paid for the privilege, too.
there is an upshot to everything. win win win.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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