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( 31 Mar 2017 12:10 pm)
it's been a while since we had a report on finances.
i've been too busy writing about other things and doing school work, i guess.
but, money is an inescapable fact of like until the Communists finally invade and take over, so, let's talk about where the PSE and i stand.

i normally consider myself good with money and think of the PSE and i as being well above the curve with our money management skills
i think we have a fairly impressive nest-egg for a pair of incorrigible work-refusers.
but, that was before the PSE decided to take four months off from working a bullshit part-time job to sit around the apartment on her duff full time.
since then, we've taken a bit of a hit.

the PSE and i came back from our Great Adventure Around The World with only $25,000 in our savings account.
down from $50,000 before we left.
over the next few months we were able to heroically build our stash back up to $40,000 in the savings, but then the PSE went on sit-about and we've been living off of it ever since.
we were able to hold that $40,000 line for a good three an a half months, but, halfway through March i had to move $5,000 over to our checking account to cover expenses.
that leaves us with only $35,026.54 in our high-yield Savings account.
the $26.54 is a month's worth of interest payments.
we get about that much every month on the 9th.

after transferring $5,000 from our savings over to checking, the PSE and i took a big hit having to take her Wagon into the Volvo dealership for nearly $1,700 worth of maintenance.
that and regular grocery expenses depleted our checking account balance transfer down to $1,594.11 as of today.
and that number is only gonna keep dropping because the PSE and i need to eat and food isn't free, yet, somehow.

for three months when we first moved to Fort Worth the PSE was collecting FoodStamps, but you can only get FoodStamps for three months every three years and these motherfuckers do not entertain exceptions.
i could probably get us FoodStamps in my name for another three months.
technically i don't qualify because i'm in Law School but, they don't have to know that.
so, if i commit a minor bit of welfare fraud and jeopardize my future as an attorney, i can get the PSE and i $196 a month to partially subsidize our groceries for three months.
i'll probably do that sometime in the future, but i have no plans for it now.

we have a $1,632.32 credit with our apartment management company.
but, tomorrow, the 1st of April, they will deduct another month's rent, $695, which will leave us with only $937.32.
that will be enough for May's rent, plus utility payments for April and May.
utility payments vary between $30 and $45 every month.
that will also automatically be deducted from the pile of money we gave Management.
but it does not include electricity. electricity we have to pay separate.
for this past month, the bill will be $57.11, so, take that out of our checking account balance.

we have a positive account credit of $239.94 on my AT&T cellular telephone account.
at a rate of $80 per month for both the PSE and my phone, that should last us until about mid-June.
then, i'm gonna have to give the motherfuckers another big pail of money to keep sucking on.

our GEICO car insurance is paid up until 29, May.
after that, it will be another $380, give or take, to renew for another six months.
that's more money out of our checking account.
that's for just liability insurance, of course, not collision.
if somebody hits us, we're generally screwed.
my TITSwagon is registered through to the end of October.
the PSE's Wagon's registration expires at the end of May.
the county tax office has already sent us a letter demanding $80.75, to renew the PSE's Wagon, plus however much they charge for an inspection. another $19 bucks, maybe?

our Obamacare health insurance is paid up through the end of the year.
that's just monthly premiums. if the PSE and i were to actually try to use our insurance, to go to the doctor, we would have to pay out of pocket for deductibles and all sorts of other fuck-you-pay-me expenses.
the way our Obamacare is, it is pretty much worthless.
still, seeing Trump and his friends try to take it away from he has got me super cheesed.

as of today's date, i have a stock value of $21,239.11.
that's $10,338.56 in Intel stock, $9,656.11 in Wal-Mart, $868.84 in a Mexican cement company called CeMex, and $375.60 in Nokia.
the motherfuckers who made the best cellphones in the business back in 2004.
unfortunately, that stock hasn't been doing as well as the PSE was hoping it would when we bought it in 2014.
i am hoping that my CeMex stock might take off, however, once President Trump gets to working on that apartheid wall he's been promising everybody.
CeMex has indicated that they would love to provide the cement.
that could just be Mexican sarcasm, however, so i'm not holding my breath.

that's it for all the all the credits we have on our ledger.
but, we've got some pretty big expenses coming down the pike.
rather, i have some pretty big expenses coming down the pike.
the PSE, not so much as far as i know.
first, i will have to pay for my Summer session at Law School.
[see last week's posts]
taking four credits over the Summer will cost me $4,040.
of course, i could always not take classes over the Summer and wait until Fall to go back to school on my full-tuition scholarship, but, that seems like a waste of four months.
also, i hope to buy myself a motorcycle sometime in the not-too-distant future.
i plan on setting aside maybe $2,200 for that.
though, i've been talking about buying a motorcycle since late December, it's got to happen sometime, right?
unless the PSE and i find some way of getting cash from somewhere we're gonna have to take that Law School and Motorcycle money out of our savings, further depleting our reserves.
this is going to be a problem.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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