Steve Jobs:
Steve Jobs is a movie about Steve Jobs, the prick who invented Apple computers.
Steve Jobs is different from Jobs which is a different movie about Steve Jobs, the prick who invented Apple computers.
Steve Jobs died back in 2011 and before his body was cold Hollywood had at least two different movies about him ready to go.
the first one, Jobs came out in 2013 with Ashton Kutchter playing Steve Jobs.
the PSE and i saw it back when we were living in Austin and we came away thinking “boy, that Steve Jobs sure is a motherfucker.”
this one, Steve Jobs took its time.
it was directed by Aaron Sorkin, the cokehead who did The West Wing and A Few Good Men and the Facebook movie, i think.
i expected it to be better then Jobs, though the point of the movie remained the same.
Steve Jobs is a huge piece of shit.

Steve Jobs takes a more stylistic approach to its narrative then Ashton Kutchter's Jobs which was more of a standard biography.
Steve Jobs takes place over the course of three product releases that Steve Jobs is announcing; the Macintosh in 1984, the NeXT, whatever the fuck that was back in 1989 and the iMac in 1999.
backstage in an auditorium before each product release, Steve Jobs has conversations with the same five or six people over the course of fifteen years.
Sevve Wozniak, John Sculley, some engineer on the Apple team, some lady who was Steve Jobs' handler, some other lady who was Steve Jobs' baby momma and Steve Jobs' daughter, who he refused to acknowledge or properly care for.
each conversation reveals what a total piece of shit Steve Jobs is in so many different ways.

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of Apple, tries at each meeting to get Steve Jobs to acknowledge the people who have worked on the Apple II, which was Apple's best-selling computer.
Steve Jobs refuses to do so because he refuses to give credit to anybody but himself for anything.
at each meeting
John Sculley, Apple's CEO, serves a a father-figure to Steve Jobs and at each meeting to talk to Steve Jobs about what exactly his fucking problem is.
John Sculley tries to help Steve Jobs, to help him recognize that he has to make products that other people want to actually buy, not just create something he thinks is perfect and expect everybody to agree, but Steve Jobs throws a shit-fit and makes the Apple board of directors choose between Sculley and him.
the Board famously choose Sculley and Steve Jobs has to go do something else for a while.
the Engineer just serves as somebody for Steve Jobs to kick around.
a stand-in for the shitty way he treated all of his employees.
the lady-handler spend her three moments with Steve Jobs trying to tell him to be less of a shit, with not much success.
the Baby Momma just tries to get money to pay for their daughter that Steve Jobs refuses to acknowledge.
she might be some kind of a fruitbat, but unless Steve Jobs wants to take their daughter to come live with him, then he's got to pay her money every month for their daughter's care.
how much Steve Jobs resents that reality and how cheep he is with his Baby Momma despite having a net worth in the millions and billions makes him about as disgusting as people get.
Steve Jobs' daughter just wants love.
she's got a fruitbat for a mom and a genius for a father but her father doesn't acknowledge her and begrudges her very existence and only pays for her to go to college after the Engineer shames him by doing it himself.
the fact that anybody could be so cold and hurtful to their own daughter makes me want to throw my I-Phone in the trash.

i feel like the people who wrote Steve Jobs watched the first Jobs movie and said to themselves “we can make him even shittier!”
the movie starts off with Steve Jobs denying and rejecting his five year old daughter and it only gets uglier from there.
the big take-away from Steve Jobs, aside from that Steve Jobs was a piece of shit, is that Steve Jobs has a creepy need to try to control everything.
it's why Macintosh failed as a personal computer and why whatever the fuck NeXT was supposed to be didn't become anything.
it's also why I-Phones fucking suck today.
Steve Jobs, the movie says, had a pathological contempt for his consumers.
he wanted to make a product that was supposed to be used one way, the way he intended it to be used, and not in any other way.
and for decades the consumers fought him on that, people like to be able to control their own shit, it turns out, until finally the world capitulated to the way Steve Jobs wants it to be, which is why i have to call Apple three times a month to fight with them about the way I-Tunes works.
i want to upload files my way, not have Apple change them all around the way they think they should be organized.
but Apple is all about the “closed system,” their way or the highway, because apparently Steve Jobs is some kind of a control fetishist.
why can't you just drip candle wax on women's tits like a normal control freak and make a fucking phone that works the way i want it to work.

for being another movie about what a piece of shit Steve Jobs was but for not being repetitive because Steve Jobs is enough of a piece of shit for more then one movie, for telling the story of what a piece of shit Steve Jobs was in a stylistic way that was soothing in its repetitiveness and for making the connection between Steve Jobs' piece-of-shit insecurities and everything that is wrong with the customer service experience of a multi-billion dollar company everybody is forced to have to interact with, Steve Jobs earns a 7.4/10.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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