i did not get kicked out of Law School for plagiarism last week.
none of what i wrote on Saturday happened. i was just funnin' ya. April Fool!
it's entirely possible i may fail out of Law School, but if it comes to that, i'll do so on my own merits.
better to be an idiot then a cheat.
though, i might be singing a different tune after failing out.
i might regret not giving plagiarism a more serious consideration.
anyways, Tuesday at Law School...

i woke up at 8:35am Tuesday morning, which is a little more then an hour later then i would have had to wake up if i had Property and a little less then an hour later then i would have had to wake up if i just went straight to Legal Writing II.
as it turns out, i didn't have either of those regular Tuesday morning classes.
instead, we had a special event, the Texas Court of Appeals for the Second District had come to run court for half a day in the campus auditorium to show us how courts work.
attendance was mandatory for both my Property and Legal Writing classes, but, because of the peculiarities, i was the only one who got to double-dip.
for the rest of the First Year class, they only got credit for going from one class or the other.
it was nice of the three judges, two clerks and a bailiff to schlep over from across the street, but, their presence meant i had to leave my handgun at home for the day.
the goddamned bailiff got to carry a piece, i don't see why i can't!?!

i got to campus a little before 10:00am and settled in to a seat in my regular spot in the auditorium.
i made chitchat with a short little former Marine about Star Wars for a while until at 10:00 the Clerk of the Court shouted “oyez oyez oyez” and we all had to stand up as the appellate judges came in.
the Chief Justice who was a lady introduce herself then got right down to business having the Clerk of the Court call the first case.
the first case involved a chain of pharmacies or maybe the guy who owns the chain of pharmacies suing the Dallas Morning News.
the Dallas Morning News ran a story about allegations of an investigation that the chain of pharmacies bilking the Department of Defense's insurance company out of money filling prescriptions but it turned out, i guess, that the allegations weren't true so the Pharmacy was suing for slander or some shit.
a lot of this was hard to follow because the attorneys for each were only allotted ten minutes a piece for oral arguments and they didn't waste any time filling us idiot kids in on background.
we had been sent an e-mail with all the motions and filings and petitions for the cases, but the shit was 400 pages and i'm not reading that.
there was a lot of talk from both lawyers about “anti-slap,” which is assume was a reference to “Strategic Lawsuits Against Public Participation” which is something rich people do to stifle journalism.
it was one of the pillars of the Trump campaign.
anyways, after ten minutes of the attorney for the Dallas Morning News mumbling through an oral argument, and ten minutes of the other attorney mumbling through his oral argument and another seven minutes of rebuttal time for the attorney for The Dallas Morning News it was time for a quick break.
me and half the First Year class got up and ran to the toilets because the bailiff was pretty strict about not letting people go in and out during proceedings and when we came back, there was a second case to dispense with.

the second case was about a guy who was suing one of those traffic camera companies for being fucking unconstitutional.
apparently the guy ran a red light on Halloween, 2014, got a ticket, paid the ticket, then sued the company because “how do you know it wasn't Olaf from Frozen driving the car or some shit...”
that wasn't actually the thrust of the attorney's argument.
most of the guy's argument was boring as shit, it was all procedural and was mostly about whether the case should be tried in State or Federal court
which is a shame, because i was really, really looking forward to the lady-Chief Justice banging her gavel, declaring red light cameras unconstitutional and hauling the Defense counsel off to jail.
there is a lot i have to learn about civil procedure.
after ten minutes of oral arguments from both sides [and maybe another seven for rebuttal, i can't remember] all the Court's business was done for the day around 11:30.
after adjourning the Court hung around for another fifteen minutes entertaining questions from the audience.
i felt the pressure to come u with something to say, to be polite, but fortunately, my classmates covered until the lady-Chief Justice dismissed us.

at noon i reported to Academic Support.
i haven't been to Academic Support in three or four weeks because it turns out the shit isn't really mandatory like they lead us to believe but, we got an e-mail on Monday saying that they were doing something different, running some kind of contest, and, besides, i like my Academic Support classmates as much as anybody and i figured i would check up on them.
when i got down to our Academic Support room, however, i found just three of my peers out of a class of fourteen.
which made the game of multiple-choice quiz bowl the T.A.s wanted to play with us all that much more awkward.
Academic Support, the Department, was running some kind of competition amongst all the Academic Support groups to see who could answer the most multiple-choice questions and this was the preliminary round.
so, all four of us were given pieces of paper reading A, B, C, and D, which we would hold up as the T.A.s asked us different questions.
i have no idea how well i did, i lost count of correct answers but i was not the winner.
which is fine, i guess, because the winner has to go on to the Championship round next Tuesday and i might have other shit i want to do.
the class winner, a fellow named Patrick, won himself a $25 Amazon gift card for his troubles, though, so i guess that's something.
for lunch, as we played our stupid game, i ate a peanut butter and jelly and banana sandwich that the PSE packed for me.

before Contracts class started at 1:30 i made awkward conversation with one of my classmates about chili.
she had beans in hers, which i disapprove of.
Texas style chili does not have beans and, goddammit, this is Texas.
Rules Exist For A Reason.
in Contracts we talked about performance of a contract, what constitute fulfilling your obligations and what constitutes a breech.
we there are two schools of thought on that, Perfect Tender, which says that a contract must be executed exactly how it was supposed to have been executed and event he slightest variation invalidates the bargain, and Substantial Performance, which says that if you get close enough, it counts.
we talked about a guy who contracted to have a mansion built for himself back in the 1920s and insisted it be made with a certain type of plumbing.
the contractor built it with another type of plumbing that was just as good and no different in price, but the mansion-owner did not like it and demanded they gut the house and put in the pipes he wanted.
the Court told the guy to piss off.
we talked about another case, though, where a roofer put shingles on some lady's house that were a bit mismatched and the Court held that, now, the roofer did not live up to his contractual obligations and made him redo it or refund the money or whatever.
the bottom line is that whether a party is in breach of a contract or not depends on how anal your Judge is.

//[ab iraton ad astra]

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