there was no Property class in the morning on Tuesday because the Professor/Dean had other shit to do so i got to sleep in an extra two hours.

i hadLegal Writing II at 10:30am that i had to wake up for.
we spent most of class talking about how to make oral arguments.
we've got to do oral arguments next week on the Trial Brief we'd been working on since Spring Break [see last Friday's post.]
we're gonna pair up, plaintiff and defense, and we're gonna go down to a mock courtroom they have on the first floor and the Professor will be sitting up on the bench as a judge and we're gonna argue our Trial Briefs.
but, we won't get to go back and forth with each other, we're just gonna be presenting our Trial Briefs and the Professor/Judge will be asking us questions, like an appellate court.
you would think i would enjoy oral arguments, i love getting into it with people, but here we are expected to demonstrate a depth of knowledge about the cases we cited and cogent analysis of the facts in our case and and neither of those things are my strong suits.
most of my previous experience in oral argumentation involves just being belligerent.
there is a lot i have to learn for Oral Arguments by next week.
the Professor says all kinds of things matter like how we stand, where we hold our hands and showing the appropriate amount of deference to the pretend-judge and our pretend-opposing counsels.
the whole thing is worth five percent of our total grades, which makes this all so much more stressful then it needs to be.
i've said it before, but i would have a lot more fun in Law School if grades weren't a thing and everybody just got a trophy for showing up.
what's wrong with that?

after Legal Writing let out at 11:45 i went over to the Academic Support office to see about taking a practice exam for Contracts.
Academic Support offers optional practice exams for our content area classes, which is helpful because up until this point, we haven't had any measures of our performance in our classes and we have no way of knowing what our professors want from us.
Academic Support was offering these practice exams on Mondays and Fridays during lunch, but, since i'm not on campus on Mondays and Fridays, i arranged to take mine on Tuesday.
the lady in charge of Academic Support was mildly disappointed because they were having some kind of event for the First Year class and she was hoping i would attend [not so much me specifically, so much as just another warm body in general] but she didn't make too big of a deal about it.
i took the practice exam and went and set myself up in an empty room and spent the next fifty minutes writing about Contracts on my laptop computer.
or, more precisely, i spent the first twelve minutes wondering what the fuck the essay prompt wanted from me and panicking, then i spent the next thirty-eight minutes trying to answer it as best i could.
the essay was open-notes, which helped.
i'm really counting on the final being open notes, too, for both Contracts and Property, otherwise i'm gonna shit in my pants.

when i had finished banging out my practice exam i e-mailed it to the lady in charge of Academic Support.
i think she said she might have one of the T.A.s grade it, but she might not, also.
then, i went over to the Assembly Hall to catch the last few minutes of the event that Academic Support was hosting.
it was a kind of quiz-bowl in which representatives from the nine Academic Support classes that met every Tuesday at lunch for the past year would compete against each other answering multiple choice questions about everything we've learned over the year, Contracts and Property and Torts and Criminal Law.
my Academic Support class sent up a guy named Patrick and i wanted to see how he did.
turns out, not so great.
our section, Section One, which was comprised of Patrick and two other kids from other Academic Support Classes came in third place.
there were only three places.
i don't know if that's Patrick's fault or because the other kids dragged him down, but, i know Patrick is supper smart, way smarter then me, and if he was party of a losing team, what the fuck does that mean for me when we're all graded on a curve.
the good news was that because attendance at this Quiz Bowl was around fifteen percent of our First Year class, there was plenty of McAlister's Deli catered lunch leftovers to be had.
i grabbed a big Gorgonzola, candied walnut and cranberry salad [is there a name for that?] and a roast beef sandwich box lunch for myself, and a southwestern chicken wrap box lunch to take home to the PSE.

i went to the Contracts room, ate my salad and listened to my classmates talk around me until 1:30 when it was time for class.
we talked about damages, which is really all most people care about when we're talking about breach of contract.
we talked about a guy who underwent an experimental surgery to repair a deformed hand and ended up having an even more deformed hand that now grew hair out of the palm, which is deformed and gross.
the guy couldn't sue on a medical malpractice claim because the surgery was new and experimental and the standard in medical malpractice torts is to compare the procedure to the industry standard, but the unfortunate hairy-palmed fellow's lawyer was clever and he sued the doctor for breach of contract because he guaranteed the guy that he would fix his hand one hundred percent.
but, how do you compensate a breach of contract over a hand?
the Court spent a lot of time in their opinion wrangling over how to do that before ultimately ruling that the doctor had to chop off his own hand and give it to the poor deformed fellow.
that doesn't sound right.
likely i just made that ending up in a daydream. i do a lot of daydreaming in Contracts. it's a long day.

after Contracts, from 3:30 to 5:30 we had a bonus Property class.
the last of four bonus lectures that we have in the Assembly Hall as an entire class of First Years.
these classes are a pain in the ass, but they are normally painless and don't require much from us more then to sit there and listen to some guest lecturer talk.
this time, though, our guest lecturer expected a little more from us and expected us to talk with him about some cases that were sent out to us in the e-mail a few days prior that i didn't read.
most people didn't read them, i'm sure, though, thankfully there were enough people in the entire First Year class willing to raise their hands and jump on the grenades so i sat there, eating my McAlister's Deli roast beef sandwich in peace listening to this motherfucker talk about water rights and mineral rights and the process of how to buy a ranch in Texas.
in one ear and out the other.
until about halfway through the class when the guest lecturer told us to break up into pairs and practice negotiating for the sale of a ranch and the water rights and the mineral rights ourselves.
which would have been a fun little simulation, except i don't have any friends.

when the guest lecturer told us to break up into pairs i felt that old middle school sense of anxiety.
what the fuck am i going to do? is anybody gonna offer to be in a group with me? am i just going to have to sit here by myself with everybody looking at me because nobody likes me!?! what if the guest-lecturer comes and offers to be my partner!!!
i looked around the room and saw a guy i know from my Section who didn't seem to already be paired up.
against my natural instincts, i went over to him and asked if he would be my friend.
he told me he was with somebody else. i walked away muttering cuss words at him.
“fuck you, Jacob, you goddamned tiny 140 pound motherfucker. you're creepy and you wear polyester shirts.”
i looked around some more and i found some girl i knew from both my Section and my Academic Support class who had been busy on her laptop the entire presentation, working on the Trial Brief that was due later that day.
“you busy?” i asked her.
she said that she was, but that she would make time to do this dumb thing with me.
relieved, i sat down, we spent three minutes pretending to do our assignment and another twelve having an enjoyable conversation.
this girl had been in my Academic Support small group for the entire year but we never talk because she is Hispanic and only hangs out with the one other Hispanic kid in our group, who is Gay.
you couldn't even really call me and the girl acquaintances but, for keeping me company and sparing me the indignity of the situation, she made a friend in me.
thank you for your kindness, Denise.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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