the PSE has been unemployed for about five months now.
after working as a waitress at a Ramen Restaurant for four months, the PSE decided to stop doing that back in mid-November.
she said she wanted to focus more on doing Drug Studies. she figured doing Drug Studies would be an easier way to make more money then waiting tables day after day after day after day.
but the thing about waiting tables day after day after day after day is that it brings in money.
as opposed to wanting-but-not-actually-doing-any Drug Studies which doesn't bring in a fucking dime.
really, though the PSE talked about trying to catch Drug Studies, her real plan was just to sit around the apartment on her duff for a while.
which is fine, i guess, unless you consider having money important.

to the PSE's credit, she did go on three or four Drug Study tryouts.
she even drove all the way down to Austin and back twice to see about catching a study down there.
unfortunately, she just couldn't catch a break.
sometimes there was something wrong with the PSE's blood chemistry, other times she was just low down in the queue and she didn't get picked for the study.
so, the PSE had a few bad breaks trying to pursue her Drug Study career, i can't really blame her for that, but that's four half-days worth of efforts to find gainful employment in five months.
the PSE could have done a little more then that.

all the while that the PSE has been out of work we've been pissing through our savings.
we went from having $40,000 in the bank to $35,000 and we're staring down the barrel of having to move out another $5,000 soon enough.
this is worrying, but, all this time i haven't really said a thing.
if the PSE feels like it's reasonable to eat through our savings while she sits on the sofa clicking through Yahoo! News all day and playing mahjong on her phone all night then sure, okay, PSE, do that then.
i trust that when the time is right, you will recognize that this isn't the best plan and you will get up and you will do something about it.
i trust you.
but, christ, kiddo, the longer this do-nothing resource-suck drags on for, the more concerned i start to get.
perhaps the PSE's isn't the best one in our relationship to make the five-year plans.
perhaps, like Stalin, she doesn't have the slightest idea how basic economics work and she's just motivated by a desire to do whatever the hell she pleases.

the PSE started to emerge from her torpor about six weeks ago.
though, it was a slow emergence.
the PSE decided that, in a nod to being productive, she would look into maybe being a delivery girl for Favor.
the PSE has had great success as a delivery girl in the past.
the three years when she was delivering Chinese food back in Austin were the most profitable times of our lives.
likely the PSE won't be able to replicate that level of financial success working for Favor, i'd be surprised if she was to earn as much per hour if she had a Doctorate in chemical engineering, but, it's worth looking into.
Favor, not the Doctorate in chemical engineering.
so, the PSE looked into being a delivery girl with Favor, and by that i mean she went to their website and read a few things, but that was enough for a few weeks.
the PSE can only do so much at any given time and then it was back to slobing around on the couch for a while.

in her next fit of productive energy, the PSE actually went ahead and signed up to be a Favor delivery driver.
that involved paying the company $10 for a t-shirt and watching a half hour “orientation” video on the internet.
the next step after that was to go on a ride-along with a Favor driver to learn the ropes of how favor works.
i feel like Favor is pretty self-explanatory;
1) people who can't be arsed to leave their houses order shit on the internet, 2) you pick up the shit for them, 3) they pay you more then the shit is worth, 4) profit,
but, i guess they have to teach you how the app works and how you get paid?
the PSE scheduled her ride-along two or three weeks after her orientation video.
she's taking baby steps.

the PSE scheduled a ride-along for one day last week but, an hour before they were supposed to meet, the guy canceled on her.
the PSE scheduled another ride along and went to a Starbucks downtown but that guy never turned up either.
fortunately, there was some other Favor goon giving somebody else an introductory ride along there, and the PSE was able to piggyback with them.
the PSE's Favor Ride Along Instructor was gross.
there was something wrong with his eyelids, they were either covered in crust or skin tags or both, and his car stunk of dogs and B.O.
it made the PSE uncomfortable to be near the guy but, after five months of doing nothing, it's time to make a sacrifice.

the crusty, gross goon told the PSE how the Favor app works, how she can take jobs and what she has to do.
the thing about Favor is that you don't work set hours. you don't even have to work at all if you don't want to.
you can just go on to the app, and take jobs as you see fit.
the company gives you a credit card to buy the stuff that people order, then you go out and buy it, bring it to them, and collect your tips.
i think the PSE said that drivers are guaranteed a minimum of $9, but that could be wrong.
the most important thing the crusty, gross Favor goon told the PSE was that she was not required to wear the dumb Favor shirt when making deliveries.
it's strongly suggested, but not mandatory.
i don't know why anybody would ever put on that teal-blue eyesore with the bow-tie decal on the front and FAVOR written in big letters on the back if they could avoid it.
even more important, though, is how Favor drivers get paid.
the PSE still isn't clear on that.

so now the PSE is a registered, official Favor driver.
she can take jobs any time she wants. Any Time Now.
so far, the PSE hasn't gone on one.
and, because there is no mandatory minimum of how many hours she has to work, because she sets her own schedule, it is entirely possible that the PSE never will go out on a delivery.
the PSE has the motivation and ambition of a boiled potato, but, having her signed up with a job she can do if and when she ever wants to is a step in the right direction.
let's see how that works out.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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