the PSE has been unemployed for five months.
the PSE has been unemployed because she wanted to quit her job as a waitress back in November to focus her efforts on getting into a Drug Study.
the PSE did not have any success getting into a Drug Study.
it turns out, the Drug Study Game is hard work.
you've got to know how to play the game, know what studies to go after, when to call, when to hold 'um, when to fold 'um.
you've got to have good luck that you get selected as a “volunteer,” not a back-up.
you've got to have good blood chemistry, not too many lipids, not too few platelets and no HIV.
no whammies no whammies no whammies no whammies.
and, of course, it helps if you're a dude. seven out of ten Drug Studies are men-only.
over the past five months, the PSE has been on the wrong side of every variable you need to successfully land a Drug Study.
and subsequently, we we've been broke as shit.

the PSE tried to get into four, maybe five different Drug Studies over the past five months and was rejected from all of them for various reasons.
i was starting to get nervous about our prospects to make any more money ever again [because goodness knows i'm not good for any] but i didn't say anything to the PSE about it.
she'll make money when she's good and ready. until then, i'll just have to be patient.
or she won't and we'll all starve to death. either or.
i was hoping the PSE would recognize the growing severity of our situation, give up on this fruitless Drug Study endeavor make and make an effort to go get herself a real job, or at least see what Favor is good for [see last Friday's post] but instead, the PSE wanted to roll the dice on a Drug Study one more time.

the PSE found a Study being advertised for the facility in Dallas.
it's not worth looking at Drug Studies down in Austin. it's a three hour drive each way.
the Dallas Drug Study is just thirty-five minutes across the Tom Landry Freeway.
the study at the Dallas Drug Study was sixteen days, fifteen nights in-patient for $3,750.
that's the worse compensation rate of any of the Studies the PSE has tried out for.
all the other Studies the PSE was after involved way less time in-patient and paid way more money.
which might be why she didn't get any of them, all the competition.
when you do the math, $3,750 for fifteen nights in-house works out to a little more then ten dollars an hour.
of course, the PSE would be getting paid around the clock, for eating, sleeping, showering and shitting, but, it's still time away from her family and $10 per hour ain't worth much.
and of course, when you look at all the time the PSE has spent unemployed trying to land this one job, making $3,750 in five months isn't a reasonable equation at all.
still, some money coming in is better then no money coming in, so, go after it PSE.
catch us a minnow!

the PSE drove over to the Dallas Drug Study one day several weeks ago and went through the regular screening procedures.
she had an informed-consent form read to her and she signed away all of her legal rights.
then she gave samples of her blood and urine and had her vital statistics measured, pulse, temperature, EKG.
while she was at her screening the Study Coordinator commented “we've been seeing you around here a lot lately...”
the PSE said that while she's been trying for a lot of Studies, she hasn't been having much success.
the Coordinator told her that she was only the third person to screen and, as long as all of her labs came back right, she shouldn't have to worry about getting into this one.
that was nice of the guy. normally Drug Study Recruiters are maddeningly coy about who gets into a study and who does not.
several days later the Recruiter called to say that the PSE's labs were fine.
check-in was last Thursday, 8:00am.

the PSE woke up a little before 7:00am last Thursday, grabbed a rucksack full of fifteen pairs of underpants, three books, her laptop computer and all of her different face soaps and lotions and creams and salves that she uses every day that would get past their inspection.
Drug Studies do not let you bring in anything with other medications in it. they want the only drugs that the Lab Rats are on to be the ones they are testing.
check-in days at the Dallas Drug Study are the worst.
unlike the Austin Drug Study where you go right to your bed and settle in, maybe take a nap, in the Dallas Drug Study they make the new Lab Rats wait around all day for their beds to get made up.
the PSE had to spend all day huddled in a chair in the common area, hating all of the fellow prospective Lab Rats for being loud.
they gave her lunch, then supper before finally a bed opened up.

the PSE's day started at 6:00am the following Friday morning, dosing day.
the PSE still wasn't officially in the Study until she has taken the first dose of experimental pharmaceuticals.
everybody is always all nervous on Dosing Days, hoping and praying that their blood chemistry will be right.
the techs came around and took more blood from the PSE and everybody else, then, an hour or two later, they came around with the drugs.
the PSE took her pill and finally, finally, she was officially in a Drug Study.
she was finally, finally gonna make me some motherfucking money.
the PSE doesn't have the slightest idea what the experimental pills she was given are for.
she's tried out for so many Studies over the past several months she can't keep track.
whatever it is, the PSE is required to take it with a low-fat breakfast.
like all dosing days, the PSE had her blood drawn and her vital statics measured several times throughout the day.
there will be three dosing days total in this Study, including the first one.

i am happy that the PSE finally got into a Drug Study.
i am happier that the PSE will finally be able to bring in a little money after so much time fucking around.
but, of course, it sucks that the PSE has to be locked up in a Drug Study for fifteen nights and it sucks even more for me to have to be alone.
i depend on the PSE for so much.
if i wanted to be by myself, i would be single.
still, i am tough and i am brave and i can be alone for fifteen days if that's what i have to do.
though, i don't know what the fuck i am going to eat.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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