with the PSE away at the Dallas Drug Study for fifteen days [see yesterday's post] and me with my regular Law School schedule all day every Tuesday and Thursday, we had to figure out what the fuck to do about the Monster.
if the Monster was an ordinary dog, we could just leave her home alone for seven, eight hours at a time and she could chill the fuck out about it.
but the Monster is not an ordinary dog and if we leave her home alone for more then a half hour, she loses her shit with anxiety or whatever and will tear up the carpet and destroy the apartment.
if the PSE and i were ordinary people, we could just leave the Monster with some friends or family who could babysit her for us, but the PSE and i are not ordinary people and we don't have any friends or family because we are profoundly standoffish and unlikable.
so we are forced to have to come up with other solutions.

my idea is to just leave the Monster home alone. i mean, what the fuck else can we do?
she will tear up the carpet and i'll have to come home and clean it up, but, fuck, that's just the way it is, innit?
the lesson here is that the next time we move, we need to move to a place with vinyl laminate flooring.
but the PSE wanted to be more proactive.
she decided that the Monster needed to go to daycare.
i don't want to pay somebody to babysit our dog, it's a waste of money and a waste of time since i'm the one who will have to drop her off in the mornings, but the PSE felt strongly about it.

the PSE got on the computer and started looking for a sitter we could take the Monster to.
she found one lady who came highly recommended on some kind of website that certifies dog sitters so we made an appointment to go check her out.
originally the PSE was going to go check the woman out herself, i was busy with Law School stuff, but this is the person who might very well molest my best friend so damned-right i wanted to give her a once over.
we found the potential sitter in a house she owns on the other side of the freeway from us, maybe five minutes from our house.
we went and rang her doorbell and a chorus of dogs started barking.
the Sitter came out, a rough-looking Lesbian who was in the Army reserves.
she was quick to make it know that she knows all about dog psychology, likely from watching a Dog Whisperer marathon on the Animal Planet channel.
i didn't really care for the woman, but i wasn't the one who was going to have to spend eight hours with her.
that would be Monster's cross to bear and Monster's got problems of her own.

in addition to the separation anxiety that keeps her from being able to be left home alone, Monster is also a huge asshole around other dogs.
she gets super aggressive whenever she's around other dogs, biting at their faces with little warning and only minimal provocation.
Monster won't go up and start fights with other dogs, but when a dog approaches her, Monster will try to bite their face.
if other dogs would just give her a wide berth everybody would be fine, but that's not how dogs work.
unfortunately, Monster doesn't seem to have any idea how dogs work, she was never socialized properly, and she lashes out out of fear.
we explained all of this to the Sitter and she gave us a bunch of Dog Whisperer bullshit, but when i asked her to let us come into her house and see what things are like in there, she refused.
it sounded like there were a fuckton of dogs in there and i didn't want Monster to have to be around other dogs.
the Sitter let us bring Monster out into her backyard where there were two or three dogs roaming around.
two of them were mellow and minded their business but the third, a giant German Sheppard Mix wanted to get into Monster's shit and Monster started snapping at him immediately.
the Sitter had the big boy by his collar, but he really wanted to give Monster a bite back.
it was clear that if we left Monster with this lady, she would quickly start a fight and get ripped to shreds.
if we're gonna go down this route, we needed a place with a lot more structure.
we needed maximum security.

the PSE did some more research on the internet and found a doggie daycare business just a few minutes from the Law School.
she went down to the place, talked to the owner, explained our situation and decided that that would be our best option.
Monster would be able to spend the day in her own cage, but she would get taken out by the staff several times throughout the day.
she would also be put with some other older, calm, mellow small dogs to try to work on her socialization.
i was still against the idea of Monster having to go to daycare.
in addition to the expense and the pain-in-the-ass, i was also concerned that the whole experience of being abandoned by the only people you know and put into a cage around other strange, barking dog would be too similar to what happened to her the day she got abandoned at the Humane Society.
but, this was what the PSE decreed would happen, so, okay, Monster, this is your life now.

the PSE went off to the Dallas Drug Study early last Thursday morning.
an hour later i woke up for Law School, did my morning routine, then got Monster in the car for her first day at daycare.
i found the place easy enough, just a three minute drove from school, on the other side of some train tracks in the industrial part of town.
the door was locked when i turned up, it was only 8:10am, but the owner was around in the back.
she greeted Monster by name, i kissed my little friend goodbye and handed over her leash to this lady i've never met before.
i went off to school, i did school stuff, then, at lunchtime, i drove back over to the Doggie Daycare to see how things were going with the Monster.
i found her crammed in a cage, in a windowless room full of other dogs in cages, all barking their horrible, abrasive barks.
what a trauma, having to listen to this shit all day!

Monster was not nearly as excited to see me as i was hoping. in fact, she seemed downright unfazed.
i was expecting her to jump on me, to wag, to make a big display. instead what i got was a blank look somewhere between terror and catatonia.
i took Monster outside to sit in the sun with me and offered her parts of my peanut butter and jelly sandwich but she wouldn't even eat.
oh, buddy, what the fuck!?!
we walked up and down the block, then, after an hour, i brought the Monster back to Doggie Daycare and went back to finish my day at school.
when i returned for the Monster at 3:30pm this time i found her hanging out in the front part the store with the girl who works the afternoon shift.
getting to be with a person instead of some strange dogs is better for her, though, Monster still had a flat affect when i came to retrieve her.
i paid the girl $117 for a package of five stays at Daycare, then took Monster home with me and we hung out together all weekend.
but, Tuesday came soon enough, and Thursday after that, and the PSE was still away at the Drug Study so, Monster had to go back.

when it came time to drop the Monster off on Tuesday she was apprehensive to walk back into the building.
fortunately she only weighs ten pounds so she pretty much has to do what people want her to do.
i didn't have time to visit the Monster at lunchtime but when i picked her up after school, the afternoon girl said that Monster seemed more relaxed.
she was eating her kibble some an would chew on a stick they gave her.
that's progress.
when i dropped Monster off on Thursday, her third visit, she seemed to have a hang of what was happening a little better.
i went and visited her for lunch and we spent the hour walking around the industrial part of town off-leash.
this time, the Monster took bites from my peanut butter and jelly sandwich, which is a good sign.
i still feel bad about this whole situation, but i guess it's better then leaving her home alone in the apartment to panic for eight hours and to come home to find everything destroyed.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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