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Snowden is a movie about Edward Snowden the intelligence contractor who told the world what we all already know, that we live in a police state.
it is the story about how a twenty-nine year old kid turned his entire life upside down to shout at the world that there is something rotten going on, and how we all just kinda shrugged an went on about our business and now he has to live in Russia for the rest of his life like a sucker,

Snowden tells the story of Edward Snowden being a young kid just after 9/11 eager to join the Army and serve his country.
i was just about a year or two older then Edward Snowden when 9/11 hit and i had the good sense to start squatting in abandoned buildings and shoplifting for a living but this dipshit took it the other way and decided to wrap himself in the flag.
when he broke his legs in basic training [because basic training is hard] he went to go work for the CIA instead.
the CIA taught Snowden how to computer, because the front lines of warfare in the new millennium will be on the internet, and let him loose.
Snowden invented a series of computer programs that were used to capture data on a bunch of people, but he believed that that data-capture was in the best interests of American national security and was keeping people safe.
after a while, Snowden begins to come to the realization that all the information being gathered by his programs and all the other programs the CIA and the NSA were using were being utilized to keep tabs on and/or blackmail foreign business interests and political rivals not to blow up terrorists.
though, the US was doing a fair amount of that, too.
Snowden begins to see the American intelligence community as setting up a kind of “turnkey tyranny” where one day, should the government decide to wake up one day and be evil, they would have all the infrastructure they need already in place.
[turnkey tyranny is a great turn of phrase, by the way. good job on that, Snowden.]

Snowden quits the CIA in disgust at what he is a party to but ends up becoming a contractor making way more money doing the exact same job in the private sector.
partly because money is nice and partly because he has a girlfriend who is a piece of shit who doesn't want to do much more then yoga and take pictures and expects Edward Snowden to take care of her.
seriously, if Snowden's girlfriend in real-life was half as bad as she was portrayed in the movie, it's no wonder the kid decided to make a run of Moscow.
Snowden's girlfriend in Snowden was played by whats-her-name, Discount Jennifer Lawrence who was in thoes Divergent movies.
she is most famous for eating mud.
anyways, this girl might be the most punchable actress working in Hollywood today and every time she is on screen in the movie you get a little angry.
but i'm getting off topic...
most of the reason that Edward Snowden decides to go back to work for the National Security State is because the election of Barack Obama made him think that the rape of the 4th Amendment under the Bush Administration was going to subside.
that the National Security establishment was going to get back to the work of stopping terrorists and leave all of our e-mails and texts and sexts alone.
ha ha ha, joke was on him.
the joke was on all of us.

after a few more years of being disappointed by his government Edward Snowden decides to steal everything he can from work and fly to Hong Kong where he told his story to Glen Greenwald and some other people at The Guardian.
they published everything Snowden had to say, making him a wanted man.
Snowden left Hong Kong to try to get to Ecuador for political asylum because apparently Ecuador is running some kind of hostel for American enemies of the state but the United States revoked his passport while he was waiting to change planes in Moscow so that's where the poor guy has been stuck for the past several years.
and presumably at least for the indefinite future until America elects its first Green Party President.
which might be a while, so, hang in there, kid, the end.

Snowden has been charged under the Espionage Act of 1917, which is a law that makes it a crime to have opinions contrary to those approved by the Government in war time.
the Espionage Act of 1917 is profoundly unconstitutional in the eyes of everybody but Joe McCarthy.
and apparently Barack Obama, and Eric Holder and Loretta Lynch, and numerous members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat, who have called for Snowden to be renditioned to a covert operations torture facility somewhere in Albania.
what America had been doing with their mass surveillance programs is a moral failure but the reaction to Snowden's revelation of the program to the world is downright shameful.
instead of the American government saying “yeah, jeez, you know, our intentions were good, but perhaps we went a bit overboard intercepting and cataloging every single communication sent by everybody in the world. our fault” they acted like Snowden was the problem somehow.

the worse part about the Espionage Act of 1917, aside from the fact that it makes opinions punishable by death, is that public interest is not a defense to the charge.
even if a judge and jury agree that Snowden's motivations were good, that he had no intention of causing harm to the United States government or its people, rather that he wanted to strengthen the union by exposing a nefarious cancer growing inside the national security apparatus, none of that matters.
the Espionage Act of 1917 is basically a strict liability law.
you do the crime, you fucking die.
if i was in charge of things Snowden would get to fly back to the States First-Class and i would pin a metal to his chest for his service to his country.
a fair compromise to those who hold the National Security State in higher esteem then i do would be to charge Snowden with Theft of Government Property and to let him go to jail for a year or two and pay a $200,000 fine that i'm sure some rich Leftie will be glad to pick up.
let the kid come home, let the kid have his day in court facing a fair charge that actually fits his crime, not this Orwellian Espionage Act and let him move on with his life.
anyway, i'm getting off topic.
as movies go, this one was pretty good.
it didn't do much to tell the other side of the story, the story about how government spying is a good thing and how whistle-blowers ought to face the death penalty but, i'm not all that sure that there is much of an argument to be made that way.
sometimes, shit is just wrong.

for being a pretty good movie about an important topic, for telling the story of Edward Snowden and what he did, which is a story that ought to be told, though, for not really doing much to tell the other side Snowden earns a 6.9/10.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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