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( 24 Apr 2017 02:54 pm)
the alarm went off at 7:18am Tuesday morning.
i woke up, did my morning things, then gathered up the Monster and took her off to daycare for the afternoon.
i got to Law School at 8:25am, had a pee and settled in.

in Property we talked first about nuisance, and then eminent domain.
in the Nuisance portion of class, we talked through a Case File where a couple bought themselves a house right next to a gravel pit and they want to know what can be done about all the noise and dust that is slowly poisoning them and driving them insane.
we read several precedent cases in which the gist seemed to be that the law won't do shit about the everyday annoyances of having to live in society.
to get an injunction against a nuisance, something has to be pretty goddamned annoying.
this upsets me as a person who A) never asked to live in society but B) doesn't want to live out in the middle of nowhere because i enjoy conveniences and C) gets annoyed easily and D) doesn't have money to do anything about it.
there are many topics in Property that leave me really, really upset.

after a five-minute break midway through class we got into another Case File concerning eminent domain.
eminent domain is the legal principal that says governments can steal your shit if they want to.
they have to give you a “fair price” for it, but that “fair price” is determinable by the market and has nothing to do with any sentimental attachment you may or may not have to the property.
and, being involuntary, it isn't really “fair” at all.
people always get all upset about Communist dictatorships expropriating private property. Venezuela just nationalized a Ford Plant several days ago.
but at least in Communist states they'll give you poor healthcare and an apartment to share.
in America, the government can still steal your shit if they are so inclined and you don't even get the benefit of bread lines.
who's the sucker now, Soviets?

after Property came Legal Writing II.
we spent the class talking about the Citation Exam that we would have to sit on Thursday.
commas go here but The Never Go There!!!
the minutia and niggling detail of it all makes me angry.
i don't know how to do any of it.
Tuesday's class was also our last opportunity to play Citation Jeopardy.
where, in teams of four, we were given cases and asked to turn them into the aforementioned gibberish.
i was on a team with two very smart people who seem to know how this shit works, which is fortunate because me and the other guy mostly just sat around during Citation Jeopardy time, smelling our own upper-lips.
despite being paired up with two good players, my team was not in contention to win Citation Jeopardy.
we had something like 1,100 points, which is near-about what two other teams had.
the fourth team had over 3,000 points. it was a run-away.
never-the-less, we tried our best and we ended up coming in second place with a whopping total of 2 points.
the other teams bet everything they had, not leaving even one point in reserve, like they have no idea how betting works in Final Jeopardy.
the cunts in the lead lost Final Jeopardy, but they only risked a few hundred points, so they won the game.
they won Starbucks gift cards for $5 a piece for their efforts.

after Legal Writing, during Lunch, the school was giving something called Aggie Muster.
Aggie Muster is a Texas A&M thing where every year they gather together to sing fight songs and honor their dead, half pep-rally, half wake.
Texas A&M takes itself and its traditions super seriously.
the whole place is like what movies tell you college was like back in the 1950s with everybody all into school spirit and being true to their dear alma matter.
only, with one or two Blacks mixed in so as to not get in trouble with the government.
the whole thing is saccharine to the point of being surreal to a miserable grouch like me who takes comfort in condescension, but, i get a kick out of what a different world i've found myself in.
also, there was free barbecue, and fuck if i'm gonna miss that, so i went to go joint the party.

i went and got on a queue for barbecue and chit-chatted with a Third Year i've never seen before about his plans to become a labor attorney when he graduates.
the barbecue was from Rudy's, which is a Texas chain.
i filled up a plate with potato salad, baked beans, chopped brisket, turkey and sausage, then went and sat in the assembly hall.
the hall wasn't as full as i was expecting, not everybody who got themselves barbecue went for the Muster, but there was a good seventy, eighty people in there.
after a while somebody stood in the front of the room and had us all rise to join in song.
they sang the Texas A&M Fight Song which, obviously, i don't know the words to.
then a series of speakers stood up and read different poems about how great Texas A&M is.
then there was another fight song sing along.
i stared open-mouthed around the room at all of these people for whom the experience seemed to have genuine meaning.
this must be what it's like to go to church.
good for them, i guess, to take comfort in this ridiculous practice.
after lunch i went and got myself a second full plate of barbecue then went to my Contracts classroom to wait for class to start.
i talked for a bit with a guy named Patrick who takes being an Aggie seriously and was particularly moved by the Muster.
“that's some show you guys put on,” i told him.
“us guys” he corrected me, “you're an Aggie now, too.”
“right” i said, now i'm gonna have to learn all the songs...

when the Contracts Professor turned up he was in a hurry.
we had a lot to cover for the day because we had leftovers from last week and we were behind so rather then calling on us at random to discuss the cases we had to read and asking us a bunch of questions, he just lectured at us.
which made it easier to zone out but, normally by the time i get to this part of my long day, zoning out comes easy.
after we finished last week's cases we moved on to this week's, which was Third Party Beneficiaries.
normally a contract is between two parties, privity of contract, they call that, and the only people who can sue to enforce a contract are the parties themselves, but other times, a third party can get in on it.
they have to be an intended beneficiary, that is, the parties to the contract had to have intended for the third party to get something out of the deal, like life insurance.
they can't just be some unrelated guy trying to horn in on another person's contract.
we read several cases to illustrate the point, though i can't recall any of them off the top of my head, and none of them were all that interesting.

after a long day at school, i got out at 3:20 and drove over to daycare to claim the Monster.
her paws and face were all wet for some reason.
the lady in charge of doggie daycare said she spilled her water bowl, though it's entirely possible she may have tried to drown herself.
that is the kind of dog Monster is.

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