the PSE was in the Drug Study for Easter Sunday.
not that Easter Sunday is a thing for us, i never really know when it is until it happens.
off the top of my head, i can't tell you exactly what Easter is all about?
i know it's a Jesus thing, and i know it's not his birthday because that's Christmas.
it's either when he got crucified or when he rose from the dead, but i can't say which.
which has more to do with bunnies and eggs?
anyways, because the PSE and i are not Christians or corpse-worshipers, we can give a shit about Easter but, occasionally, maybe four times throughout our relationship, we will acknowledge the holiday by hiding eggs around the apartment for each other to find.
that was fun, but we haven't done that in many years.

when i woke up Easter morning i found a text message from the PSE letting me know she was awake and awaiting my call.
the PSE and i talk maybe three, four times a day while she was in the Drug Study, morning, afternoon, evening and before bed.
so, i gave the PSE the morning phone call and she told me that there was an Easter Basket hidden in the house somewhere.
apparently before she left the PSE decided to leave a little bomb of thoughtfulness around the house waiting to explode.
so, with the PSE joining me on the hunt via speaker phone, i went all through our small one-bedroom apartment looking for a basket full of goodies.
not in the kitchen, not in the living room, not in the bathroom, not in my office/closet.
finally, i found the basket tucked away in the PSE's nightstand in the bedroom.
inside a basket with a chickadee on it i found a package of Ring Pops, two packages of pastel Peanut M&Ms and a package of Easter Bunny-themed Sour Patch Kids.
i am not all that crazy about Ring Pops, but Peanut M&Ms and Sour Patch Kids are some of my favorites.
thanks, PSE! what a sweet thing to do!
i spent Easter Sunday by myself, pigging out on candy.

when the PSE is away from me for a while, she gets extra sweet.
this is especially so if the PSE finds herself around other people.
compared to the ugly banality other people, i am a fucking living god.
one morning about three-quarters of the way through the PSE's stay at the Drug Study i woke up to find a love note from her in my e-mail's in-box.
this might very well be the only love note the PSE has ever written me.
she is barely literate.
here it is for your review, spelling errors in original:

what happens when I meet other people

For the record,

You are the best thing to ever have happened to me, of course.
You have made be a better person; smarter, charming, stronger, some what competent.
You make me happy. You make me smile and laugh with your smart and charming wit.

The years I have spent by your side have been wonderful, better than I could ever thought possible. I have taken great pride and comfort in being the one that you have chosen to be your partern. I have never met or even thought that there is a possiblity of anyone ever coming close to being half as great as you are. You are the one I have chosen for life. The only one I want for the rest of my life.

From the first time I have met you, I have been taken with your charm. You are a great story teller and have a way with telling those stories that I don't even mind that hearing them again and again, which is convenient.

You have the most amazing and correct world view. You get things that most people don't and because of that, I do too, for the most part.

You are very pretty too of course, you have the prettiest hands and feet and the rest of the TITS is just as great.

You are incredibly smart, you impress me daily with the amount of smarts in your pretty head. I apperciate the immense knowledge you have, you have the ability to speak intelligently to everyone you meet, it's very impressive.

You TITS are a one of a kind, and you make everyone one else look like a bunch of backwards retards. Good Job TITS!

isn't that nice?
sure it is!

//[ab irato ad astra]

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