Black Mirror - Season 3:
Black Mirror is a British version of The Twilight Zone that came out back in 2011.
every episode would feature a different cast and take place in a different world, but it would all revolve around the theme “technology is bad.”
i got into Black Mirror back when the PSE and i were living in Austin II, maybe three years ago.
which is when a lot of other Americans got into it, too, and i guess somebody over here realized that and decided to cash in on it.
so, the good people at Netflix bought the series and commissioned another six episodes to be made for a Season 3.
like Seasons 1 and 2 of Black Mirror, Season 3 wasn't so much a season as much as just six individual episodes.
i will have to rate them on their own merits.

the first episode was 'What If Everybody Had To Do The Internet?'
it took place in a dystopian future where everybody was so up social media's ass that they have to walk around rating each other on everything that they do.
and everybody has displays in their eyes that tells everybody what everybody else's ranking is, and people are discriminated against if they rank below a certain number.
at some point, one poor lady who buys into this shit has a bad day and her ranking goes down significant and she has to learn the valuable lesson to just say “fuck it!” and quit playing the game.
as a guy who doesn't truck with social media at all and who, if i did have to live in a dystopian world where we are all judged on our ratings would end up living as a marginal person, i thought it was the best episode in the season.
for being an episode about the importance of saying “fuck it!” and not playing the social media game, Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 1 earns an 8.3/10.

the second episode was 'What If Nintendo Was Up To Something?'
it was about a guy who goes traveling around the world and ends up going to a spooky mansion to test a new video game for extra money.
so, the people at Nintendo hook his brain up to something that is supposed to make him experience his worst fears but something goes wrong and he gets scared to death.
for being predictable and trite, Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 2 earns a 4.0/10

the third episode was 'What If 4Chan Got Serious?'
it was about a kid who gets an e-mail one day from some anonymous internet troll who tells him that they've recorded him masturbating.
the internet trolls tell the kid that they're gonna release videos of him having a wank unless he does what they tell him to.
instead of saying “fuck that shit!” the kid goes along with it, and ends up trekking all across London on a quest, running into other people who are also being blackmailed into things they don't want to do.
the kid meets up with another fellow who had been trying to have an affair before he got caught and blackmailed and together they are coerced into robbing a bank.
that should really be the point where the kids says “naw, my friends are just going to have to watch me beat it,” but he goes along with it because i guess that's what the plot calls for.
after robbing a bank, the internet trolls then tell the kid to go to a field and beat another man to death, which he does before the cops come along and arrest him.
in the end, 4Chan releases all the blackmail material that they'd collected on all of their minions because that's what trolls do.
this was the second-best episode in the season.
for being a show predicated on an unrealistic conceit -not that the internet would try to bully people into doing things they don't want to do, the internet does that shit all the time, but that a kid would allow himself to get escalated from public embarrassment to bank robbery to murder- but for still being an entertaining concept, Black Mirror Season 3, Episode 3 earns a an 8.2/10.

the fourth episode was 'What If Lesbians Could Time Travel?'
it takes place in an awesome future where somebody has invented a kind of digital heaven where old people get to live forever in an artificial world where it's always the 1980s.
they get to try this artificial afterlife out for a few hours a week in their nursing homes and that's where a couple of old Lesbians meet and decide to fall in love.
then they die and get to spend eternity Lezzing out in a beach town forever.
it was the happiest episode of the Season.
for being a happy story with no dark turn or moral question posed, just a pleasant daydream about something awesome that could happen, Season 3, Episode 4 earns a an 8.1/10.

the fifth episode was 'What If Muslims Were Real People?”
it takes place in a dystopian future where there is some kind of ethnic cleansing war going on but where soldiers are implanted with chips in their brains to make them see their targets as vampire monsters instead of actual people who are genetically predisposed to cancer or MS or criminality or Homosexuality that they are slaughtering.
these vampire monster/people are somehow able to work up a contraption that can undo the conditioning that these soldiers receive and one soldier decides to quit slaughtering them, but then he feels so bad about how brutal he has been to all these innocent, genetically-inferior people that he decides he'd rather just let the Army fix the contraption in his head so he can go back to his blithe ethnic cleansing.
it was a surprisingly dark story with a moral that seems to be “if you're gonna massacre innocent people, you're gonna want to convince yourself that they're not human, otherwise you won't have any fun...”
for being a weird message to want to present, for being surprisingly off-tone for the rest of the series Season 3, Episode 5 earns a 4.2/10.

the sixth episode was 'What If Twitter Was All Bees?'
it takes place in a dystopian future where all the world's bees have died out and been replaced by robot bees.
but, some hacker has taken control of all of England's bees and programmed them to kill people based on whoever everybody on social media votes to get murdered.
but then, in the end, it turns out the hacker/bee murderer was just trying to gather a list of all the people on Twitter who voted to have somebody killed so that he could have them killed, too, to make some kind of point that people should be nicer to each other online.
which is not an invalid point, i guess, but that seems like overkill, doesn't it?
for being ill-conceived, both by the episode's villain and by the Black Mirror production staff, and for seeming like more of a parody of somebody's idea of shitty science fiction then an actual entry in an anthology series that is supposed to be pretty cutting edge, Season 3 Episode 6 earns a 3.7/10.

for being a season evenly split between hits and misses, for being really good at times but for having difficulty sustaining quality, but, ultimately, for the world being better with the show back on then not, Black Mirror Season 3 earns a 7.0/10.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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