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( 9 May 2017 02:30 pm)
last week was finals week at Law School.
concluding my second [and quite possibly last if things don't go right] semester.
the schedule had me sitting for my Property exam on Monday and Contracts on Friday, both at 9:00am.
Legal Writing II doesn't have a final, we had to write a big Trial Brief that was worth 40 percent of our grade and submit it a few weeks before the end of the semester.
so, i only had two final exams that i had to study for and over a week's worth of time off from Law School to prepare.
unfortunately, i don't have any discipline whatsoever and i spent most of the dead week before finals fucking around.

the plan was to focus first only on Property, cram for that, then, after i took my Property final, to worry about Contracts.
the people in Academic Support say that we should be “interweaving,” alternating between studying for different topics, that brain science says that that's the best way to retain information, but i didn't want to do that.
i wanted to cram Property into my head, then worry about Contracts so i didn't get them confused.

after my last proper Law School class of the semester i came home and spent the weekend first relaxing and then writing a buttload of LiveJournals in advance.
i didn't want to have to worry about keeping up with y'all during my finals studying time.
but then, on Tuesday when i finally did get around to trying to study, mostly what i ended up doing was wasting time.
put in ten minutes worth of work, then go fuck around on the 4Chan for fifty.
another ten minute of work, another fifty on the 4Chan.
then i would go and watch several episodes of 30 Rock.
i've already seen every episode 30 Rock and i wasn't all that crazy about it the first go-round, it's a mediocre show at best, but i decided to re-watch it for some reason and that's mostly how i spent all the time when i was supposed to be studying for Property.
i went through four seasons in five days.

the format for our Property exam consisted mostly of us having to respond to different cases that we would be given in advance.
one section of the exam would be made up of different short-essay questions about ten different cases that we'd already read throughout the semester.
at first th Professor said he wouldn't give us a copy of the cases for our references when we sat the final, that we would just be expected to know each of the ten cases by name, but then, after i spent two days trying to commit those ten cases to memory, he sent us an e-mail saying that, naw, he'd include copies of the cases.
the motherfucker.
another section would be a Case File that we would have to work.
it would have a hypothetical problem and three or five different cases on the subject and we would have to write a brief memo with solution to the problem.
the Professor gave us three Case Files for us to read over and deal with and he would chose one at random for the exam.
the third section was a short-answer section that required us to identify what kinds of interests in property different people in hypothetical situations had;
“O leaves Blackacre to A for Life and then to B unless B serves liquor on the premises, then to C and D...”
we would have to figure out who had a fee and who had a remainder and who had a life estate and who had a reverter.
you can see how after ten minutes of this shit, i would just want to go watch another 30 Rock.

i spent Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday studying as best i could, which wasn't much.
i also spent a significant amount of time worrying worrying worrying worrying worrying that i wasn't studying enough and that i was going to fail out of school.
not worrying enough to study more, though.
then, eventually, Monday morning came around and it was time to get up and take my exam and let the cards fall where they may.

i wanted to get to school early to give myself a little while to look over my materials one last time but that's not the way the morning went and by the time i got to school, found the room i was supposed to be in and set up my computer with the software that let's me type things and blocks everything else, it was 9:00am and time to go.
the proctors handed out envelopes with our exam materials, read us a paragraph about not cheating then set us to work.
for the next three hours i wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote, wrote.
i wrote short answers about different cases i had read and i wrote a little memo for a hypothetical problem and i tried to figure out what kinds of interest O and A and B and C and D has in Blackacre.
motherfucking cocksucking Blackacre!
eventually three hours had passed, it was 12:00 and the proctors called time.
i hadn't quite finished but this was a power test and nobody had finished.
you just vomit as much as you can at the test and hope there is enough there to get you enough points not to fail.
when i left the exam room i felt okay about how i had preformed.
not great, but good enough.
but, for a variety of reasons i got less then three hours of sleep Sunday night so it is possible that i might have been delirious.
i guess we'll see.

the problem with Law School, as i have probably explained before, is that A) our Final Exams are worth a whole lot of of final grade and B) we are graded on a curve.
in Property our final is only worth 40 percent of our final grade, which is uncommonly low.
the other 60 percent is made up of different short assignments that we've done throughout the semester.
i've received perfect scores on all of these short assignments which is good news, but, from what i can tell, every single other person in my class has also received perfect scores on these short assignments, too.
and since we're graded on a curve, even if everybody gets 90 points total out of a hundred, if somebody gets a 91 and somebody else gets an 89, the guy with the 89 fails.
that's how curves work, right?
that makes me really, really fucking nervous.

after my Property final on Monday i went back to the house and celebrated having that shit in the rearview mirror. i spent the rest of the day not doing anything Law School related.
Tuesday morning i woke up early once again and drove over to the Law School for a bonus Contracts class.
our Professor decided to hold a optional review session after we'd evacuated Property from our system to fill it up again with what he wanted us to know.
nearly everybody decided to turn up for the optional review session.
and over the next two and a half hours, the Professor went over everything we'd learned over the entire semester, crammed into thirty-seven PowerPoint slides that he gave to us as a handout.
he also told us that we could bring eight sheets of notes, front and back, sixteen pages total to the exam.
i could easily cram all the PowerPoints onto sixteen pages worth of notes.
i didn't need to show up for the semester at all, it turns out.

more tomorrow...

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