i had my final exam for Property class last Monday [see yesterday's post.]
then, come Tuesday, it was time to turn my attention to preparing for my Contracts final.
at an optional review session Tuesday, our Professor told us we could bring up to eight sheets of notes front and back to the final exam.
i spent Wednesday and Thursday preparing those notes.
the PSE helped a lot, too.

for reasons i don't understand, our Contracts Professor insisted that the notes we could bring to the final had to be hand-written.
i don't know if you've had to hand-write sixteen pages worth of notes before but it's a motherfucker.
i mean, sure, people used to have to hand-write shit all the time back during the Revolutionary War, but at least for as long as i've been around, writing shit involves banging on a keyboard.
people these days just don't have the muscles required to hand-write anything more then a few words on a post-it.
i assume the Professor was concerned about people shrinking their notes down to 2.5 font and putting the whole fucking book in there, but, that wouldn't really be all that efficient.
i proposed to the Professor that we could all agree to use a standard 12 point fount, hell, i'd use an 18 point font if i could, but he stuck to his handwritten rule, which sucked a dick.
fortunately, i had the PSE to transcribe my notes for me.
i don't know what my single-and-ready-to-mingle classmates did, the poor suckers.
they might get to spend their time in Law School being young and having fun, getting drunk and fucking each other and enjoying their lives but for once, being old and settled-down comes in handy.

i spent Wednesday distilling the 57 pages of Contracts notes i had taken throughout the semester into sixteen pages covering seven subjects.
formation, consideration, terms and conditions, performance and breech, remedies, the UN Convention on the International Sale of Goods and the Uniform Commercial Code.
then i printed them off and handed them to the PSE to transcribed.
that took the better part of two days.
i also went through and put sticky tabs on the relevant portions of a supplement book that we were also allowed to bring to the final containing relevant portions of the UCC, the UN CISG and the Restatement (Second) of Contracts.
i did not think i was actually going to use the tabbed material, i just didn't want to have to help the PSE with writing up notes. that seemed awful.
the PSE had all my notes written out by Thursday night.
i read them once through right before bed, then went to sleep.
Friday morning it was time to get up and go slay a dragon.

i got to Law School a few minutes before 9:00am, found where i was supposed to be and set up my computer.
i sat next to an old man that i am friendly with who showed me the notes he spent the past week meticulously hand-writing.
they were so tiny they were barely legible.
one of the Proctors came around and tried to say that he couldn't have computer-printed notes and he had to get into it with her about how they were hand written and how dare she accuse him otherwise.
then 9:00am came around and it was time to pull out our exams from the packets and get to work.

our exam consisted of fifty multiple choice questions and three essays in several parts.
the exam was four hours long and it was suggested that we spend two hours on the multiple choice questions, one hour on the long essay and a half hour each on the other two shorter essays.
i got into the multiple choice questions first.
they were A, B, C, D, not A, B, C, D, E, which is nice.
i made good time, finishing the multiple choice section with about fifteen minutes to spare.
towards the end of the multiple choice section the computer software started getting glitchy, taking several seconds for the computer to recognize when i clicked on the button, but i was able to complete the section fine enough.
but when i moved on to the first essay section the form on my screen wouldn't recognize the letters i would type on my keypad.
i looked around the room and a few other people who had finished the multiple choice section early were typing just fine, but mine wouldn't work.
after a minute or so of trying to press random buttons, i unplugged my computer and brought it up to the front of the room to tell the Proctor that something was wrong.
she told me she would call Tech Support and gave me a paper Blue Book to hand-write my essay on.
well fuck! that won't work.

i can't hand-write three essays in multiple parts.
even right now, as i'm writing this here LiveJournal, i'm just kinda typing, my hands flying over the keys, not quite sure where the end of the sentence will take me.
if i mess up, i can delete, or copy and paste to move different things around.
when you're writing by hand you've got to have everything pre-planned out, and that's not how i work.
after a few minutes a fat, sweaty fellow from the school's Tech Support office came around.
he couldn't get the Electric Blue Book program to respond either so he said he would have to shut the program down and restart it.
he did, and now the essay sections would accept my input, but i had lost fifteen, maybe twenty minutes, plus all of the answers i had selected for my multiple choice.
i had circled my selections for each question on the paper exam, but still, i would have to go back through and re-select them.
i moved on to the essays, wrote one shorter essay, wrote the long essay then got maybe half way through the second shorter essay when the Proctor announced that there was only five minutes left.
i couldn't even tidy up my errant sentences or finish my thoughts, i had to go back through the multiple choice section and reselect my answers before time was up.
when the Proctor called time and told everybody to press the 'submit' button on Electronic Blue Book i went up and asked if i could have another fifteen or twenty minutes to make up for all the time i lost.
of course the answer was a firm “go fuck yourself.”
i had to submit my exam as is.
the lost time would just have to come out of my grade.

i left school feeling concerned that i wasn't going to do as good on the exam as i could have if i had as much time as the rest of my class.
and feeling upset that nobody would let me do anything about it.
and, of course, relieved that the semester was finally over.
nothing that i can do about anything now.
just sit back and wait for my grades to come in, which should take about a month, maybe.

with both my second semester finals behind me, as of 1:00pm on Friday i was free from Law School obligations.
except that i wasn't.
i spent the weekend fucking around, and Monday and Tuesday too, but Wednesday, today, i had one more Law School exam to take.
the Office of Academic Support likes us to take MBEs, Mini-Bar exams once per semester, as a way to practice for when we have to take the actual Bar in another two [or in my case three] years.
they don't matter, they don't count for a grade or anything [at least, i hope they don't, nobody has said anything to me if they do] but the people in Academic Support want you to do it.
so i woke up early today at 12:37, tended to my morning things, then reported to Law School a little before 2:00pm for one last chore of the semester.

this semester's MBE was sixty-six multiple-choice questions long, covering Property and Contracts from this semester, but also Torts and Criminal Law that i took last semester, and there was a fair amount of Civil Procedure mixed in there, too.
i haven't taken Civil Procedure yet because i'm only part-time and i won't get around to it until next semester when i catch up on everything the Full Time kids took.
i guess it's fine quizzing me on stuff i don't have the slightest idea on yet. they call that 'priming.'
assuming, of course, that this doesn't count for shit.
we took our MBEs as the entire First Year class, all piled into one big room.
except for a bunch of people who made arrangements with Academic Support to take theirs some other time.
i made friendly chit-chat with a girl i know from Legal Writing II until 2:00pm when the Proctors told us to get into our packets and begin and i spent the next hour and forty-five minutes bubbeling in circles on a Scantron.

about forty minutes into the endeavor i was surprised to see classmates begin to get up and turn in their exams.
i was only up to Question 20 and these motherfuckers had already completed all 66.
an hour and fifteen minutes into the exam more of the class had finished and left then remained.
meanwhile i was only up to Question 45.
what the fuck is going on here?
it's not like i was taking a long time puzzling over each question. i was answering them at a decent pace.
by the time i finished, an hour and forty-five minutes had passed in out two-hour allotted time-limit and i was the fourth from the last person to finish out of a room of maybe seventy people.
i'm just assuming that most of my classmates decided to fuck the exam off, just bubble in letters at random.
they had to, right? otherwise, i'm in some trouble, academically.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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