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( 11 May 2017 02:03 pm)
one day last week while i was talking on the phone with my Parents my Dad asked me, in a kind of hushed, confidential tone, what the fuck is wrong with the PSE?
why doesn't she work, was his point?
as far as my Father knows, the PSE hasn't been gainfully employed since she quit working as a waitress at the Ramen Restaurant back in November.
i haven't told my Father that the PSE has been taking jobs as a pharmaceutical clinical trial Lab Rat.
i haven't told my Father that the PSE just made $3,750 by selling her body to science last month.
that would just worry him.
better to just let him think that the PSE is just a lazy sack of shit who has been mooching off of my fortunes.
of course, my Father doesn't have any idea where i make my fortunes, but i think he has long ago stopped pondering that question, which is for the best.
but, despite what my Father doesn't know, the PSE has been working hard.
kinda-sorta. in her own way.

on the Friday before i had to take my final exam in Property, the PSE went on the websites for all the different Drug Studies within a five-hour radius to see if there were any jobs available.
the PSE does this every day. she is a full-time Lab Rat and this is part of the grind.
the PSE just got out of a Drug Study but, when you're a full-time Lab Rat there is no time to rest and relax.
if there is a Study up and going, you've got to scurry out and get that cheese.

normally there aren't any Studies available for the PSE because she is a non-surgically sterile female and the pharmaceutical industry prefers to limit their experiments to people who can't reproduce so they don't get a while mess of thalidomide flipper babies to deal with.
seven out of ten Studies available are men-only or for surgically-sterile females.
accordingly, the PSE has only been able to catch one Study in the past five months.
but, to the PSE's surprise, she found a Study posted at a Drug Study down in San Antonio.
neither the PSE nor i have ever been to the San Antonio Drug Study, we don't know anything about how they conduct their business, but they had a Study for $4,000 for twelve-nights in-house and when you're a full-time Lab Rat, you can't pass up an opportunity when it presents itself.

the PSE called the San Antonio Drug Study and went through the twenty-minute pre-screening questionnaire.
they set her up with the first available appointment, Monday at 9:00am, which was when i was supposed to be taking my Property final.
San Antonio is a four hour drive south from Fort Worth.
the PSE decided that rather then waking up at 5:00 in the morning, driving four hours and having to contend with Austin and San Antonio rush-hour traffic, she would leave at 9:00pm Sunday night and sleep in her car.
that's why we drive Wagons, should they ever need to do double duty as a house.
so, Sunday night the PSE packed herself a rucksack full of toiletries, made a nest of blankets in the back of her Wagon and set off on a lonely adventure to go try to sell herself to science.
i went to bed alone.

i woke up at 7:35am Monday morning to go off to take my Property final.
[see Tuesday's post]
but, because the Monster is fucking crazy, it would be a problem to leave her home alone in the apartment because she will get destructive.
the PSE and i had two options about what to do about that.
i could lock the Monster in her crate for three hours while i took my final or i could take her down to daycare and pay some stranger to lock the Monster in a crate for three hours.
my vote was to lock the Monster in her crate here at hoe for free, but the PSE and i did a few test runs on Saturday and Sunday, locking the Monster in her crate and leaving the house for several minutes at a time and she did not respond well to it.
she would get all agitated in her crate when she thought she was home alone, and erupt in a barking fit.
i still wanted to leave the Monster in a crate, she'll either adapt to the situation or have a fucking aneurysm, but, the PSE thought it was too soon.
she thought it would be too traumatic to leave the Monster home alone in her crate, that it would undo all the baby steps she's been making to acclimatize the Monster to crate-training so, i had to take the Monster down to doggie daycare on the other side of the train tracks from my Law School.
i didn't have an appointment, but i turned up and the lady in charge was happy to have her.
why wouldn't she?
i went and took my Law School final exam then went back to pick the Monster up less then four hours later.
the lady charged me a half-day rate of $18.
she said the Monster hung out with her for most of the morning while she folded laundry.
what a fucking job this woman has!

i called the PSE when i got back to the apartment.
it was after noon and i figured she had went through her screening appointment and ought to be on her way home but she was still waiting around the facility.
apparently the San Antonio Drug Study is the most disorganized, filthy, slipshod pharmaceutical clinical trial that the PSE has ever seen.
she was disgusted by the whole experience and said she wouldn't do a Study there even if she were accepted, which, wouldn't be the case.
the PSE had driven four hours down, slept in her car, spent half a day getting jerked around by the facility and would have to spend another four hours driving back up to Fort Worth all for nothing.
the Study was looking to dose only twelve people but they already had over twenty-four.
it would have been nice if they told the PSE that in Phone Screening, but the people at Drug Studies don't really give no shits.
by the time the PSE got back to our apartment she has spent 16 of the past 22 hours in her car.

the San Antonio Drug Study called the PSE three days later to tell her that all of her tests came back just fine but that they didn't want her because the Study was overbooked.
but, it wasn't for nothing, there would be a Very Important Volunteer card waiting for the PSE so that the next time she tries to get into a Study at the San Antonio Drug Study, she can go to the front of the Lab Rat queue.
the PSE will never be going back to the San Antonio Drug Study.

a day later the PSE was back to browsing the Drug Study websites looking for gigs.
she found one at the Dallas Drug Study that would have been absolutely perfect.
they were running two different cohorts of a study that paid $5,000 for four nights in-house and several outpatient visits.
the in-house days were Thursday through Sunday, getting out Monday morning.
all the follow-up outpatient appointments would either be in the mornings or afternoons.
since i have Summer School at Law School on Mondays and Wednesdays in the evenings, this was a Study i could do.
and, because they were running two different cohorts one week apart, i could do one cohort and the PSE could do another.
we could bank $10,000 for eight nights worth of work between the two of us.
by the time the PSE found this Study advertised it was after 5:00pm.
we spent the rest of the evening counting our unhatched chickens, celebrating this $10,000 that we so desperately needed.
first thing the next morning i called over to the Dallas Drug Study to go through Phone Screening and secure myself a screening date.
the lady in Phone Screening told me that the Study had been canceled. she was not sure why.
so, there goes that.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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