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when the PSE and i took our Great Adventure 'round the world we stopped watching movies and TV shows for ten months which means that since we've been back, we've had a lot to catch up with.
and since i've been in Law School, we haven't had nearly the time to gobble it all down like i'd like, which means that things just keep piling up.
the PSE and i have been doing our part to catch up with pop culture, but posting only one review every week has left me with a great big backlog of movie reviews that i need to deal with.
i've got twelve, fifteen movie reviews ready to post and a whole bunch more TV series and movies that i need to watch.
so, for the next several weeks, maybe through the entire Summer, you'll be getting two movie reviews per week instead of just one. probably Saturdays and Sundays.
of course, that might change, i might have a busy week where i need to report on other stuff, but that is the tentative plan as of right now.
i hope you like this shit.


Fear The Walking Dead:
Fear The Walking Dead is a show about people having to survive in a world of zombies.
it is not to be confused with The Walking Dead, which is another show about people having to survive in a world of zombies on the same network, AMC, or I-Zombie which is a show about, i don't know, some kind of sexy teenage zombie on the CW or, Property Brothers, which is a show on the Home and Gardens channel about a couple of brothers who do home renovations.
the people at AMC wanted to figure out a way to wring even more money out of the zombie genre they'd been milking since The Walking Dead came out in 2010 so at some point some genius decided “why don't we just do the same thing with a different group of people?” so that's what they did.
you would think that that kind of uninspired recycling would make for bad TV but it didn't.
it turns out the zombie survival genre is a fatted hog with plenty of meat to go around.

Fear The Walking Dead - Season One is an eight episode mini-season.
it starts off in Los Angeles in a world before the outbreak of zombie plague which is interesting fodder.
The Walking Dead just kinda starts with the world already gone to shit after the main character wakes up from a coma and you never get to see the decline of civilization, which is often the best part.
Fear The Walking Dead starts at the beginning of the end of the world, with a family consisting of a high school guidance counselor, her English-teacher boyfriend, her high-school age daughter and her junkie son who all live in Los Angeles.
all throughout the first episode you hear talk about a virus going around but mostly the family just goes about their business.
throughout the rest of the first season the world collapses around the family and the family of an older El Salvadorian man who it turns out used to serve in the Junta.
the military makes an effort to try to fight the outbreak, setting up safety zones throughout the city. one of the zones is right in the neighborhood where the family and the El Salvadorians live.
which is good luck but, soon enough the people in the neighborhood begin to chafe under martial law.
eventually a few of them get taken to a prison in some other part of the city because they were getting mouthy or something and the rest of the family has to go rescue them.
the family and the El Salvadorian family meet up with a Black dude who owns a boat and they escape to his boat right at the time when the military firebombs the West coast.

Season Two begins with Los Angeles on fire.
the Family and the El Salvadorian Junta member and his daughter and the Black Dude set off on the Black Dude's yacht for several episodes.
they have some trouble with pirates but for the most part, a yacht is a pretty smart place to be when civilization collapses.
after a while, though, they decide to go to Mexico because the Black Dude's boyfriend lives on a winery or some shit in Sonoroa.
i don't know why anybody thought Mexico would be any safer from the zombies, military-gone-wild and roving gangs that are the backdrop of any post-apocalypse but that's where the Black Dude wanted to go and nobody really questioned him about it.
predictably, when they get to the Black Dude's boyfriend's winery in Sonora things go bad.
the Black Dude's Boyfriend is dying and the staff that worked on his farm have become some kind of cult that worships the zombies.
there is really a very thin line between Catholicism and a spooky death cult so, that seems about right.
everybody has to flee from the winery.
the El Salvadorian ends up getting killed, [probably] which is a shame because he was the best character in the group.
he put all his old Right Wing Death Squad skills to good use keeping everybody safe.
the rest of the group gets split up with the mother and daughter finding their way to a luxury resort, the English-teacher boyfriend and his son going another way and the Junkie Son finding himself in Tijuana.
the Junkie Son finds himself putting his junkie skills to use for a group of Tijuanese who have set up a colony that trades with a local cartel who have captured a supermarcadio.
shit goes bad eventually, though, because you can't trust a cartel and war comes and the Junkie and the good Tijuanese have to flee up north.
meanwhile, the Mother and Daughter reunite with the English Teacher who finds his way to the luxury resort after the English Teacher's son decides to run off with a couple of ruthless frat boys.
the son ends up getting killed by the Frat Boys who find their way back to the hotel.
the English Teacher ends up beating the Frat Boys to death and everybody gets exiled from the luxury resort.
the end.

if The Walking Dead is a show about how people have to become hard and resilient to survive in a world full of zombies and ruthless people, Fear The Walking Dead is a show about people putting their pre-apocalypse skills to good use.
it is a show about a man who worked for the El Salvadorian Junta, a villain in the history books, finding a way to put his horrible skills to some purpose.
it is a show about a heroin junkie being able to find a way to thrive in a zombie world because junkies and zombies aren't really all that different.

the problem with Fear The Walking Dead is that in the second season they kinda run out of steam for a while.
it feels like at fifteen episodes, the season is overlong by about six.
still, the second season wasn't terrible, it wasn't even bad and, all things considered, the world is better with two Walking Dead shows on the air then just one.
for being a show that gives us more zombies and more parables about the importance of being hard, Fear The Walking Dead Seasons One and Two earn a 7.5/10

//[ab irato ad astra]

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