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( 17 May 2017 02:48 pm)
a month or so ago our downstairs neighbors moved out.
the PSE and i had been counting the days until that happened since the neighbors before them moved out and they moved in.
both of the downstairs neighbors the PSE and i have had since we've lived in our Fort Worth apartment have been families of loud Black people.
this last group seemed to be entirely Black teenagers wylin' out or getting crunk or whatever the hell it is you call what they do all the time.
so, the PSE and i were more then casually interested in what kind of neighbors would be taking their place.
would this be another pack of zoo animals for the PSE and i to disapprove of, to slowly nudge us closer and closer to embracing unabashed racism?
fortunately for us, they turned out to be White people.

our new neighbors are a White guy in his forties and his teenage daughter.
i don't know what their deal is, i don't think there is a mother and they're sleeping in a one-bedroom apartment so there might be something jankey going on, but, they keep quiet, so that's really all the PSE and i care about.
well, their dogs bark all the time which would be a huge problem if we lived directly on top of them, but they are off to one side, and our bedroom apartment is on the other side, so we don't hear them when we are trying to sleep.
and the teenage daughter sings all the time, like, she'll just walk around the parking lot singing, which is kind of odd, but not unpleasant.
so far these new neighbors are off to a good start
let's keep it that way!

the other day i went out to my balcony to stand for a few minutes overlooking my parking spaces and the parking lot beyond.
below, my Indian Neighbor was walking around with her face all screwed up in a confused look.
when she looked up at me i asked what was up.
my Indian Neighbor is my apartment enemy.
when she first moved in she would put her dog out on her balcony at 7:00am and it would whine and howl for an hour, preventing me from being able to sleep.
i went and told her that her dog was keeping me away, but she either didn't get it or didn't care.
i complained to her two more times, once verbally, and a third time in a written letter, and to our Apartment Manager three times before finally the shit finally stopped.
the Indian woman came over to my apartment, told me that she is a single mother and that she just can't wake up ten minutes early to take her dog for a walk because, i don't know why?
i told her tough shit, her dog is not my problem and after fifteen minutes of her arguing with me in my doorway, she finally got the point.
things have been quiet with her and her dog ever since.
it has been over two months now, and even though i hold grudges and nurse resentments, i figured i would be neighborly and inquire as to the woman's problem.
my mistake for trying to be friendly.

my Indian Neighbor asked if i had “anything to put a table together.”
sure i do, so i brought her down a screwdriver set with over a hundred different head settings.
“can you help me?” the Indian woman asked.
what the fuck do i know about putting together a table, this is really more the PSE's purview, but how hard can it be so, sure, i can try that.
this was the middle of Finals Week, i was supposed to be studying for my Contracts exam, but, whatever, i can take ten minutes to screw a table together.
the Indian woman went over to her car and looked helplessly at two big IKEA boxes.
not only did she want me to help her put a table together from scratch, she wanted me to help her get the heavy things up the stairs to her second-floor apartment.
well, fine, i can do that.
as i'm picking up the heavier box my Indian Neighbor asked me if i'd called Animal Control on her dog.
what? no, lady i did not.
after i had hauled her IKEA box up her stairs, then helped her haul the second box halfway up the stairs because she had given up with it, she looked down at my toes and asked if i was Gay.
i was barefoot because i didn't expect this adventure to be going on as long as it had.
i thought i was just running out to hand the woman a set of screwdrivers but she saw the nail polish on my toes and decided i was a Homosexual because i guess she doesn't quite get what Homosexuals are.
even though she knows i live with the PSE. what does she think we're doing in there?
i told her i was not a Homosexual in a way that conveyed my disapproval at her rude question, though, i don't know how much this woman understands about the nuances of disapproval.
either culturally, or because she is a thoughtless git.

after depositing her IKEA boxes into her apartment i told my Indian neighbor “okay, well, bring the screwdrivers back when you're done...” and made to leave.
“can you do this for me?” she asked, her voice dripping with entitlement.
“no! i've got my own shit to do...” i told her, and left.
i would have helped her put the desk together if i liked her, but she really put me off with her accusations and shitty impolitic questions and her helplessness and her entitlement.
five minutes later the Indian woman brought the screwdrivers back.
when she handed them to the PSE she shrugged “i don't know what to do with this...”
the PSE took the screwdriver set from her and shut the door in her face.
lady, if you don't know what to do with screwdrivers, i don't know what the fuck to do for you.

yesterday morning the PSE and i had a hard night's sleep.
we were woken up first at 7:00am then again at 8:30am by another one of our neighbors, a guy who lives under the Indian Woman.
he moved in a few months ago and we're on a wave-hello relationship, but that's really all i know about the guy.
but when he woke me up at 8:30am talking on his phone right under our bedroom window, i had to go out on my balcony and tell him to shut the fuck up.
which he did, and the PSE and i were able to get back to sleep.

at 1:00pm when we woke up again we took the Monster out for the morning walk and the guy popped out of nowhere to apologize for waking us up.
he introduced himself as “Chris” and we spent the next half hour hanging out in the parking lot chatting.
he was drunk out of his mind.
here are some things we learned about Chris:
-he is thirty-six, did one tour of duty in the Army but never left the States, has an ex-wife and a 10 year old son who live in Denver who he never really sees.
-he is trying to get a job doing computer, but employers do not seem to want him despite several interviews that “went well.”
-he is unlucky in love; he has had several hookups off of Plenty Of Fish, though, most of the women he meets there are drunks or giantesses or crazy.
when he woke us up at 8:30am on the phone, he was fighting with a girl who told him that she loved him after their third date.
-he has had numerous drunk driving incidents and has been arrested several times.
-he is in contempt of court in Colorado.
-his dad works for Lockheed Martin.
-he is considering getting into A.A., but likely won't.

it was nice talking to somebody, but also it wasn't.
i enjoy talking to people because i am friendly, but i don't like talking to people who know where i live because what if they come and bother me when i don't want to be bothered?
now every time the PSE an i go out to walk the Monster we've got to worry about this dirtbag laying in wait trying to make conversation with us.
having neighbors is hard.

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