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Mr. Robot is a show on the USA network, of all places.
did you know the USA network was still a thing? why would you?
the last time i tried to watch the USA network was when the PSE and i tried to make Monk work.
it was one of the few shows i've ever tried and dropped.
but apparently somehow USA got themselves a show, Mr. Robot, that somehow, despite all expectations, other people seem to like.

i had heard good things about Mr. Robot.
it is critically-acclaimed according to Wikipedia, but mostly i get my news about popular culture from the 4Chan and the 4Chan liked Mr. Robot because it is a show about them.
that is to say it is about an autistic weirdo who gets involved with a gang of internet trolls.
and who the fuck doesn't like to see television about themselves!?!
if some asshole was to make a TV show that was based on the TITS, i'd watch the USA network, too.
by the time i got around to watching Mr. Robot two seasons had aired, one with ten episodes, another with twelve. each one is around forty-five minutes, sometimes more.

Mr. Robot - Season One:
Mr. Robot is a show about a guy who looks like an Easter Island Tiki who carries himself with the social grace of a Frankenstein.
Mr. Robot is a show about a bug-eyed weirdo who does computer.
Mr. Robot is a computer hacker by night and he works at a data security firm by day.
he has the social grace of Data from Star Trek, only, like with other autistic in real life, there is an omnipresent undercurrent that he could have a spazz out at any moment and/or try to rape you.
but somehow, despite his horrible manners and computer-nerd lifestyle, the main character is fit and has abs and no less then three girls want to fuck him in any given episode.
that should be the most offensively not-realistic thing about the show, but it gets worse from there.

at some point in the first episode, this Autistic Computer Weirdo meets Christian Slater who cajoles him to join his computer gang.
they have a plan to take down the biggest company in the world Evil Corp, which is the actual name of the company, which bugs the shit out of me.
i'm sure the writers thought they were being cute, but it's not cute, it's just not realistic.
anyways, Christian Slater and the Autistic Computer Weirdo spend several episodes working on a plan to infect Evil Corp's servers with some malware that will somehow erase the debt of everybody in the world and throw international financial structures into chaos.
and that's great and all, but goddamn, if it was really that easy, wouldn't somebody in real life have done it already?
anyways, in the end, the Autistic Computer Weirdo and Christian Slater and their friends are able to execute their plan with the assistance of some nefarious other hacker gang affiliated with China or North Korea or some other shady place.
also, in the last few episodes we find out that Christian Slater is the Autistic Weirdo's dad and that one of his three romantic interests is his sister but he just forgot about her because he has mental problems.
and then we find out that Christian Slater is a figment of the Autistic Weirdo's imagination and all the times that Christian Slater was doing something it was really the Autistic Weirdo, which is just the plot of Fight Club.
the season ends with the plan to destroy capitalism going off well, with riots in the streets, but the Autistic Weirdo doesn't know what happened and he thinks his Christian Slater imaginary friend might have killed somebody, the end.

Mr. Robot lost me from the very start.
the very first scene was the Autistic Weirdo in a diner, telling a guy we learn runs a child pornography website that he was going to bring him down.
there is no cheaper, no less-nuanced way to introduce a character as virtuous then to contrast him with a pedophile.
it's just bad writing.
from there i rolled my eyes for several seasons as characters talked about “taking down Evil Corp.” but then i really threw up my hands and said “aww fuck this!” when it turned out Christian Slater was all in the Autistic Weirdo's head and he just forgot that he had a sister.
that's just fucking dumb.
Fight Club was a great movie until the last twenty minutes and instead of learning a lesson, instead of making a TV show about the incredibly fruitful world of hackers and internet activism, the Mr. Robot production staff decided to go with the old “unreliable narrator” cliche instead.

for making the wrong choice, for learning all the wrong lessons from Fight Club and for making a show about boring ol' mental problems instead of something that could have been way more interesting, Mr. Robot - Season One earns a 4.8/10.

Mr. Robot - Season Two:
Season Two of Mr. Robot starts off with the Autistic Weirdo locked away in prison for the first six or eight of the season's twelve episodes.
only you don't know he's in prison, you just think that he's following a strict routine because the show is all about an unreliable narrator and Look At Us! Look At How Unreliable Our Narrator Is!!!
it's fucking upsetting.
you just think that the Autistic Weirdo is living a life in Brooklyn or wherever, watching basketball games and eating lunch with his Black friend.
for a while there is some conflict when Daryl from The Office wants the Autistic Weirdo to help him with a computer project.
we think that Daryl is just some guy but later we find out he is the warden of the prison.
Daryl is running some kind of a dark web site where people can sell drugs and hire hitmen and buy Thai slave girls and he needs the Autistic Weirdo to do computer to get things up and running again.
the Autistic Weirdo decides to betray Daryl from The Office because, of course, then he gets released from jail and the season can finally start in earnest.
only it never really seems to.
the Autistic Weirdo spends the rest of the season running around, not knowing what is going on.
his dad/split personality Christian Slater has made all kinds of plans for some damned thing or another and the Autistic Weirdo has to spend the whole season trying to figure out what they are.
only it's not quite a mystery and he' not quite trying to solve anything, he just stumbles from one event to another until finally USA runs out of episodes and the season ends.
it turns out that the Autistic Weirdo and his dad/split personality Christian Slater and the nefarious Chinese hacker gang have a secondary plan to attack all the physical records of everybody's debts that they destroyed electronically in Season One.

if there is a good thing to say about Season Two of Mr. Robot it might be that the anarchy that the Autistic Weirdo and his dad/split personality Christian Slater are visiting upon the world are portrayed in a negative light.
you would expect a show that adopts a hacker/hactivist aesthetic would portray an attack on the world's biggest corporation canceling out all debts as a good thing.
i would certainly applaud it if it were to happen in real life.
but, the reality is that if anything even remotely close to what happened at the end of Season One were to happen in real life it would send the world into chaos, economies would crash and the people who would suffer the most are the people who are the poorest and most disadvantaged, globally.
and that is how it is played on the show.
Americans are living like it's Venezuela or Zimbabwe with rationing of food and hard currency and power outages all the time.
as much as it is tempting to flirt with anarchy, this is what it looks like in real life and i like that Mr. Robot doesn't try to fool itself with poetry.
but the show still grinds my gears with it's unreliable narrator bullshit.

for once again being a show that could have been about something interesting, about an American Arab Spring or Occupy Wall Street or Anonymous or whatever else, for having an opportunity to talk about both the good and the bad that ideologies of openness, social equality, anti-establishmentism can bring, but instead for just continuing on about some odd-looking man with mental problems, Season Two of Mr. Robot earns a 4.9/10.

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