okay, so, this is my last post on LiveJournal.
do not despair longtime reader[s]! i'm not leaving you, i'm just switching platforms.
i am leaving LiveJournal and jumping ship to a site called DreamWidth, which is the exact same thing as LiveJournal only the layout is different and nobody has ever heard of it.
so, instead of the 1,000 people left on LiveJournal since its heyday back in 2002, there are maybe 400.
but that's okay, LiveJournaling has never been about the friends or the community for me, in thirteen years i have never managed to attract either, it's all about hearing myself talk and pretending that other people are reading along.
with that in mind, i can no longer use LiveJournal for that end.
if you are reading this post and you are not logged in to a LiveJournal account [and why would you be?] and/or you don't have AdBlocker software enabled on your browser, you will likely see some kind of an advertisement for something at the top of the page.
that is not okay with me.
advertising is a compromise of my integrity and, as much as i hate to leave something i am familiar with to go to something new and different, integrity must always come first.

when i first joined LiveJournal back in 2004 i didn't have to worry about advertising.
LiveJournal existed as a way for teenage girls to be mean to each other on the internet and in that way, it was a free public service.
then, after several years, 2007, maybe, the guy who invented LiveJournal realized that people make money on the internet and sold the thing to some venture capitalists.
these venture capitalists instituted a free/premium user dichotomy where free users would have advertisements sprinkled on their pages, much like what you might see here.
even though back when LiveJournal was under their old management they swore up and down that they would never do something so garish.
lots of people were pissed, i was pissed, but this was right about the time FaceBook became a thing so most people didn't gripe about it, they just made the switch and haven't looked back.
but i am not a FaceBook guy because i'm not a piece of shit, so, after much cussing at Management, i decided to pay $20 per year to be a premium user and keep my LiveJournal advertisement free.
and that's the way it was until April.

last January the few people still remaining on LiveJournal got a notification saying that LiveJournal had been sold to Russians, that the servers were moving to Russian soil and we were all under Russian management, subject to Russian law.
all the communities of Feminists and Harry Potter slash-fiction writers and George R. R. Martin started grumbling about moving to a site called DreamWidth which i had never heard of.
i did not want to move because i am stuck in my ways, but out of a fear of waking up one day to find my page had been taken over by some weirdo oligarch who wants to be the only TITS on the Russian internet, i decided to follow the tutorials from the English-speaking LiveJournal refugees to learn how to create a DreamWidth and transfer over all my LiveJournal archives.
that happened easy enough and now you can go back and look at all thirteen-plus years of TITS LiveJournals on the DreamWidth, just like you would on LiveJournal.

so, i set up a LiveJournal backup/redoubt on DreamWidth last January but i continued to used LiveJournal as my main platform for talking to nobody.
then, in April, when i went to log in to LiveJournal to post the entry of the day, i was met with a new Terms of Service that popped up on the front of my screen abruptly and would not let me proceed to my page unless i accepted it.
the Terms Of Service had all kinds of troubling shit in it like subjecting users to Russian law and allowing for Russian government censorship.
promoting Homosexuality is against Russian law and, as far as i can tell, outside me and George R. R. Martin, promoting Homosexuality is pretty much all that goes on on English-speaking LiveJournal exclusively.
so, potentially, i couldn't say stuff like Sodomy Is Great! or Putin is a cock-sucking slut!
another problem with the new Russian Terms of Service, as if having the FSB pruning entries for content wasn't bad enough, was that only the Russian-language version was binding, the transliteration was just informational.
i very well could have sworn my eternal allegiance to Putin and the Motherland which might very well come back to haunt me if and when i ever run for President.
though, as of this entry, it doesn't seem to be stopping Trump.
hopefully that will change. Make A Federal Penitentiary Great Again, 2017!

even after this new Terms Of Service appeared, i stuck it out with LiveJournal for a few more weeks.
out of inertia, really, and because what the fuck can the Russians to do me, anyway, but mostly because it was Finals season at Law School and i had real-life shit to worry about.
but then i noticed the adverts, and that is a bridge too far.
i care way too much about you, dear Internet Friends to subject you to crass consumerism.
i cannot allow my good name and artistic integrity to be tethered to a fucking commercial.

because i am a crank, because i am my Father's son, i didn't make the switch right away.
i sent a message to LiveJournal Support which, as far as i can tell is just other LiveJournal users who get “points” for answering questions asking if they could make things right.
i explained that i pay $20 per year to have my Journal be advertisement-free and that i would like them to honor that arrangement.
it took LiveJournal Support no less then three weeks to get back to me with a classic Russian 'go fuck yourself.'
'we don't care about you. life is meaningless. nobody has any control over anything. we all just do as we're told.
have you tried putting on a nice track suit, squatting on the floor and getting black-out drunk on vodka? there is comfort to be had in that.'
well, so, that's it, then... i guess i'm moving to DreamWidth.

i do hope you'll join me there, old friends.
i really don't want to lose you.
LiveJournaling Journaling has been a huge part of my life for the past thirteen-plus years and i intend to keep it up indefinitely.
come along! let's continue to share this Adventure together!

//[ab irato, ad astra]

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