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( 22 May 2017 02:13 pm)
i have been off from Law School for two full weeks.
as follows, how i spent my Summer vacation in two parts:

Staring At The TV:
the PSE and i stole a bunch of movies off the internet and watched one every day.
one day we did two.
when we weren't watching movies, we would work our way through re-watching all seven seasons of 30 Rock.
i don't even like 30 Rock all that much, but i started re-watching it during Finals week because i wanted something to do besides studying and it's just nice to have something to quack at you.

Leaving The House, Occasionally:
the PSE, the Monster and i took a walk around downtown once.
i had to go down to the Law School to run a quick errand and, while we were downtown, the PSE and i decided it would be fun to walk around some.
the Monster came along because she can't be left home alone because she is an asshole.
on our walk around downtown we met a friendly woman who was missing her left arm below the elbow.
she had a Bichon who seemed to be very excited to meet and greet the Monster, but the Monster acted terrified of the adorable little guy and just kept trying to leap up into my arms to escape.
because, again, the Monster is an asshole.
the PSE called it progress, however, that the Monster didn't try to bite the happy Bichon's face.
i wanted to ask the lady what happened to the rest of her arm, but we didn't stop and chat long enough for that question to not be abrupt.

another day, the PSE and i went out to have free milkshakes from some place she found on Groupon.
the PSE didn't pay for this Groupon, she was able to game the system and get it free, somehow.
the place with the free milkshakes was a Boba Tea shop down by the University.
not my Law School, which is downtown, this was Fort Worth's college neighborhood, Texas Christian University.
the PSE and i have never really explored the area because we don't have the time.
also, Christians are always off-putting.
we found our way to the Boba Tea shop and found it overwhelming and loud, like Saigon.
Vietnamese pop music was blaring on the speakers overhead and there was a cluster of Vietnamese college students hanging out in the back playing some kind of game.
it could have been mah jong, but it just as easily could have been Russian Roulette. they like that shit, i understand.
the PSE ordered a peach milkshake and i ordered strawberry-banana.
they both just tasted like high fructose corn syrup.
we took our disappointing free milkshakes and walked around the Texas Christian University campus for a while.
it happened to be graduation day and there were plenty of thick, wholesome looking kids in their early-twenties and their parents, all dressed up nice, glaring at us disapprovingly.

on another day, the PSE, Monster and i went to the dog park for a fun day of allergens and dog-anxiety.
the Monster stayed right on top of us, lunging at the faces of any dogs who approached.
'resource guarding,' they call that.
the Monster hated her time, but the PSE and i got to meet a nice fat, dense Shih-Tzu with only one eye.
when we left the dog part of the park, the PSE, Monster and i went over to a grassy knoll to fly a kite.
the PSE got me a kite for Easter and we'd been waiting for a good, windy day to go fly it.
in my thirty-five years, i have never flown a kite before.
what kind of kid has never flown a kite before? one who grew up in the Nintendo age, i guess.
once before the PSE and i tried to fly a broken kite we'd found in a park after Kite Day in Austin, but this was the first time we had done so successfully.
it was fun, but not that much fun.

Trying Unsuccessfully To Buy A Motorcycle:
i have had 'Buy A Motorcycle' on my Long Term To-Do list for years.
a casual observer might mistake my desire to buy a motorcycle as a mid-life crisis, i am thirty-five after all, but regular TITS-fans know that i am basically a teenager by my lifestyle choices.
this isn't the folly of a sad, defeated old man trying to cling to youth, this is the folly of an indestructible teenager trying really hard to look badass.
one isn't better then the other, but it's important to know exactly what my problem is.

i got myself a license to operate a motorcycle last December but actually getting a motorcycle to ride is proving more difficult then i was anticipating because A) i've been busy with school and B) i can't do anything without the PSE's help and the PSE is not on board with this project of mine.
i told myself that i would spend my Summer vacation finally putting in all the work to get myself a motorcycle to ride but that didn't go the way i was hoping.

the problem with buying a motorcycle is that, despite having a license to ride a motorcycle, i don't actually know how to ride a motorcycle.
that means if i go to try to buy a motorcycle off of the Craig's List, the seller will just laugh at me as i fiddle with all the switches trying to get it turned on and tell me to fuck off and quit wasting their time.
this happened to me once before.
motorcycle people are not known for their patience and good manners.
i could buy a motorcycle from a dealership where they are obligated by a vague sense of customer service to not ridicule me to my face, but that's got its own problems.
i spent a good two hours one Saturday calling every dealership Google could find for me in Fort Worth but i couldn't find a motorcycle within a $1,000 of the amount i am looking to spend.
dealers think that just because they have a business to support, they can charge people way more money then a motorcycle is worth.

the only option i was able to turn up in my two weeks of motorcycle-hunting was a 2007 Honda Shadow for $2,995.
i figured maybe if i liked it i could Jew the dealer down to a price i could live with, so one afternoon i drove out the the lot to take a look at it.
i was met by a scumbag who looked like a walking meth addiction who couldn't understand why i didn't want to just finance any of his other motorcycles on the lot for $5,999.
i started to explain that i have never finance anything in my life, i'm not gonna pay points to a glorified loan shark and that spending more money then you want is a trap for idiots to fall in, but the guy wasn't interested in me explaining why his entire business model is a fraud.
the bike had after-market tailpipes to make them louder, anyway, and i wasn't interested in that shit.
i am not going to be one of those cunts who wants everybody to hear them rip-roaring around for a mile away.
i want a nice, quiet motorcycle, if i can ever get one at all.

ultimately, i didn't have nearly enough time to spend on my motorcycle hunt as i would have liked.
my Summer Vacation coincided right with Obligation Season, the time in May where i have to do things for my Father's birthday and Mother's Day and the PSE's birthday.
i had to spend more time trying to brainstorm the PSE's special day then i could on getting myself a toy.
then i had major surgery on my wiener, [see later this week.]
and, just like that, my Summer vacation is up.
there will be another brief window to get stuff done at the end of Summer, before Law School starts up again in the Fall.
better luck next time.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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