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( 31 May 2017 02:01 pm)
i called my Parents a few Sundays back, like i do every Sunday, and my Mother told me that they had just returned from a trip to P.C. Richard's.
P.C. Richard's is a local consumer electronics chain, like Best Buy but they only serve New York and New Jersey as far as i know.
my Dad buys most of his home appliance from P.C. Richard's because Best Buy didn't exist fifty years ago and that is what he knows.
my Parents went to P.C. Richard's to shop for new air conditioners for the house.
there is nothing wrong with the two units they already have in the house, but they are nineteen and twenty-three years old respectively and my Dad has decided that it is time that they are retired.
i don't know why he doesn't just wait until they actually crap out, but i guess my Dad just wanted something to do that Saturday.
anyways, after shopping and researching and learning all that he could about large wall-mounted air-conditioners, my Father pulled the trigger on two units.
the price, including delivery and installation was over $2,000.
which begs the question, why the fuck didn't he just get central air?

my Parents have two large wall-mounted air conditioners in their house, one in the living room downstairs and one in their bedroom upstairs.
growing up i had a smaller window-mounted unit in my room, but i think that one actually is dead now.
when i go back and visit my Parents, i put in another small, window-mounted unit into the window in my Grandmother's room where the PSE and i sleep because it gets hot as shit in there in the Summer time if you're not in my Parents' room.
growing up, i never thought there was anything wrong with wall-mounted air conditioners, central air was a newfangled invention for new-construction houses, but, now-a-days, it has become the norm, everybody puts it in when they remodel their houses, and houses that don't have central air are looked at as inferior.
i don't have the slightest idea how much installing central air would cost but i'm guessing maybe $6,000? $8,000?
if you're paying over $2,000 for air conditioning units, why not just pay some more and do it right?
surely at some point my Father told me “if you're gonna do something, do it right...” that's what Fathers tell their disappointing sons, isn't it?
i would have paid for my Father to put in central air, it would be an investment on a house that will one day be mine of all goes according to plan, and central air would increase its value by 10%, but for my Dad it's not about the money, it's about his pathological preparations for death.
my Father has been preparing for death for the past fifteen years and can't really see beyond the short term.
why have the house be a mess for a week and a half when you're just gonna be dead sooner rather then later.
it's pretty selfish, really, for him to not think about my future with this house he is leaving me, but it's his house right now so i really can't say shit about it.
i've jut got to watch him make dumb decisions and hope that he dies before he can squander away my birthright.
no, that's a shitty thing to say. do whatever the hell you want.

last week i took a walk to the Central Market grocery store up the street by myself.
the PSE stayed home because she was feeling lazy and useless and the Monster stayed home because with the PSE at home, she could.
first stop, i went over to the deli counter to have a sandwich artist make me some dinner.
over the almost-year that the PSE and i have lived here in Fort Worth, we haven't really found much of anywhere else to eat except the sandwich counter at the grocery store.
sure, Fort Worth isn't know internationally for it's haute cuisine, but, surely there are other places to eat in town besides the grocery store.
but still, this is what we know, so this is what we continue to do.
i ordered my regular, a Vietnamese pork sandwich with mint and pickled vegetables but they were out of the chunks of pork so i had to go with my second option, roast beef.
the sandwich artist is a guy i have become friendly with over the past almost-year, Felix, hooked me up with free bacon on that.
thanks, Felix!
i got something for the PSE, too, i'm sure.

after securing our supper, i went through the grocery, grabbing stuff.
they say you shouldn't' shop when you're hungry and i was a perfect example of why not.
it was all i could do to get through the bakery without buying $50 worth of doughnuts and cakes.
in the bulk snack aisle i went to go get myself a Ziploc baggie full of cherry yogurt pretzels but, in the place where they cherry yogurt pretzels have always been for the past almost-year that we've been frequenting the Central Market was a snack mix of wasabi peanuts, wasabi peas, crystallized pineapple, cranberry pieces and pretzel sticks.
well, that seemed good so i filled up a Ziploc baggie.
around the corner, by the scale where you enter the code for the bulk foods you're buying i found the cherry yogurt pretzels, and i got myself a Ziploc baggie of those, too.
as i'm coding and weighing my snacks, i turn to an employee whos job it is to sweep up all the bulk snacks that had spilled on the ground.
“why'd they move everything around?” i asked.
“management” the guy said, his voice conveying eye-rolling disapproval.
“you go to Harvard for ten years, you think you know everything...” i joked.
“i've been here for five years,” the guy said, missing the humor in my previous statement “and i can tell you this new layout is not the best...”
“i guess you've got to get your ass to Harvard, then. get yourself a degree in Grocery Arts and Sciences.”
i walked away amused at the premise of my joke, that there are big brains in charge of deciding exactly where the bulk snacks are positioned around the grocery store, but, really, the joke is on me.
now instead of having one bag of bulk snacks to take home and stuff in my hole, i had two.
i guess there is something to where the bulk snacks get positioned after all.

at checkout, i found an empty lane and dumped $130 worth of groceries on the conveyor belt.
i had coupons, Spend $50 Get $10 Off, but because i am an idiot at the Grocery, because the PSE is the one who normally goes on food runs, i didn't present the coupons to the cashier until the end.
and because of how coupons work, the poor guy had to go back through, removing items until the bill was down to $50, then applying the coupon, then scanning everything all over again because technically you are only supposed to be able to use one coupon at a time.
the guy was nice and patient about it.
the guy's nametag said he was from South Sudan but that he had been working at Central Market for eight years.
but, South Sudan wasn't a country eight years ago and i know they don't have Central Markets in the Sudan, so, what the fuck?
when you left your homeland to come to America to work in our grocery stores, it was just Sudan. why does it say 'South Sudan' on your nametag?
the guy explained that he considered himself South Sudanese, regardless of what the country was when he left, and that the people who make the Central Market nametags don't really give a shit, i guess.
later, i felt a little bad about giving the guy a hard time, though, not really.

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