so, the plan was to start this entry off with my grades from last Spring Semester, then transition into the start of Summer classes, but, as of this posting, Spring Semester grades still aren't out yet.
i took my last final twenty-seven days ago but, still, when i log into my 'Grades' page on the Law School's website, everything is blank.
every day for the past two weeks i've been logging in thinking 'surely today will be the day, surely it's been long enough' but then i am always disappointed.
this LiveJournal was supposed to be posted on Monday but i kept on postponing it hoping that grades would finally come through.
i even waited to post until after 9:00pm thinking, maybe, grades might come in right before deadline but, alas, nothing yet.
goddamn, how difficult is it to grade exams, Professors?
if you motherfucker's can read and grade our work within a month's time, perhaps you should make easier finals.
anyways, i have no idea if i passed Spring Semester, it's entirely possible that i failed out of Law School and i just don't know it yet, but, in the meanwhile, Summer Term has began.
i guess i'll just keep going to class until somebody tells me otherwise...

unlike most of my fellow First Years who went off to do [mostly unpaid] internships over the Summer i decided not to do that because that sounds lame.
apparently I Am Making A Huge Mistake, everybody is supposed to take an internship in the Summer after their first year, but, whatever, fuck that shit.
i decided to take classes instead.
i signed up for two classes, Children And The Law which will run two days a week Mondays and Wednesdays in the evenings, and Courthouse Perspectives, which i won't have to worry about until the first part of August.
unfortunately, my 100 Percent tuition waiver academic scholarship does not apply to classes taken over the Summer.
i knew that when i signed up for Texas A&M but i figured i would be able to figure out some other way to get Summer school paid for.
i have not figured out some other way to get Summer school paid for.
i will have to come out of pocket.
and this shit ain't cheep.
for four credits -three credits for Children And The Law and one credit for Courthouse Perspectives- tuition is $4,040.
the bill came in the mail last week.

i am a little uncomfortable about paying over four grand just to take two classes at Law School.
getting as far as i have academically without having paid a dime has been a matter of pride for me.
whenever i hear Millennials bitching about their student loan debt i feel a great deal of disgust for their idiot life choices.
i mean, sure, college and graduate schools ought to be free, this is Capitalism's problem, but still, kids, why are you buying shit you can't afford?
anyways, if i come out of pocket $4,040 for Summer tuition, i'll be undermining my ability to be smugly judgmental on the subject, and i really, really enjoy being smugly judgmental.
also, if i just take classes during the Fall and Spring semesters when they are covered by my full scholarship i'll get my Law School degree eventually.
i'm only taking Summer classes in the hope of shaving a semester off of my ultimate graduation date but, is it really worth paying $4,040 to get out of Law School a semester earlier?
i'm getting a lot of pressure from my Parents to go that route because they would like to die already but don't want to do so until it seems that i am finally an adult, but, i will never be an adult, not like they are expecting, and whether i am a Law School graduate or not won't make a difference.
i guess my decision to pay out of pocket to take Summer classes ultimately comes down to me wanting to appear busy.
it seems decadent to take three months off from school not doing anything.
if i didn't take classes over the Summer i would feel even more pressure to take an internship and i really, really don't want to do that.
i'm not ready for that.
i am paying $4,040 to buy myself a Summer with much less responsibility, comparatively.

the textbook i will need for my first Summer course is the Texas Family Code, 2016.
the Campus bookstore has it listed for $115 used and $155 new.
the Amazon Dot Com didn't have the 2016 Texas Family Code used or new.
they had 2012 and 2014 for around $40 used, but, i don't know if there is any difference between the code that would somehow cause me to fail the course.
i sent an e-mail to the Professor, but he never got back to me.
it turns out, he was in Mongolia teaching Mongolians about the rule of law.

after waiting a week to hear back from my Professor, and with one week to go until class began, i went to the Campus bookstore to buy the Texas Family Code 2016.
i also had two semester's worth of textbooks to try to sell back because the Bookstore wasn't doing buy-backs last Winter.
of the fifteen books i had to buy over the past two semesters for all my classes -eight of which i never touched- the bookstore was only buying back two.
they would buy back my Torts book for $80 and one of the many Legal Writing books i had to buy for $8.
the rest, i am stuck with.
i supposed i can try to sell them on the Amazon Dot Com, but i am too old to learn how to do that.
maybe the PSE can figure it out? we'll see.
the $88 was applied towards the cost of the Texas Family Code.

of course, the campus bookstore didn't have any used copies of the Texas Family Code 2016 for sale so i had to pick up a new copy.
and when the lady working the counter scanned the book it came up with a price of $175, not $155 like they had listed on their book list.
the bookstore could have honored their posted list price, but they didn't and i was shit out of luck $20 more dollars then i was expecting.
after subtracting $88 that i got in bookstore credit, my balance after taxes was $101.20.
i paid $1.20 in cash, and put the remaining $100 on a gift card i got from the Law School for taking the GREs as part of an experiment they were conducting last month.
i was hoping that free hundo would have stretched a little farther then just paying for a part of one book, but, college textbooks have no relation to their actual value and college bookstores are just company stores, exploiting people who don't have any other choice.
as i was walking out the door the lady in charge of the bookstore called to me, almost as an afterthought “we won't be buying that one back because the Legislature is working on the 2018 Family Code right now.”
right. of course.
the worst part is that the entire Texas Family Code can be found on the internet for free:
why the fuck do we need the book, then?
the book comes with an interactive CD-rom that the class' syllabus says we will use occasionally.
is it really worth $175 to use a CD-rom occasionally? this is a fucking racket.

in the days before class officially started, i had to spend several hours forcing myself to read selections from the Texas Family Code that we would be discussing on the first day of class.
getting homework before the first day of class is a bunch of Law School bullshit.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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