last Monday i woke up in the mid-afternoon, tended to my morning-things, then, like i always do, i logged on to the Law School's website to check and see if my grades for Spring Semester had come in yet.
i have been doing this every day for the past three and a half weeks.
you don't get a notification from the Administration letting you know when grades appear and there is no set date when they become available.
you just have to keep checking every goddamned day until they appear of you die from a panic attack.
at 5:30pm last Monday, same as every day for the past three and a half weeks, there were no grades to be found.
we sat for our Spring Semester finals on May 1st and 5th. how the fuck long does it take for our Professors to get them graded?

i drove off to Law School, set myself up at my regular desk with my laptop computer and started paying attention as our Professor Old Coot started going on about whatever old coot stuff passed through his old vulture head.
then, at 7:07pm, i got a GroupMe mass text-message from a guy in my First Year class named Francisco.
“grades r up” it read, barely.
i could have waited until our scheduled break at 7:45 but fuck that shit so i stopped paying attention to the Old Coot and logged back into the school website to see where i had landed.
my heart pounded for an anxiety-ridden several seconds
this very well could spell the end of my legal education.
i have to earn at least a 2.33 GPA to maintain my full-ride scholarship.
my GPA after my first semester was a 2.67. i didn't have much room to fall.
if i got a pair of Cs or, heaven-forbid a C-, that could very well be the end of me.
when the grades popped up on the screen i had to do a double-take.
they weren't that bad at all.

in Professional Identity II, i earned an 'S'.
Professional Identity is a pass-fail class. i assume S stands for Pass, though, it could just as easily stand for 'Sucker' for all that bullshit class was worth.

in Legal Writing II, i earned a B-.
Legal Writing II was my biggest concern for Spring Semester.
i did really, really poorly on our first Legal Memo, i got a D+, and if i did just as shitty on the big Trial Brief that was worth 40% of our final grade, that would be the end of me.
fortunately, a few weeks ago our Legal Writing II Professor e-mailed us our graded Trial Briefs and i earned an 82.69.
i sat down and i did the math as best i could, factoring that 40% with my assignments on all the other variables that make up 10% and 20% and 5% of our final grade.
by my math, i was somewhere between a 78.8 and an 80.3, either a B- or a C+ for my final grade.
i could live with either compared to the prospect of earning a D+ that i feared, but obviously, a B- would have been preferable

in Contracts, i earned a B+.
if you recall, dear reader[s] the test-taking software i used to take my final had some kind of glitch and i ended up losing damned-near twenty minutes out of my four-hour final.
which meant that i didn't get to go back through and double-check my multiple choice questions and some of my essays didn't get polished.
i complained to the proctors, but their answer was a firm “tough shit” and they made me turn my exam in as is.
so, to get a B+ on my final, even after all that trouble was a good thing.

in Property, i earned an A-.
Property was my favorite class for the Spring Semester.
it was taught by the Dean, who structured the class with the final worth only 40% of the final grade with the rest was made up of little assignments that i did well on.
when it came time for finals, the Professor/Dean kept telling us not to get stressed, that we'll do fine.
i took him at his word and i guess it worked out.

the Law School pegs the class average grades to a B average 3.0.
which means that i was on the wrong side of the curve in one class, and on the right side in two.
and, with a 3.27 semester GPA, i was ahead of the curve for the Spring Semester, however, i was still slightly behind the median, with a cumulative GPA of a 2.97.
a GPA below 3.5 isn't anything to be proud of but, considering what a kick in the ass Law School can be, shit, i'll take it.
plus, it provides me with a cushion for future fuck-ups, which very well might be coming for me down the road.

i was in a good mood for the rest of the day on Monday and for several days afterward.
that afterglow, coupled with the fact that the class i'm taking Summer term has relative-light workload was the reason i went ahead and pulled the trigger on what could very well be a huge mistake.
that evening i went home and downloaded a form off the Law School's website to change my registration status from Part Time to Full Time.
switching from Part Time to Full Time had always been a part of my plan but i didn't expect to do it so soon.
i figured i would at least complete my official Part Time First Year, finish all of my mandatory lock-step classes that my fellow First Years already completed.
that wouldn't be until the end of the upcoming Fall Semester, the end of December.
but, of course, for every semester that i remain in the Part-Time program, i fall further and further into the credit hole.
right now, assuming my peers aren't taking Summer classes, i will be four credits behind my classmates.
if i wait to switch to Full-Time at the end of December, i will be eight credits behind them, and every semester after that that i wait to switch, i fall behind at least four more credits.
if i switch now, i can take make-up classes next Summer and presumably graduate with my class.
which would get me out of Law School by June, 2019 instead of June, 2020.
its nice to think that i could be one-third of my way through Law School by now instead of just one-quarter.

the procedure to switch from the Part Time to Full Time Program isn't as easy as just filling out a form.
you have to fill out a form and submit it to the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs and if you have a cumulative GPA below a 3.0, you have to demonstrate a “compelling reason.”
i wrote out a short paragraph that read “jesus christ, i want to graduate before i turn forty...” and sent it to the Associate Dean.
that was over a week ago. i haven't heard anything back yet.
the Associate Dean's assistant said that she was “out of the office” for a few weeks but, shit, how hard is it to check your e-mail.
i am hesitant to send any follow-up e-mails because the Associate Dean of Academic Affairs is the hardest, meanest woman i've ever met.
she carries herself like a prison warden, roaming the halls, yelling at people for no reason.
i figure it's best not to get on her bad side. or, even deeper into her bad side.
and so i will wait and wait and wait and if i don't hear back from the Assiociate Dean or the Registrar by, say, August i will go see about what the deal is.
maybe i wont be approved to transfer because my GPA is a 2.97 and my reason isn't 'compelling' enough.
and i guess that'll be fine, too. i'm not looking forward to having to be in school five fucking days per week.
but, i figure if my fellow classmates can handle taking four classes per semester, why can't i?
because i'm profoundly lazy, that's why.
this might be a mistake.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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