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( 14 Jun 2017 04:18 pm)
the PSE and i were in a huge fight about me getting a motorcycle all last week. [see last Thursday and Friday's posts.]
the PSE's irritation with me manifested itself in her not doing a goddamned thing for over a week, just laying around the apartment, playing on her computer, ignoring me and the world.
[more on that in tomorrow's post]
but, the world keeps on spinning and i had shit to do, with out without the PSE.
as follows, my day last Thursday:

i had errands to run and was excited to get to use my new motorcycle to run them.
i strapped on my helmet, rolled out of my parking space, turned the motorcycle on and cruised on out of the apartment's parking lot like i know what i'm doing.
i got maybe four blocks down the road before the sky opened up on me and i had to turn back around and get in the TITSwagon sopping wet.
that's one of the problems with having a motorcycle, the fucking elements.

i drove the TITSwagon over to Wal-Mart to get a few copies made of my motorcycle key.
it only came with one, but that's not practical.
the people at Wal-Mart weren't up to the task of copying the key.
it's not that the key was difficult to cut, it didn't have a chip in it or any other security devices, the motorcycle is a 1998 and that shit didn't exist back then, the people at Wal-Mart just didn't know what they were doing.
while i was at Wal-Mart, though, i had other business to transact.
several weeks previous i bought a $5 bottle of aspirin or Tylenol or something that it turns out we didn't need and i wanted to return it.
it had been sitting on our Action Station for weeks because the PSE and i try not to have to go to Wal-Mart very often.
i went to the Customer Service desk to return the thing but nobody was around.
when i asked a lady at a cash register to do the return for me she said she couldn't.
i wandered around the store for a while until i found an Assistant Manager in Produce.
i told her i needed her to do a return for me and she told me she couldn't do it the store was undertaking some kind of restocking event and she needed all hands on deck for that. try again some other time.
well, no, i don't want to have to come back to Wal-Mart, Wal-Mart is the worst place in the world, let's just get this done now.
the Assistant Manager said that it couldn't be done, i told her it could, and we went back and forth for a while.
finally i told her “you're the Assistant Manager, you can do a return if you want to...” and she reluctantly acquiesced, grumbling all the way over to the cash registers about how this was the biggest logistical problem in the world.
i kept my mouth shut, happy just to be getting the hell out of there.
the Assistant Manager inserted her key into a register then went back to her heroic work while some other lady scanned my receipt and gave me back $5.
i don't know how a nasty, unhelpful shit like this woman got to be the Assistant Manager of anything or why Wal-Mart is so antagonistic to customer service, but if i never set foot in a shithole like Wal-Mart again, it will be too soon.

in the same shopping center as Wal-Mart is a Lowe's Hardware but they couldn't cut my motorcycle key for me, either.
i had to drive all the way to the other side of town to an independent locksmith who was able to get the job done.
over in the Locksmith part of town they had both a 5 Guys Burgers and Fries and an In-N-Out.
i stopped at the 5 Guys to get myself supper because i knew the PSE wasn't going to have anything waiting for me when i got home.
i haven't had 5 Guys since i live in Albuquerque but i remember being in love with the stuff.
the best fast food in the game, i remember deciding.
i ordered two hamburgers, a small fry and a milkshake and the bill came to $22 somehow.
it turns out that 5 Guys' default hamburger is a large, with two patties and that what i wanted was a smaller version, but even if i got two smalls, it would have been a pricey endeavor.
the milkshake was fucking delicious, though.
after 5 Guys i went over to In-N-Out to get the PSE a cheeseburger and some fries animal style.
why would i go out of my way to get the PSE dinner when she was mad at me?
because i'm a good boyfriend and i was trying to make peace, that's why?
why wouldn't i just get her 5 Guys while i was there?
the PSE prefers In-N-Out, and, again, i am a good boyfriend.
when i brought the PSE her sack of food she mumbled a 'thank you' and took it into the bedroom to eat alone.
more on that tomorrow.

after eating my 5 Guys alone, i turned my attention to house chores.
there was laundry that needed doing, so, i schlepped the hamper to the laundry room by myself and got two loads started.
on the way back to the apartment i ran into my downstairs neighbor.
it had stopped raining an he was in the parking lot on the phone with his insurance company discussing an accident he had.
he pointed to his fender and his tire with a doughnut on it and told me that he had skidded through a puddle into a curb.
i have spoken to this guy maybe four times in the year i have lived above him and one of them was when he complained that my bathtub was leaking down into his apartment but here he was, telling me about his problems like we were friends.
“i'm gonna miss my daughter's graduation...” he mused aloud.
“that sucks,” i said, and walked back up to my apartment, but, since this motherfucker was clearly fishing for me to volunteer to help him, i called down from my balcony “you want a ride?”
“it's a half hour away...” he said, his mind already made up.
“do you have a way to get back home after,” i asked, making sure i wasn't getting roped into waiting around for this guy for three hours.
when he said he did i grabbed my keys and drove this virtual stranger thirty-five minutes to a town called Grapevine, which is between Fort Worth and Dallas.
he spent most of the drive on the phone with his insurance company. in the last ten minutes of the ride he finally hung up and we chatted a bit.
he wasn't especially friendly nor appreciative.
i had to drive forty-five minutes back to Fort Worth through rush-hour traffic by myself.
back at the apartment i went and retrieved the laundry, then folded my cloths and put them away.
the PSE's cloths sat in the basket for a day and a half untouched before i had to fold them for her.
that's the level of spite we're dealing with.

later that evening, i tried to take the Monster for a walk before it started raining again but we encountered a problem.
the Monster was off-leash outside our door as i was locking up.
the Monster doesn't really get to have off-leash walks very often because she is a fucking spazz and will try to hunt for cats t chase like a fucking idiot but i figured she could sit and wait patiently in front of our door before i hooked her up.
apparently not, and when a neighbor came walking past our stretch of sidewalk the Monster took off down the stairs to attack their dog.
Peanut is an obese Dachshund mix who never hurt anybody but the Monster lunged at him, repeatedly trying to bite his face
the two of them circled and circled around Peanut's people until i was finally able to snatch the Monster up.
she didn't do Peanut much harm, i don't know if any of her bites ever connected, but the whole thing was an appalling embarrassment.
i had to apologize profusely to Peanut's humans, a pair of middle-aged Retarded people.
they said it was fine, no harm done, but, of course it wasn't fine.
Monster acts like a goddamned thug, barking and threatening innocent people walking past for no reason whatsoever, like an inner-city gang member.
i expect better from my house pets then the goddamned Stop Six Bloods or EastWood Pirus.
i took Monster inside and told her what a shit she was, but in the year that we've had her, the Monster has never quite figured out discipline and she just looked at me and wagged her tail, proud of herself.

anyways, that was the kind of day i had on Thursday.
punctuated, of course, by stretches of profound unhappiness between me and the PSE at home.

//[ab irato ad astra]

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